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Men's Fitness UK November 2020

Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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editor’s letter

If lockdown was about simplifying your exercise routine and taking things back to basics – running, press-ups and baked beans bicep curls – this issue we’re celebrating new, revolutionary and, crucially, fun fitness ideas. Because while there’s something to be said for old-school, tried-and-tested methods, there is also plenty of innovation to get excited about. Take the rise of virtual-reality gaming, for example, which has gone from future-gazing fantasy a decade or so ago, to today’s range of readily available products that can transport you to the boxing ring or deep space from the comfort of your own front room. On page 36 we explore the new crop of exercise-oriented VR games that combine out-of-this-world escapism with genuine fitness benefits. From VR to AR, on page 42 we turn our attention to…

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long way home

Kleon Papadimitriou was stuck. As countries closed their borders due to the pandemic, he frantically tried to get flights from Aberdeen in northern Scotland, where he was studying, back to Athens in Greece, where his family were worrying about him. When he did manage to book a flight, it got cancelled. And then again. And again. And even if he did find a connecting flight, what would happen if the second plane was cancelled, stranding him in the middle of the continent? But Papadimitriou was 19 and worked out about five days a week: running, swimming, lifting weights and, just recently, cycling. Naturally, then, he decided to hop on his bike and ride home. DAY BY DAY When Papadimitriou starts off on his journey, he’s struck by the enormity of the challenge. This…

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ultrarunner damian hall

FOR THOSE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE PENNINE WAY, WHAT SORT OF TERRAIN WERE YOU TACKLING? “Bogs! It’s a lot of moorland, and those moors are like plateaus – they’re not like the fells of the Lake District that drain away quite well. That means it gets boggy when it rains, and it stays that way. “It’s pretty rocky in places, too, and the overall ascent exceeds the height of Mount Everest. So it’s challenging terrain, and pretty slow going at times.” WHAT KIND OF PHYSICAL AND MENTAL BATTLES DID YOU HAVE TO OVERCOME? “The biggest challenge was the sleep deprivation – I got about 45 minutes in total and that was the thing slowing me down. “I managed to deal with the mental challenges fairly well, because I worked with a sports psychologist leading up to…

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is the UK’s most active city, according to analysis from Future Fit Training. The›training provider for PTs, nutrition advisers and pilates instructors ranked each city on the number of gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness-related Google searches and per cent of the population who are physically active. Brighton ranked number-one for the amount of adults who regularly take part in some form of exercise, and scored highly for its proportion of gyms and tennis courts per head, as well as the number of people searching online for terms such as ‘home workouts’ and ‘personal trainers’. Filling out the top five were Bournemouth, Nottingham, Reading and Bristol.…

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forge a stronger mind›muscle connection

1. IGNORE YOUR EGO Big weights might look impressive, but slinging them up with improper form is far less effective for muscle activation than lightening the load and really focusing on the squeeze of each rep. 2. TAKE IT SLOW Lift slower for longer to increase time under tension and maximise muscle growth. Focus on the eccentric (lowering) phase of each rep, taking four to six seconds to lower the weight. 3. FLEX BETWEEN SETS Flexing isn’t just for the self-assured. Doing so forces blood to the working muscles, inreasing awareness of the target area and making it easier to isolate. (String vest and mirror selfies are optional.)…