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Muscle Car Review

August 2019

Get Muscle Car Review digital magazine subscription today for restoration and performance how-tos, comparisons of today's modern muscle against the legends of the past, plus the finest featured examples for the most passionate muscle car enthusiasts: • A Historical perspective including factory Super Stock specials that tore up the drag strips, Trans-Am racers from the series’ glory days, and even a few vintage Nascar racing legends. • Articles tracing the development of Detroit legends • Coverage of muscle events around the country and how-to stories with an emphasis on preserving and restoring muscle cars.

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muscle car review

EDITORIAL Network Content Director Douglas Glad Editor Drew Hardin Sr. Managing Editor Craig Johnson Social Media Director Brandon Scarpelli Contributors Wes Eisenschenk Jerry Heasley Barry Kluczyk Scotty Lachenauer Steve Natale Richard Prince Diego Rosenberg Arvid Svendsen Steve Temple Richard Truesdell ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Art Director Tom Donchez Creative Director Alan Muir MUSCLE CAR GROUP ON THE WEB ADVERTISING Network Ad Director Angela Schoof Eastern Sales Director Michael Essex 863/860-6023 Western Sales Director Scott Timberlake 310/531-5969 Ad Operations Manager Monica Hernandez Los Angeles 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245 310/531-9900 Irvine 1821 E. Dyer Road, Suite 150, Santa Ana, CA 92705 949/705-3100 New York 850 Third Ave., 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022 212/548-5555 Detroit 4327 Delemere Ct., Royal Oak, MI 48073 248/594-5999 Southeast Brit White, 813/675-3479 TEN: PUBLISHING MEDIA, LLC Chairman Greg Mays President Kevin Mullan SVP, Editorial & Advertising Operations Amy Diamond General Manager, Automotive Network Tim Foss Senior Director, Finance Catherine Temkin CONSUMER MARKETING, ENTHUSIAST MEDIA SUBSCRIPTION CO., INC. SVP, Circulation Tom Slater VP, Retention & Operations Fulfillment…

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I’m thinking a lot about driving these days. Summer is here. The days are long and the roads beckon. The Los Angeles Times recently devoted most of its Sunday Travel section to stories about road trips. As I write this, our company’s website is plastered with ads for the Hot Rod Power Tour in June. And I just ran across an organization that, while I wish it didn’t have to exist, I’m glad it does. That would be the Human Driving Association (HDA), a grassroots response to the seemingly unstoppable trend towards autonomous vehicles. Their goal is straightforward: “The war on driving is here,” reads the homepage. “Pick your side.” They, and I, believe that our ability to control our own vehicles is at risk. In 10, 20, or maybe more…

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FROM THE FOUR-SPEED GUY It’s me, Dave the Four-Speed Guy from Cincinnati. I just got home from work to find the May 2019 MCR and had to take a look through it. There’s a photo in the “Sunken SS” article of a four-speed shifter, and since that’s my thing, I had to take a closer look. Mr. Lachenauer refers to it as a Hurst Ram Rod shifter, but it is most probably a Hurst Super Shifter with a Hurst Line Lock button on it. A Ram Rod has a totally different body, not to mention the downshift control rod with T-handle, and the separate Reverse shift lever common to vertical-gate full-race shifters. It also looks a bit odd as the Third/Fourth shift rod is going down at an angle instead of…

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letter of the month

INSPIRATION I’m writing this because I was inspired by one of the reader’s letters in your May 2019 issue [“First Fast Car”]. As I turned 16 in 1967, I landed a job as a lot boy at Scuncio Chevrolet in Greenville, Rhode Island, where they had a salesman who specialized in high-performance cars. I was in my glory driving 396, 427, 454, or Z/28 Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, and Corvettes around the lot and “peeling out” when no one was around. One of the many high points of that time was when I was told I had to drive a brand new 1969 Z/28 Camaro to Boston and drive back another brand new 1969 Z/28 Camaro because the buyer didn’t like the color. Oh yeah, I did have to drive four-door Impalas,…

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up front

JULIANO COLLECTION DOMINATES MECUM INDY AUCTION Cars, road art, and memorabilia from the collection of the late Steven Juliano contributed in large part to the sales success of Dana Mecum’s 2019 Original Spring Classic in Indianapolis. Total sales were more than $70.4 million, with 1,189 vehicles changing hands. Cars with ties to Juliano made up five of the event’s top 10 sales, including the top seller, a 1967 427 S/C Cobra (seen here) that sold for $2.86 million. Right behind it was a 1966 427 Cobra for $2.42 million. Among the Rapid Transit Caravan vehicles that crossed the block, the 1970 Hemi Road Runner fetched the highest selling price, $341,000. We will have a full report on Mecum’s Indy sale next month, or drop by for complete sales results. 2020 Camaro…

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rare finds

Popping the hood revealed a 413 Max Wedge, and this was a 1962 Dodge Dart 440 convertible that we found in a backyard in El Paso, Texas. 440 designates the series, not the engine size. The owner wanted to sell the car. How rare was this combination, a 413 Max Wedge in a convertible? And was it real? We all know E-body 426 Hemi convertibles of 1970-1971 bring millions of dollars per copy. The 413 was not a Hemi, but for 1962 was the top performance engine, and the same basic vehicle the Ramchargers won with on the dragstrip, which is a big deal with collectors. Max Wedge cars are highly desirable, and a convertible would be the find of a lifetime. “How rare was this combination?” Further investigation revealed to us that…