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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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editor's letter

HEAD FIRST We can all strive to be fitter. But whether you exercise to look good, feel good or perform better, any progress made – in the gym, in competition or otherwise – will ultimately leave you unfulfilled if you don’t also commit time to your mental health. The trouble is, working on your wellbeing isn’t nearly as simple as working out. That’s not to say getting stronger, fitter, leaner or bigger is easy, but at least there are tried-and-tested formulas to follow. To reach a sound state of mind, there are no such blueprints – which is precisely why so much importance is placed on opening up and talking about how we feel. With honesty and awareness comes the realisation that everyone – no matter how #blessed they are on Instagram…

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correction corner

In the December-dated issue, our round-up of some of the best home gym machines featured an incorrect image. The correct Body Power Pro-Home Gym with Leg Press Attachment is pictured above. Find out more at In the last issue, if you noticed our Big Interview with climber James Pearson was cut cruelly short, unfortunately that wasn't an intentional cliff-hanger. A printing error meant pages 62-63 were a repeat from the previous issue. Apologies! You can read the full, uninterrupted chat with Pearson on our website:…

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international men’s day

76% of men don't carry out any regular recommended cancer checks. 52% of men have not visited a doctor in up to five years. 16% of men have ignored serious symptoms due to a lack of time to visit the doctor. 22% of men know they have a family history of cancer but haven’t taken any steps to avoid it. 15% of men feel professional strain prevents them from addressing serious concerns over their health. 18% of men don’t have time to see a doctor regarding their mental health. 28% of men are worried about the stigma surrounding opening up about their mental health. Nearly 2.5 million men in the UK are either currently concerned about symptoms of a serious illness or have a family history of cancer, yet don't feel they have the time to get…

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15 minutes with…

MF: WHAT IS BOOTS AND BEARDS AND WHY DID YOU SET IT UP? KB: “I was driving home from work one day and my cousin called me. He said, ‘Kash, we don’t see enough of each other, why don’t we get together and go for a walk in the hills?’ “I said, ‘That’s a good idea you know.’ We got our families together and for a few Sundays we picked random destinations out in the hills, got up early – around 7am – and went walking. Within that time, we had a bit of banter, got some exercise, enjoyed the fresh air and the kids were out away from their screens. After each walk, I posted pictures and a little description on Facebook. My friends began getting in touch saying, ‘This looks…

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HERO OF THE MONTH Dorset-born endurance runner Nick Butter has become the first person to run a marathon in every country on Earth: all 196 of them. Twenty-two months after starting his challenge in Canada, the 30-year-old former banker crossed the final finish line in Athens – the historic home of the marathon – to complete an epic journey. On the way, Butter took 455 flights, visited just over two countries a week, ran through 15 war zones and was mugged twice. He has raised over £65,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. MYTH BUSTER SORE MUSCLES = GOOD WORK Don’t measure the effectiveness of a workout on how sore your muscles are the next day. Soreness is a direct result of inflammation, not training intensity. You can have the best session ever and feel relatively…

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boost your bench

GET PUMPED You’re never going to lift big if you’re yawning your way to the bench and daydreaming about dinner. Hitting your target weight requires focus and, if needed, a ritual to get yourself psyched up. A study conducted with elite rugby players by researchers at AUT University, found that when they pumped themselves up for a set of bench press, force production increased by eight per cent. Head in the game! BEND THE BAR As you lower the weight, pull your shoulder blades together and try to bend the bar in half. This is more than just a macho power move; the pulling motion maintains the retracted shoulder position and tension throughout the movement, which increases upper-body stability and, in turn, power output. BREATHE! One of the most common mistakes in the gym is…