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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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the fitness formula

What does fitness mean to you? Not as in how important it is, but how do you define it? For some it’s a performance thing: a double bodyweight squat, a sub-3hr 30min marathon or getting your muscle-up numbers into double digits. For others it’s all physique: they define their “fitness” by their body fat percentage, the peak of their biceps or the circumference of their quads. As I’ve got older my definition of fitness has become a lot clearer. Yes, bigger muscles are worth training for, and it’s great when your abs feel tight. But what’s the point in looking good if you’ve had to sacrifice mobility and flexibility to get there? We only get one body, after all. The more lean and pain-free we can keep it, the healthier and…

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instant fit tips

1 Turn your mealtime vices into virtues We’re all suckers for something, be it kebabs, booze or biscuits. To avoid feeling like you’re missing out, try reframing the way you reject your vice. Saying “I don’t want that now” rather than “I can’t have that” is a good start. Find out more p38 2 Sort your spending to start saving Always skint? Half of us spend 40% of our disposable income on luxuries, so curb your excessive spending with the 30-day rule to help prevent impulse purchases of things you don’t really need – and keep your wallet well stocked. Find out more p17 3 Run through the pain barrier If you’re a runner then eventually you’ll suffer aches and pains. That means time on the sidelines, right? Not so fast. Pain is actually a bad indicator…

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reach new heights

If you want to build bigger, stronger legs that are also primed with explosive power, start doing box jumps. “The beauty of box jumps is that you can adjust the height of the box so you can use it for a wide variety of fitness goals,”says personal trainer Joe Spraggan (@jspraggan). “ So you can build explosive power and speed using a high box for low reps, or use a lower height to work on foot speed and improve cardio endurance with higher-rep sets. They can also be used, after a proper warm-up, as a great way to fire up your central nervous system ahead of a big legs session.” Always step back down, don’t jump, to safeguard your joints. For our full guide to how to perform box jumps better,…

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avoid high-calorie sauces

1 TOMATO KETCHUP Perhaps the most popular food sauce in the Western world, the traditional tomato ketchup is a condiment definitely worth cutting out. According to the US Department of Agriculture, ketchup measures in at a whopping 25% sugar. Many big brands now offer low-sugar versions – but even better, try creating your own fresh tomato salsa. The naturally higher levels of lycopene will provide a strong hit of protective antioxidants. 2 PASTA SAUCES The Eatwell Plate – drawn up by the Department of Health – recommends pasta as a starchy staple, but it’s often hijacked by high-calorie dressings. For instance, carbonara sauce contains 65 calories and 7g of fat in a single tablespoonful. Home-made tomato-based sauces contain far fewer calories, and creating your own also allows you to add your own herbs,…

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eat walnuts to whip yourself into shape

Whacking a handful of walnuts into your meals may help fire up fat loss. A new study conducted by Louisiana State University has discovered that this high-fibre nut has the ability to alter the levels of healthy bacteria in your gut. Not only does this ease digestion and aid weight loss, but it drastically reduces inflammation and slashes your chances of contracting diseases such as bowel cancer. Walnuts are known to pack a powerful muscle-protecting punch thanks to their high protein content, making them a perfect addition to salads or porridge. Taking shorter rest periods means bigger muscles… or does it? A study conducted by the University of Birmingham discovered that resting for five minutes between sets results in a 100% increase in muscle protein synthesis compared with a 60-second break.…

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going with the green

1 Full of fibre Whatever your specific goal, fibre should feature prominently in your daily nutrition plan. Fibrous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli support your digestive enzymes – vital for gut health and the absorption of nutrients. 2 Stay hydrated The likes of courgettes and peppers have a high water content, which helps you feel fuller for longer and prevents snacking. They also boost hydration, aiding processes as varied as cognitive function and muscle contraction. 3 Antioxidants Free radical damage to your cells and DNA can cause cancerous growths. Vegetables rich in antioxidants – like kale, broccoli and spinach – can provide protection against this process, which makes them a more than worthy addition to your diet. 4 Fight fatigue A stable release of energy is essential - whether you’re in the gym, with the family or…