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Men's Fitness UK October 2017

Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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as fit as a fighter

The saying goes that men are supposed to fall into one of two camps: you’re either a lover or a fighter (although try suggesting to a pro boxer he’s rubbish in bed and see how that goes). Until a more accurate third category is discovered, I must be a lover because I’ve never had a fight in my life. I’ve been punched, sure, but I’ve never hit back – and I hope that this run, as well as my fist, never gets broken. But I am fascinated by fighters from all disciplines. There’s their unwavering commitment to the cause; the weeks and months spent locked away from the rest of the world in training camp. There’s the unshakeable confidence; knowing they must take – and overcome – the pain and punishment…

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instant fit tips

1 Reroute your routine to avoid junk food One in eight British people aged 21 to 34 eat fast food twice a day, according to a BBC survey, but you can avoid junk by rerouting your daily journeys so you don’t walk past those stores that sell your favourite snacks. Find out more p46 2 Get a handle on anger with music Anger is a natural reaction, but too much too often causes mental and physical health problems. Next time your fists clench, listen to your favourite song (or calming Classic FM) and chew gum to lower cortisol levels. Find out more p21 3 Save calories and cash with smoothies Shop-bought juices and smoothies are big business, worth $12 billion last year in the US alone. Yet many brands contain enough sugar to ruin your fat-loss goals.…

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swim so you’re winning

If you want a competitive edge in the pool, or just want to complete your laps faster without expending extra energy, try swimming with your fingers spread apart – it’s a more efficient way to move through the water than with your fingers pressed together. That’s the findings of a new Dutch study published by the American Institute of Physics, which found that swimming with your hands in the “rake”position provided a 2-5% increase in drag coefficient. The higher this is, the more efficient each stroke becomes. The researchers examined five finger spacing positions starting from 0° (where the fingers are pressed together like a paddle) and increasing in 5° intervals up to a 20° spread, and concluded that a 10° finger spread will give your strokes the biggest boost. INSTANT…

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smart snacks for a brain boost

1 THINK FASTER WITH COCOA Got a big afternoon at work ahead? Have some dark chocolate at lunch. Cocoa beans are high in flavanols, which have a protective effective on the brain. Subjects in an Italian study showed enhancements in working memory performance and improved visual information processing in the hours after consuming cocoa flavanols, according to research published in the journal Frontiers In Nutrition. 2 GET FOCUSED WITH TEA While a cup of green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as regular tea or coffee, it does contain L-theanine, an amino acid that triggers the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This results in an increase in production of alpha waves in the brain that are responsible for heightened focus and attention, according to research in the Journal Of Pharmacological Sciences. 3 STAY SHARP…

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spice up your meat to lower cancer risk

Adding black pepper and other spices to meat may reduce the formation of cancer-causing compounds that form when the meat is cooked, according to research from Kansas State University. According to the World Health Organisation, carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (HCAs) form on the surface of all types of meat, not just the processed kind like bacon, as well as fish when it’s cooked. If you add black pepper and other antioxidant-rich spices and foods such as oregano and garlic, though, they prevent HCAs from forming. The research found marinading meat has a similarly beneficial effect. Caffeine is found in many pre-workout supps because it helps you achieve greater focus. But new research suggests you should also ingest caffeine with carbs after a workout to better replenish your muscles’ energy stores. Subjects who…

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think your way to bigger and stronger muscles

In every issue of MF we remind you to think about your muscles flexing and contracting as you do every rep of your workouts. Why? Consciously focusing on the muscle you’re training improves both concentration and the communication pathways between your mind and your muscles. But new research proves that thinking about a muscle contracting, even when it actually doesn’t, leads to greater gains in muscular size and strength. Researchers from Ohio University asked 29 subjects to wear a cast on their wrists for a month. Half the volunteers spent 11 minutes a day pretending to flex their immobilised wrists, the other half did nothing. When the casts were removed, the first group’s wrist muscles were twice as strong. If just thinking about an immobilised muscle can make it bigger…