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Salute e Fitness
Men's Fitness UK

Men's Fitness UK June 2017

Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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1 minuti
fast track your fitness

Welcome to the new issue of Men’s Fitness. To help you get more out of your life without having to make major changes to the way you live, we’ve introduced a new section to the mag this month. It’s called Fast Track and it’s been created to distil all the latest and best information and insight from our stable of world-leading experts into simple advice you can put into place today. Once you do you’ll be training more efficiently and eating more effectively, whatever your health and fitness objectives. You’ll also find tips on how to work, sleep and live smarter, putting you on the fast track to fulfilling your potential in every important area of your life. The new section begins on p29 with a belly-blasting kettlebell circuit, which is…

1 minuti
instant fit tips

1 Upgrade your chef skills and save time Don’t think you have time to cook delicious, nutritious dinners? Now you do, thanks to our guide to prepping like a masterchef. Take beef, chicken or pork, follow our expert’s recipes and you’ll be sorted for the next week. Find out more p68 2 Stay sharp by solving puzzles Do you want an excuse to play more games on your phone? Doing so, specifically solving puzzle-based games, builds skills that are transferable to real-life problem-solving, helping you think quicker on your feet. Find out more p21 3 Eat more protein to lose your belly Getting lots of protein helps you build bigger muscles – but that’s not all. If your fitness focus is fat loss, you still need loads of protein because it suppresses levels of the hunger hormone…

1 minuti
start skipping

Think skipping is just for boxers and little girls? Then you’re missing out on an any time, any place exercise that can work wonders for your physique and performance. Skipping burns around the same number of calories per minute as running but has far less impact on your muscles, joints and tendons, making it a low-impact form of high-intensity cardio. It can also improve your balance and co-ordination – that’s what happened to footballers who added it to their training, according to the Journal Of Sports Science Medicine. The beauty of skipping is it requires just one cheap bit of kit (plus a little space) and it can be adapted to fit any training plan. Do it as a warm-up before a cardio or weights session, or between sets to keep…

2 minuti
call time on bad habits

1 CUT BACK ON BOOZE As of 2016, men are advised to not exceed 14 units a week (about five pints of 4.5% ABV beer), down from the previous limit of 21. So it’s now even easier to exceed this target. The good news is that you can cut down just as easily: the NHS advises swapping pints for bottles, ditching stronger beers for weaker ones, and switching to a single spirit and low-calorie mixer. Your waistline - and every major organ - will thank you for it. 2 DON’T BOTTLE UP STRESS You may not think of stress as a bad habit, but it’s hitting men hard – we‘re four times more likely than women to be off sick owing to work stress – and our habits are making it worse. Men…

1 minuti
beat sweet treat cravings with water

The next time a triple chocolate birthday cake, a packet of biscuits or a tray of doughnuts lands near your desk and you feel your previously cast-iron willpower start to weaken, threatening to derail your fat-loss efforts, get up immediately and go and drink a big glass of water to quash your sweet-treat temptation. That’s the findings of a study, published in the Food, Culture & Society journal, which found that when faced with high-calorie snacks office workers were more empowered to decline politely if they had just made a perceived “healthy” nutrition decision, such as drinking water. The only exception is if it’s your birthday cake, then you have to have a slice. It’s rude otherwise. 49% To build lean muscle and stay looking and feeling younger, try lifting weights with…

2 minuti
lift heavy with ease

1 Drive your feet into the floor When performing deadlifts or squats, making sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor is essential to getting a good lift – and the same is true when you’re benching. Why it helps “Pushing your feet into the floor helps you activate your glutes and quads,” says PT Tom Wright ( “It also creates torque, allowing you to generate more force for a more powerful lift. Whether it’s for a deadlift or a bench press, proper foot placement can really give you the edge.” 2 Squeeze the bar really hard Gripping the bar with both hands and giving it a squeeze - as hard as you can - for a few seconds will help prepare your mind and muscles for the heavy lift ahead. Why it helps “It’s similar…