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National Geographic Traveler December 2012-January 2013

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the envelope, please

SEVERAL YEARS AGO I was in Tasmania having lunch with Robert Pennicott, a former fisherman who operates Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. We had just come in from a rough ride through the waters of the Tasman Sea, and he was speaking passionately about using some of his profits to preserve Bruny Island and its natural environment—of using tourism as a force for good. Here at Traveler, we think Pennicott represents an emerging trend. As the global economy continues to struggle, many of us are traveling with a purpose, with the goal of making a difference in others’ lives. To recognize such explorers, in this issue we introduce our first annual “Travelers of the Year” feature (page 86), which celebrates extraordinary people doing remarkable things while traveling, each selected with the help…

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bombay dreams

This summer the latest international edition of Traveler launched in India. We asked our new colleague in Mumbai, Editor in Chief Niloufer Venkatraman, to share a few surprises about her native city and country. A MOVABLE FEAST Winter is perfect for exploring Mumbai’s lanes and alleys, and, when I can, I like to wander and experience real life in the back streets. At night you must visit the street food stalls of Mohammed Ali Road in the Minara Masjid area. Even if you eat nothing, the kebabs, desserts, and crowds offer a fantastic slice of local life. BAZAAR BEHAVIOR Lalbaug’s masala galli (spice lane)—particularly near the spice-pounding machines—is a sensory adventure. Watch from a safe distance: The air is so thick with the aroma of spice blends, it’s difficult to breathe. It’s worth rising…

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seeing both sides

APHOTO OF ST. PETERSBURG’S Church of the Resurrection of Christ, which appeared in “From Russia With Love” (October 2012, above), caught the eye of Thomas Rauch of Grosse Pointe, Mich. “I think the picture of the church was transposed,” he noted. “My photos show the reverse orientation.” A quick image search seemed to support Rauch’s claim, but our photo editors were confident there hadn’t been a mix-up. Intrigued, our researchers dug deeper and unearthed a couple of illuminating details: Our photo shows the main entrance, which looks much the same as its back and, against tradition, faces north. Typically, Orthodox churches welcome visitors on the west, but the architect had wanted to honor the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated (hence the landmark’s other name, Church of the Savior…

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refresher courses

Whether a yoga retreat in India or an afternoon hike through the woods, travel does a body good. When we asked where you go to feel better, mind or body, the feedback was an instant mood booster: “On a recent three-week trip to Europe with my husband, one of the highlights was swimming in Lake Bled, Slovenia. Bled is a relaxed and quiet town, and we visited an amazing thousand-year-old castle above the lake. It was a perfect place to chill out on a whirlwind tour of Europe.” MARY BECKER LA MESA, CALIF. “I could return time and again to the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic—in fact, I’m planning my fourth visit now. There really is nothing like floating in a calm sea while staring into the eye of a humpback whale [above] to remind you…

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new water parks

LESS THAN THREE PERCENT. That’s the portion of the world’s oceans now set aside for conservation—a small safety net that ecologists are working to increase. Joining a wave of new marine reserves, Australia recently designated 382,000 square miles in the Coral Sea to preserve an area of fish-haloed seamounts, turtle nesting areas, and 25 reefs where most commercial fishing and extractive activities will now be prohibited. Snorkelers and ecotourists closer to American shores have welcomed the Caribbean Challenge Initiative, an impressive effort by ten governments with the goal of protecting 20 percent of their coastal shelf by 2020. And California recently established some 1,027 square miles of new marine protected areas, capping of the U.S.’s largest such network. The network will limit habitat destruction in nearly a hundred places like…

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grimm reaping

CALLING ANYONE WHO HAS EVER DAYDREAMED about bread crumb trails: Hansel and Gretel wannabes need look no farther than Germany’s Märchenstrasse, a 370-mile route snaking through the forests and valleys of the central Hessen region that inspired the Grimm brothers, who first published their famous tales 200 years ago this December. On this “Fairy-Tale Road” north of Frankfurt, travelers choose their own endings at storybook villages such as the Pied Piper’s Hameln and at Knallhütte tavern, where the librarian brothers compiled lore at the hearth of an elderly storyteller. But fairy tales have no real sense of time or place, says Burkhard Kling of the Brothers Grimm House in Steinau, so purists shouldn’t expect to decipher precise settings. What visitors can seek: Cinderella’s Polle castle ruins glow like the heroine’s…