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net December 2019

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editor’s note

We’re told that only a bad worker blames their tools. While this is certainly true – as many people have whipped up masterpieces with HTML and pure CSS as have knocked up bug-ridden calamities using power tools like React – it doesn’t mean there isn’t value in adding more utilities to your metaphorical toolbox. After all, how many of us have been saved from a DIY disaster after finding the perfect-sized screwdriver head or realising we had the right type of wall plugs squirrelled away? Evidently then, it’s worth adding new libraries, plugins and widgets to tackle niche problems and come up with specific tailored solutions. That’s why we’re looking at great tools that can put more power into your design and development. First off, we explore graphic JavaScript libraries and profile…

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featured authors

BURKE HOLLAND Senior developer advocate for Microsoft, Holland is a big fan of sarcasm and JavaScript, the latter of which makes him the perfect person to run down the best JS graphics libraries on page 60. t: @burkeholland STEVEN JENKINS Jenkins is long-time editor of Web Designer magazine and has a love of HTML, CSS and design. He puts this passion and experience to work on page 68, showing you the range of dev and design tools available from Google to help boost your work. IMAM HOQUE Hoque is COO and CPO (AI) at Quantexa, the scale-up using AI and big data to tackle crime, fraud and compliance. On page 22, he looks at how we can introduce transparency into AI’s ‘black box’ decision making. t: @quantexa DARRYL BARTLETT Bartlett is a web and mobile developer specialising…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com THIS MONTH FEATURING… PATRICK H LAUKE Lauke is a senior accessibility engineer at The Paciello Group. He’s also co-editor of the W3C Pointer Events Level 2 and W3C Touch Events Level 2 specs. w: splintered.co.uk t: @patrick_h_lauke TIM LOO Executive director (strategy) at Foolproof, Loo has created digital experience strategies, roadmaps and measurement frameworks for some of world’s biggest brands. w: www.foolproof.co.uk t: @timothyloo QUESTION OF THE MONTH Is the best way to push for accessibility on a project to convince clients that it matters or simply implement it without asking? Markus Gebka, Hessen, Germany PL: Fundamentally, this comes down to not treating accessibility as an extra clients pay you for; simply make it part of the way you approach and execute projects. The same way that nowadays clients assume that a site they commission you to work…

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3 simple steps

What talks on experience design do you recommend? Yassin Dotson, Chesham, UK Airbnb: Handcrafted Strategy TL: I can’t recommend this podcast with Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, highly enough (bit.ly/2lWDmx2). The part where he describes how the company created Airbnb Experiences is textbook working back from the ideal customer journey and then switching to a scaling mindset. Spotify Engineering Culture Two videos here from Henrik Kniberg on Spotify’s engineering culture, which explain the oft-discussed ‘squad approach’ and the less talked about ‘autonomy versus alignment maturity’ model (youtube.com/watch?v=Yvfz4HGtoPc and youtube.com/watch?v=vOt4BbWLWQw. UX Strategy: Thinking and Doing In Foolproof’s own video podcast on experience design and strategy (bit.ly/2ml106V), I talk to design leaders such as Paul Bryan, Pam Pavliscak, Jim Kalbach, Ronnie Battista and Jaime Levy about design, business strategy, organisational change, measurement and the future of…

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cool stuff we learned this month

DESIGN TIPS TO BOOST CONVERSIONS Effective ecommerce that tempts shoppers to buy needn’t be rocket science. Syed Balkhi insists even novice web designers can observe four simple techniques for securing sales. He makes the case that emotive colour or typography choices are up there along with positive F-Patterns. https://netm.ag/2MLyRiD APPLYING PRINCIPLES FOR BETTER CSS Good coding etiquette shouldn’t be headline news for developers but Adrian Bece serves a reminder to CSS writers. He identifies five principles starting with clear naming conventions. The ‘DRY’ acronym should stop us repeating ourselves and avoiding bloat – read it, we won’t say it again! https://netm.ag/2pqegZr GET HIRED AS A UX DESIGNER Tobias van Schneider knows about creating portfolios. Here he narrows his gaze on what’s needed to pitch effectively for UX designer opportunities, with ‘empathy’ being a good start. Making the…

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which area of web design will flourish most from 5g?

From our timeline Is dating a website relevant and how might ‘newness’ be best communicated in design? It’s an interesting challenge within a world and web that craves the ‘new’ constantly. Websites are often ‘dated’ purely by the content, with the design itself placed more by style perception and maybe what’s fashionable? @Mark_Billen A dated website is one that no longer represents ease of use and struggles to deliver what the user is looking for. Newness is best communicated via iterations rather than significant change, making the UX of adapting more user friendly; users shouldn’t have to relearn, just adapt. @PaulWritesCode I’d say that if your content is of a timely or date-sensitive nature, such as news, new products, events, or if it’s important to show a company is ‘active’, then yes. But not…