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net August 2019

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editor’s note

No matter where you are in your career – whether you’re a fledgling designer just finding your feet in the industry or an experienced pro with decades of projects under your belt – all of us can benefit from adding strings to our bow. Picking up new skills is what helps us progress professionally and evolve alongside changes in the industry. That’s why this issue we’re focusing on skills and tools that significantly up your game in specific areas. To kick off, we’ve asked Louis Lazaris to rundown the 10 greatest frameworks to help you get more out of your CSS, allowing you to shape layouts, create components and craft animations with ease. But there’s a lot more where that came from. We’ve also asked Jamie Shanks to offer up insider insights…

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LOUIS LAZARIS Lazaris is an author, speaker and front-end developer and curates the weekly newsletter Web Tools Weekly. He runs down his highlights of the best CSS tools on page 60. w: impressivewebs.com t: @impressivewebs JAMIE SHANKS Shanks is an on-demand UI/UX and brand designer and the owner of independent design agency Green Tambourine. On page 68, he reveals his secret UX tricks of the trade. Keep them under your hat. w: jamieshanks.co.uk SARAH ATKINSON Atkinson is senior SEO and PPC consultant at Podium, a digital marketing agency that helps brands stand out online. On page 32, she shows you how you can keep up with Google’s SEO changes. w: https://onthepodium.co.uk RICHARD MATTKA Mattka is an award-winning creative director, designer and developer. He shows how you can add obstacles collisions and scoring to a web game using Unity on page 76. w:…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com THIS MONTH FEATURING… JOE LEECH Based in Bristol, Leech is a UX and product management consultant, conference speaker and author of the book Psychology for Designers. w: mrjoe.uk t:@mrjoe NILS SKÖLD Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Sköld is design lead at Amuse.io, a re-imagined record label giving free music distribution to artists around the globe. w: http://nilsskold.se t: @nilsskold QUESTION OF THE MONTH Is there an ideal time and place to ask for a user review for a web app? Djuro, London, UK JL: There’s never an easy time to ask a user to do something they weren’t expecting to do. Those review dialogs in apps always seem to pop up at the worst times. However, there are certain times that are better than others. These are: 1. After the task the user has come to do is completed. 2. If…

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3 simple steps

What podcasts can help designers learn about product design? Gareth Wallace, Bucks, UK NS: I prefer podcast episodes that describe a problem and walk through the solution, rather than interviews about a designer’s career journey (spoiler: they are all exactly the same). Wireframe: Good Design is Human Khoi Vinh and Amy Standen at Adobe don’t hold back on the drama by discussing nuclear reactors and how bad design can be catastrophic to life. NTMY episode 11: Stefan Sagmeister A call to arms for making aesthetics important again. Discover how form should not follow function because form serves a function of its own. DRT: Why Building a Startup is Hard with Keith Rabois This one is less about design and more about management but what Rabois emphasises is that no one and no company becomes successful without a lot…

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They are both inclusive and exploitative. Inclusive, because they enable anyone to pick up paid work, almost from day 0, which is great. Exploitative, because they encourage a race to the bottom and push the client’s whims above the designer/developer’s wellbeing. @andybelldesign Bigger paying clients know it’s more costly to hire a novice. Freelancer websites fill the gap in the catch-22 where previously you couldn’t get higher paid work without the experience and where you couldn’t get the experience without the work. @_LeonBrown Not for me. Those sites are just a race to the bottom. My clients come to me for my expertise in running successful Facebook ads – ads that don’t waste their budget. If they want someone cheaper they were never going to be my ideal clients anyway! @thelauramoore I found a high majority…