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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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editor's letter

As I write, lockdown restrictions have been slightly eased in England to allow unlimited exercise outdoors, which is excellent news for ultra runners and anyone in need of an escape-the-kids bike ride, but for most of us the situation hasn’t changed all that much. We’re still living through [insert ‘strange’, ‘unprecedented’ or ‘troubling’] times with no clear end in sight, and anyone interested in fitness is still forced to take matters into their own hands. But while you might be missing the comforting support of the squat rack, or longing for the padded protection of the incline bench, hopefully this time inside has reminded you that fitness doesn’t need to be confined to the four walls of your gym. This issue of Men’s Fitness continues the themes of bodyweight training and…

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life in lockdown

ON YOUR BIKE SIMPLE CYCLE SESSIONS YOU CAN DO FROM HOME Canyon’s Stay Fit, Stay Healthy campaign encourages people to stick to their fitness goals, or set new ones, despite the current situation. Here’s a couple of at-home workouts from the campaign: WARM-UP 10 mins starting easy and building resistance gradually to a 5/10 effort MAIN SET 30 secs all-out effort / 30 secs rest (repeat x 10) COOL-DOWN 4 mins easy recovery WARM-UP 10 mins starting easy and building resistance gradually to a 5/10 effort MAIN SET 20 secs all-out effort / 40 secs rest (repeat x 10-12) COOL-DOWN 10 mins easy recovery…

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15 minutes w ith…

TELL US ABOUT THE GROUP… “We’re based in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in South Wales and the concept is simple: to allow men to make a commitment to themselves once a month. It’s simply about taking time out from life by getting outdoors, having a walk and a talk, while getting some exercise. For many members, it represents a way to de-stress and regain perspective on life in general.” WHY DID YOU SET IT UP? “I have always enjoyed time in the mountains. I find it to be cathartic. Space, nature, the exposure, the wilderness – it makes me feel alive. 2018 was a particularly busy and stressful year for me and family. As I reflected back on the year in general, I felt I lost my sense of self. I had let…

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hero of the month

When MF sat down with him for a feature in the April issue, rugby player turned mountaineer Ed Jackson mentioned that scaling Mount Everest was a distant ambition. But just a few months on, he’s already conquered the 29,029ft that make up the world’s highest mountain –›by making 5,783 trips up and down his parents' 16-step staircase in Bath. Despite making a miraculous recovery from the freak accident that doctors feared could leave him completely paralysed, Jackson’s left leg remains in a permanent brace, which makes his stair-conquering feat all the more remarkable (you try doing several thousand single-leg squats). All money raised goes towards Wings for Life and the Friends Forever Appeal in support of the NHS –›donate at…

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* quick question *

SHOULD YOU BE EATING LESS DURING LOCKDOWN? “Lockdown or no lockdown, if you’re eating more than you need, and not burning it off, chances are you will gain weight,” says registered dietitian Tabitha Ward. “But that’s not to say you necessarily need to eat less. Many of us are cooking healthy meals from scratch and working out more than normal, so can probably eat in a similar pattern to prelockdown and not expect a change in weight. My advice is not to focus on how much you’re eating, but on the type of food, and using lockdown as an opportunity to form some healthier habits.” 20% The reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease, or dying from heart disease, associated with drinking tea every day. A large study published in the European Journal of…

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torch fat without annoying the neighbours

1. KETTLEBELL SWINGS Not only does regular kettlebell swinging improve maximal and explosive strength,1 it’s also one of the most effective exercises for getting your heart rate up without causing an earthquake in your living room. Remember to use your arms for guidance only, keep your shoulders ‘packed’ in and ‘snap’ up through your hips and glutes with every swing. Once you’ve mastered the movement, see if you can crank out five minutes of unbroken swings. 2. DUMBBELL THRUSTERS Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height, squat down, return to standing and press the weights overhead. Now catch your breath and repeat – aim for 60 seconds if you’re using light weights, or 10-12 reps with heavier dumbbells. Any movement that requires you to take a weight from down low to up…