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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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eat your way leaner

The annual Eat-As-Much-As-You-Can season is almost here, and at this time of year your goal of eating for a leaner and healthier body can take a back seat until the New Year. But just because most of your upcoming friend and family festivities will revolve around food, that doesn’t have to mean all your previous hard work will come undone. The simple strategy of slowing down the speed at which you eat, and then eating until you’re sated, not stuffed, are just two very simple yet effective ways of controlling your calorie intake. More than that, being more mindful around meals – which is as easy as eating at a table and not in front of the telly – helps your body digest and absorb the nutrients you eat so your…

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instant fit tips

1 Add muscle strength with smarter lifting To build strength, most people lift heavier – but making a move harder without increasing the weight is a smarter way to gain serious size. Doing a kettlebell press with the bell upside down is one such variation. Find out more p85 2 Limit distractions to leave work on time You spend more than 20 hours of the working week on email, and it takes 23 minutes to get back into your stride after each interruption. Work smarter and faster by creating an auto-response and only checking your inbox twice a day. Find out more p19 3 Drink lime water with meals to lose fat Accelerate fat loss at meals by adding fresh lime to water. Compounds in the fruit slow down the speed at which food is digested, reducing…

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the power of crowds

Here’s a good reason to hit the gym at peak time, even if it means fighting for the squat rack: watching others sweat might well inspire you to a new PB. That’s because, according to a Belgian study published in Psychonomic Bulletin And Review, effort is contagious. When pairs of volunteers were given tough tasks to accomplish, one participant expanding maximum concentration would inspire the other participant to do the same, leading to improved scores for both. Researchers suggest that the “effort contamination” came from the posture of the partners: that one could tell when the other was working hard by physical signs of increased intensity. So if you’re looking for instant improvement, find a gym or class that attracts people giving it everything they’ve got – early classes or…

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zero-effort fat loss

1 AVOID SUGAR MIXES Think ordering the protein-feast half chicken at Nando’s justifies a cheeky Coke on the side? Think again. A 2017 study published in the journal BMC Nutrition found that having a sugar-sweetened drink with a high-protein meal can decrease metabolic efficiency and prime the body to store fat. Fat oxidation was worse with a higher-protein meal, so a fizzy drink can undo all your good work. Stick to sparkling water. 2 KEEP GOOD FOOD CLOSE Get your laziness to work in your favour for once. Volunteers at Saint Bonaventure University in the US who were given a choice of apple slices or popcorn ate whatever was closest - even when the popcorn was only a metre or so further away and they claimed to prefer it. There’s an upside to…

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source your avos better

Where do you get your avocados from? No, this isn’t about the Aldi v Tesco rivalry. Recent research suggests that New Zealand-reared avos (as they’re almost certainly known there) boast double the vitamin B6 and 20% more folate than fruits grown elsewhere, so it’s well worth checking the origin when buying. And with University of Queensland researchers investigating how to increase crop yields – it’s all to do with when they take the cuttings – our antipodean brethren might be about to win the monounsaturated fat war. If only you could throw avos on the barbie… 2.4% People who lifted 80% of their max saw their voluntary muscle activation increase by 2.4 percentage points when going to failure over three weeks, while those who lifted 30% of max improved by just…

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reboot your brain

1 Drink green tea Most brain-boosting “nootropics” come with scant evidence and serious side effects. L-theanine is the exception: an analysis of 11 studies found that it promotes alertness and, when taken with caffeine, focus. Get it in supp form or from green tea. 2 Sleep better Lack of REM sleep increases neurodegeneration and hampers day-to-day performance. Improve yours by avoiding caffeine after 3pm, installing F.lux to de-blue your screens after 9pm, or meditate before bed. 3 Play games Sorry, no Red Dead Redemption – but several studies suggest that a sequence-matching memory task called Dual N-Back might improve working memory and fluid intelligence. Find a free-to-play version at 4 Take creatine The muscle supp’s for breaking a mental sweat, too – your brain uses it for fuel, and studies suggest it can increase synapse density.…