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Men's Fitness UK October 2020

Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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editor’s letter

If you jumped for joy when fitness facilities were allowed to reopen – tossing your yoga mat and resistance bands aside and running for the comfort of the squat rack – when you got to the gym you would have found a distinctly unfamiliar setup. With one-metre workout stations, strict sanitation rules and limits on the amount of equipment you can use, this ‘new normal’ is anything but. It’s all for the best, of course, but when you factor in ambiguous guidelines on the type of exercise and interaction that we can and can’t do, stepping foot in the gym for the first time since lockdown was always going to be a strange experience. Which is why, this issue, we’re bringing you the New Rules of Fitness, as epidemiology experts…

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joining the fight

The former heavyweight champ has weighed in on the fight against coronavirus by launching The Black Mask Company. Offering a range of sweat-proof, high-tech face masks – which can be washed up to 30 times – the products utilise Nano-Silver fibre technology and anti-bacterial properties, and come in slick all-black colourways. "As COVID-19 took a grip on the UK, I went online to purchase a black face mask only to find them either out of stock or with an extended delivery time,” says Haye. “At a similar time I caught up with a friend based in Vietnam – a country noted for its effective management of COVID-19.” BEST IN TEST The Vietnamese government commissioned a three-layer cloth mask, known as The VP195, for their protection services to wear. And at time of writing, the…

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cory whartonmalcolm, founder of trackmafia

for the physical side of things, but also their mental wellbeing.” YOU PLACE A LOT OF IMPORTANCE ON MAKING FITNESS FUN, BUT DOES THAT ALLOW FOR A DEGREE OF DISCOMFORT? “I think sometimes people underestimate how powerful our brains are, and how much joy that smile and fun can bring to any workout. For me, fun is about an energy. It’s about not taking yourself too seriously. It’s about understanding that anything you spend a lot of time doing should be enjoyable. Running can be brutal, but through those moments of pain and suffering and gritted teeth, I smile, because I’m happy that my body can do it.” TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEW PODCAST, THE TUB HUB. “I host it in my bath tub at home. My guests are in their tubs at home,…

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CALM AND CONNECTED Gentle exercise like yoga and pilates can improve brain power, studies from Tsukuba University in Japan have shown. A simple ten-minute stretching session each morning was shown to boost connectivity in the areas of the brain responsible for memory. ON SONG Music provides a pain-relieving psychological effect when exercising, while also increasing the likelihood of completing a full workout by around 33 per cent.1 STEADY ON The Bosu ball is an often-overlooked bit of kit that tests your balance and forces your core to work extra hard. Bosu sessions can improve stability, build strength and sculpt rock-solid abs. Finish your next leg day with 3 sets of 8-10 single-leg Bosu squats to fire up your quads. ACTIVE REST Doing dynamic stretches between weights sets encourages blood flow to your working muscles. According to Tufts…

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ANXIOUS EATING Over half of the nation’s young adults may have turned to over-eating during lockdown to soothe their anxieties, a study has shown. Just over 55 per cent of the young people surveyed for the you-COPE study admitted to bingeing on food in order to help them forget their worries, while a third of the participants said that they wouldn’t tell anyone if they were struggling mentally. 4 IN 10 single people felt lonely during lockdown, with 45 per cent of men admitting to struggling compared with 35 per cent of women, according to a nationwide survey of singletons for dating site eharmony and the charity Relate. KEEP IT FUN Governments should be more specific about the kind of physical activity people should engage in to help relieve mental illness and promote mental wellbeing,…