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net October 2019

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welcome editor’s note

The modern world of work is changing. Many industries are facing disruption, meaning an increasing proportion of the workforce can no longer rely on having a single string to their bow. While web design is a more disruption-proof sector than most – agencies of androids quibbling over user personas and turning their robo-noses at cliched site designs are likely a way off – it’s still a good career move to ensure you have a diversified portfolio of skills. That’s why, in our career issue, we’ve turned our eye to ways you can learn more invaluable skills. First of all, Anastasia Kashkinova explores why it’s worth becoming a hybrid and learning both design and development skills, revealing how you can start crossing the floor to learn more about coding or getting creative…

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featured authors

ANASTASIA KASHKINOVA Kashkinova is a UI/UX designer and developer with five years of experience. On page 60, she shows you how you can follow in her footsteps and become a hybrid who both designs and develops. w: anastasia-kas.com RUTH HAMILTON Hamilton spent three years on the net team before becoming deputy editor of Creative Bloq. She reveals how to turn your side project into a major revenue stream on page 68. w: ruthemilyhamilton.wixsite.com/portfolio Richard Mattka Mattka is an award-winning designer and developer specialising in VFX. On page 76, he shares how you can animate 3D objects in-browser using three.js and GSAP. w: richardmattka.com t: @synergyseeker RAZVAN CREANGA Creanga is CEO and co-founder of hackajob, a company that promotes meritocracy in recruitment. He offers up this expertise on page 20, where he explains how you can secure your ideal job. w: hackajob.co…

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THIS MONTH FEATURING… NADIEH BREMER Bremer is a freelance data visualisation designer and artist. She frequently uses storytelling techniques for complex data and static visualisations. w: visualcinnamon.com t: @NadiehBremer HEYDON PICKERING Pickering is a freelance inclusive design consultant. He wrote Inclusive Design Patterns and his drawing of a ‘crocoduck’ is part of the W3C HTML spec. w: www.heydonworks.com t: @heydonworks QUESTION OF THE MONTH Do you have to be a data scientist to work with data viz? Where do I start? Lee Warrick, Florida, US NB: Definitely not! People come to data viz from all directions. Yes, there are data scientists but also many people with a design background. In fact, I’ve heard of people from the most diverse backgrounds taking up the disciplines. The most important skill that I think you need is an innate curiosity. You want to reveal hidden insights,…

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3 simple steps

What data viz books would you recommend? Koustav Pal, Michigan, US For beginners + NB: My favourite for beginners is The Functional Art by Alberto Cairo. It covers many topics and you can make better data viz right after reading it. For intermediate + At intermediate level, I highly recommend Edward Tufte’s books, especially The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. They’re from the previous century but still gold. To learn D3.js specifically, check out Interactive Data Visualization for the Web by Scott Murray. For inspiration + For data viz inspiration, I like the books of Sandra Rendgen, including Understanding the World and those of Manuel Lima, such as Visual Journalism. If you’d like to learn more, you can find my full review of data viz books here: https:// www.visualcinnamon.com/resources/learning-data-visualization/books…

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the poll which candidate recommendation excites you?

From our timeline What design skills would you suggest that developers use and vice versa? Designers should know how to export and optimise media assets including video files, images and SVG for different devices. Developers should try to be patient with designers and always seek solutions and explanations instead of saying “it is not possible”. @jefftimbre As designers, we’ve got to talk and think more about #designops and use it as a skill to improve quality of our work and make handoffs to developers easier and better. As developers, you should use the design skill to focus on details and not only on the logic and tech stack. @oh_krapp Please chill out and realise we all want the same thing, we just come at it from very different angles. @muzzlehatch_ Developers don’t have to be designers but honour…

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cool stuff we learned this month

GOOGLE CHROME UPDATE + The latest version of Chrome 76 (at the time of writing) brings a number of improvements but perhaps the most useful is the management of Google Accounts on Chromebook. Found under Google Accounts in Settings, you can more easily login to your accounts and see which ones you are using on your device and across Chrome and Play Store apps. https://netm.ag/2Zaf8S8 APPLE RELEASES SIXTH DEVELOPER BETA BUILDS + Apple has released the sixth beta builds of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13. Builds of each OS can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center (https://developer.apple.com/) by those taking part in the testing program. A public beta is typically available shortly after the developer version, via the Apple Beta Software Program (https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/). https://netm.ag/2Msv5Nn ADOBE SETS SIGHTS ON AR AND MIXED…