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Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

June 2020

Nashville Lifestyles is the exclusive city magazine for the greater Nashville area. Features include local issues, dining, celebrities, fashion, homes, and neighborhoods, events and much more! In addition to the regular features, readers enjoy special issues like Top Doctors, the 25 Most Beautiful People, Single in the City & The Music Issue.

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Nashville Lifestyles
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from the publisher

I am ready for summer vacation and adventure! Our June issue is full of escapes for you and your family. For instance, we’ve got a guide to parks so you can get outside and enjoy nature. If you are ready to travel, we have profiled some of our favorite destinations for a road trip. How I wish I had a tan line again. I’ve been indoors so long I worry my shoes think I’m dead. I am writing my letter to you from my home, as we’ve all been working remotely since mid-March. It’s amazing to me how much has changed and how much hasn’t. In some ways, being home has allowed me to appreciate the things in my life I get to do, as opposed to the things I “have to…

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from the editor

Summer Madness Let’s face it, this summer’s going to be different. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy many of the things we love about the season: the smell of a cookout on a balmy evening, finding ways to beat—or embrace—the heat, and the chaos of family vacations. For this month’s cover feature we caught up with Eric and Jessie James Decker to find out how they spend their summers as parents of three. From hitting the beach to making margaritas, this fam knows how to have some serious fun in the sun. And if their poolside pics have you questioning your summer body (or maybe that’s just me?), they’re sharing their own workout tips to get you bathing-suit-season ready. We also chatted with Dr. Alex Jahangir, who leads the Metro Nashville…

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dr. alex jahangir

If you’ve watched any of the mayor’s COVID-19 press conferences you’re familiar with Dr. Jahangir. An orthopedic trauma surgeon, the Director of Orthopedic Trauma and associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Vanderbilt was asked to join the Davidson County Board of Health by then-Mayor Megan Barry in TK. In September of 2019 he was elected Board Chair, and in March Mayor John Cooper appointed him head of Nashville’s Metro Coronavirus Task Force. Not to mention he’s the father of three little girls. The busy doctor took time to chat with Nashville Lifestyles about growing up in Music City, working with local government, and what he has in common with Dr. Dre.…

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nashville moment

Mayoral Meeting: I really appreciate that the mayor was a part of our discussion on that first Friday. “What’s your expectations? And then in return here are my expectations.” One of them has always been, listen, I’ll advise you on the data, the best practices and I’m asking that you to please follow it. From that day and every day subsequently that’s been the case and I really appreciate it. It’s been really cool seeing that. From somebody who I’d never met prior to that first day of COVID, it’s really fascinating. It’s been really enjoyable working with him because the science and the data have driven everything to this point. Giving Back to the Town That Built Him: My family and I moved here from Iran when I was 6…

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house party

The Iroquois Steeplechase has been Nashville’s “rite of spring” for decades, with horses taking the track for a crowd of up to 25,000 spectators at Percy Warner Park every second Saturday in May since 1941. But the race came to a halt this year—its 79th—when event organizers realized they couldn’t move forward with the original plans for a June 27 event. Instead, event organizers created “Party in a Box,” a new way to continue the race’s tradition of fundraising for Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. It was also imperative for Steeplechase to carry on in some way for the sake of the organization’s own future. “Without hosting the race this year, there are minimal funds to keep the organization alive. Funds are needed to maintain the course, fields, irrigation, barn, decks, staffing,…

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man vs. wild world

When it came time to write his fourth studio album, Wild World, Kip Moore found inspiration from within. “I’m always just trying to stay present with whatever thoughts I’m dealing with during the time that I’m writing records,” he says. “There’s a lot of talk about faith and what that looks like to you, what God looks like to you, and where you find your happiness in that.” Moore’s introspection led him to the revelation that attaining serenity means letting go of the past. “I think there’s a lot of digging up of old bones and regret, and trying to face those and put them to bed. Let that baggage go—what’s been pulling you down—and forgive yourself,” Moore says. “There’s a lot of search for joy and the simple things in this life,…