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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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editor's letter

HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND It’s winter again. How did that happen? After a scorching summer that left me unable to start any conversation without the hilarious quip, “Bit hot, isn’t it?” it’s back to the comforting familiarity of pitch-black alarm calls, drizzly days and eye-watering heating bills. The heat and I have a troubled relationship, so I always welcome winter with open arms, but even for the most committed sun worshippers, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful for the coming of the cold. For runners, getting out the door may be tough, but make it through the first mile and the drop in temperature becomes not only bearable, but decidedly pleasant, as the cold keeps legs fresh and excessive sweat at bay. There’s also great joy to be had…

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wrestle mania

Into the WWE ring last October stepped Floyd Mayweather to grapple gloves-off with Goliath veteran wrestler The Big Show. And by the time this issue goes on sale, heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury will have made his wrestling debut against former strongman turned WWE pro Braun Strowman, in a King Kong vs. Godzilla-like match in Saudi Arabia in late October. While there are no points for observing that WWE is not ‘real’ fighting (the key is in the word ‘entertainment’), there is no doubt it’s physical, and you can still get hurt if you don’t know your tombstone piledriver from your choke slam. Strowman (Adam Scherr when he’s not on stage) needs 15,000 calories a day to fuel his training. He has three key sessions that he repeats twice a week. Back and…

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15 minutes w ith…

BODYGUARD TO THE STARS MF: HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE BODYGUARD BUSINESS? SN: “I started in the British Army. When I left in 2002 I got a job for a London-based private security company. I did that for three years and then I got a job as a bodyguard in Afghanistan, where I was based for just over two years. After that I moved back to London and started my own business over here.” MF: WHAT’S THE JOB SPEC? SN: “It depends who you’re looking after, but we deal with all the transportation, making sure everything's safe and in order. Certainly with celebrities it takes a lot of planning and the most amount of work we do is when we’re moving from place to place, because that’s when there’s the most amount of…

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CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM DR JOSH BAKKER-DYOS EXPLAINS HOW TO AVOID PILING ON THE POUNDS OVER CHRISTMAS “Move more, eat less… simple. Weight gain is a function of increased calorie consumption versus calorie expenditure. Increase the expenditure with any form of physical activity, especially on days you are likely to eat more – so get out for that long walk on Boxing Day. Focus on lower calorie and healthier alternatives: fill yourself up on greens, replace some of the roast spuds with other baked vegetables and try substituting calorie-dense foods, such as cream, with yogurt. Finally, monitor your alcohol intake – alcoholic beverages are laden in empty calories, disrupt sleep and contribute to inflammation.” MYTH BUSTER BEER IS BAD FOR YOU It might be high in calories, but that’s not the be all and end all.…

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strengthen your grip

Grip strength is needed for everything from lifting weights, to racket sports, to locking on to climbing holds. Here’s how to improve yours: AT THE GYM Pick a clear corridor area you can work in. With your arms by your side, grip a weight plate in either hand, letting it dangle to the floor. Perform 30sec-1min walks. Repeat 3 times. AT THE OFFICE Chuck an elastic band and a tennis ball in your work bag. At idle desk moments, pinch your fingertips together, wrap the band over them then stretch them away from one another. Use the tennis ball by gripping it in your palm and squeezing (pretend it’s your boss's head if it helps). AT THE BOULDERING WALL Bouldering without ropes above crashmats allows you to climb at your limit without risk…

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MUTE FOR MENTAL HEALTH Look at the TV or s tare at your phone t oo much and y ou may be missing the concerns and problems of those ar ound you. That’s the idea behind ITV’s new #BritainGetTalking camp aign that aims to get families reconnecting and lis tening to one another’s pr oblems. SEX TECH A US-based study published in Frontiers in Psychology raised concerns that highly lifelike and technologically sophisticated sex dolls could create serious privacy and security risks. It also considered their use could be linked to a potential growth of social isolation, emotional manipulation of lonely and vulnerable persons, objectification of the human body, the reinforcement of traditional gender-related stereotypes and the potential promotion of sexual violence. Regardless, the sex tech industry is already valued at over 30…