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net November 2019

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editor’s note

The internet is rarely lauded as a unifying force these days, at least not without significant shavings of irony heaped on top. Having helped Brexit shake British democracy to its foundations, flooded our consciousness with divisive alt-facts and empowered reactionary voices to silence those they disagree with, the web hardly feels like it has lived up to its remit of bringing us all together. And yet from #MeToo to Black Lives Matter, there have also been occasions when the internet has brought different voices together, enabling them to speak a single truth. This gives us a glimpse of what the technology can still achieve. In recognition of this, we’re looking at how you can use the web to present a united front. Joshua Garity shows how to offer a consistent user experience…

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featured authors

JOSHUA GARITY Garity is the founder of both UX Triggers and Candorem, an award-winning UX creative agency based in the US. On page 60, he explores how you can unify your UX across multiple platforms and touchpoints. w: candorem.com MAXIMILIANO FIRTMAN Firtman is an author, conference speaker and trainer in performance, PWAs and mobile-app development. He breaks down the benefits of PWAs vs native apps on page 68. w: https://firt.mobi t: @firt CLAIRE CROMPTON Crompton is director at The Audit Lab. On page 22, she shines a light on the murky world of online trolling and calls for platforms to create safe spaces on the net. w: theauditlab.com t: @TheAuditLab RICHARD MATTKA Mattka is an award-winning designer and developer specialising in VFX. He channels Isaac Newton on page 76 and shows you how to bring gravity and rigid bodies to 3D scenes. w:…

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QUESTION OF THE MONTH Can you advise on the best accessibility testing tools when building locally (apart from the WAVE browser plugin)? Annemarie Parsons, Cardiff, UK ID: While such tools cannot replace testing with actual users, they are very helpful and many browsers now come with their own accessibility testing tools that enable you to see if you are heading in the right direction. Firefox now has an Accessibility Inspector that enables you to view a site as the accessibility tree sees it. Chrome also shows the accessibility tree and you can run an Accessibility Audit that helps identify potential accessibility problems on a site. Additionally, the Chrome colour picker will help identify colour contrast issues. So you can do a lot of testing by simply making use of the browsers that you probably…

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3 simple steps

Where can I get a live brief for honest, useful feedback on my data visualisation work? Hobby projects are nice but don’t teach me everything. Rob Sutcliffe, Reading, UK Join the society + NB: To get started, I can highly recommend joining the Data Visualization Society (www.datavisualizationsociety.com/). It started up a few months ago and already there are more than 3,000 members, from all parts of the data-viz world. Slack feedback + There’s much happening on in the Data Vizualization Society, from blog posts to data-viz challenges, but it also has a Slack group that is super prolific. For example, there’s a specific channel there where you can post your visual and ask for feedback. I’ve found that there are always people around that want to help and you can get into interesting conversations. Other channels +…

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which is your first choice js framework?

From our timeline When lacking inspiration for a project what do you do to kickstart your creative flow? I go for a walk in the countryside and enjoy the colours of nature. I am so lucky to live on the edge of town. @PaulWeaverMedia LSD @_asheridan I look at people talking about their civic tech / nonprofit / art projects and think about if there’s anything that overlaps with something I’m curious about and want to learn. I have fun working when I’m really clear on what the goal is but not 100% sure how to get there. @marktnoonan A trip to the toy store @bursts [There are] numerous ways to kickstart inspiration. Checking out creative sites such as Dribbble always helps me. Going for a walk or listening to music to get into a zone. @KSRuprai Suggestions from the team at…

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cool stuff we learned this month

V8 LITE + Since late 2018 a new Lite version of V8, Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript engine has been in development. The project was looking to dramatically reduce V8’s memory usage, initially on low-memory mobile devices. But now these optimisations are being brought to normal V8, benefitting everyone. https://v8.dev/blog/v8-lite CANIUSE AND MDN JOIN FORCES + Around two years ago, the MDN team started to overhaul its browser compatibility tables and the dataset currently has over 10,000 data points. It was recently announced that this data was being integrated into caniuse.com, bringing a vast database of useful info to one place. https://netm.ag/2lTR2sW APPLE AND WEB COMPONENTS + Apple recently announced its Apple Music web client, which enables users to listen to music from the web rather than through a native app. The exciting part is the tech…