Mollie Makes Embroidery

Mollie Makes Embroidery

Mollie Makes Embroidery

The team behind Mollie Makes brings you a collection of embroidery projects and ideas for your home, your wardrobe and the little ones in your life. Perfect for beginners and seasoned stitchers alike, it’s packed with DIYs for embroidery in hoops, on banners, on denim… and more!

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Something that really captivates me about embroidery is the obvious care, time and love put into the finished article. Embroidered pieces often become family heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next – what a wonderful tradition to start, ourselves, today. There are plenty of projects in this collection that will do just that – Nina Dyer’s sweet alphabet baby banner on page 112 for instance, or Sabina Gibson’s beautiful polar bear on page 117. We’ve included heaps of just-for-fun fashion ideas and DIYs for the home within these pages, too. We’ve aimed to give you all the info you need to get started in this special edition – if you’re brand new to embroidery or need a little refresher, flick to our Get Started section on page 12.…

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Marna Lunt Marna is, among other things, “an artist, snow globe collector, hoarder, tea drinker, colour lover, art history geek, mum to Arthur & Phoebe, blogger, wife and murder mystery reader.” And she runs stitching courses! Create a lampshade with Marna on page 18. Mollie Johanson Mollie is a crafter and illustrator of cute things. Her blog is packed with inspired embroidery and she created all the fab motifs in this collection. She’s happiest with some stitching and her family close at hand. Stitch Mollie’s cuckoo clock on page 32. Nina Dyer Nina looks after all things digital on team Mollie Makes. Out of hours, Nina runs a small business called Noisemakers Club and is currently working on a series of paintings featuring vintage swan vases. Check out Nina’s nursery wall hanging on page 112. Genevieve…

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01 Carefree summer vibes aplenty in 02 Adorn yourself with this modern update on a classic embroidered 03 Ready to walk all over you! And gingham’s so on trend, 04 Just a sprinkling of stitched hundreds and thousands on our purses, 05 Fun embroidery patterns galore 06 Even our phone cases are 07 Love these Little Loves Scissors by Kelmscott Designs, available 08 Glitzy palm cushions 09 A 70s raa dream!…

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embroidery ideas

01 Got an old sieve that’s not up to much? Great! It’s a cross stitch canvas. We love Kerstin Elsner’s shabby-chic style. 02 Our trainers get an update on page 81 from Floss & Mischief, but we also love this doodled version from the clever bods 03 A playful pocket becomes a plant pot! Try your hand at Alyson Lott’s DIY. 04 Mollie Makes’ Digital Editor, Nina Dyer inspired the team with her fabulously darned jumpers. So much so that we asked if we could borrow one for this shot! Pick some woolly threads and embroider your own. PHOTOGRAPH 1: KERSTIN ELSNER; PHOTOGRAPH AND PROJECT 3: ALYSON LOTT FROM BASHSTUDIOS.COM…

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transferring designs to fabric

We’re going to show you eight – yes, eight – different ways to get your chosen design on to your fabric. Don’t panic, you won’t need all of them! We’ll start with the easiest method for a beginner to try, then show you how to adapt to the different kinds of fabric you might want to use. There are fancy methods, too, for when you want to extend your skills and experiment with different fabrics. Contemporary embroiderer Mollie Johanson ( presents our guide to transferring the templates you’ll !nd throughout this magazine. 01 TRACE USING A WINDOW It doesn’t get much more basic than this, but it works. Tape your pattern to a brightly lit window, then tape your fabric on top. Trace over the pattern with a pencil or one of the…

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all you need!

MATERIALS ▪ Embroidery hoops to hold your fabric taut, widely available. Try John Lewis, Get the mini ones from We Make Collective and Dandelyne,, ▪ John James Needle Pebble, Needles by John James, ▪ Chenille needles (used for heavier weight work as they’re sharper, with a larger eye for thicker threads) and embroidery scissors, both from Sew Crafty, ▪ Gold-tipped embroidery needles (to slip more smoothly through the fabric or if you have a nickel allergy) and calico roll, We Make Collective (see above). ▪ Metal flower scissors, ▪ Embroidery threads, DMC, widely available from sewing shops. ▪ Tape measure, trims and pins, widely available. Try your local sewing shop. PHOTOGRAPH: FRANCESCA STONE, WWW.FALLFORDIY.COM…