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net January 2020

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editor’s note

All too often accessibility is seen as a discipline focusing on fringe cases. But this definition is looking increasingly ill-fitting for the modern age. Not only did The World Bank report last year that 15 per cent of the global population experiences some form of disability but many accessibility features can offer benefits to users across the board, helping them use services in a range of environments and situations. Clearly, accessibility is a universal issue. In light of this, we’ve turned this issue into a celebration of the ways accessibility intersects with web design. In our cover feature, Mark Billen takes a look at how the shifting landscape of tools, libraries and technologies is opening up new benefits and boundaries in terms of accessibility. On top of this, we also investigate…

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featured authors

MARK BILLEN Former editor of both Web Designer and Web Developer magazines, Billen is currently a freelance web and print writer. He uses both of the strings he has to his bow on page 60, writing on the changing a11y landscape. t: @Mark_Billen ADAM KUHN Kuhn is a senior web developer at Kong Inc, creative coder and frequent CodePen contributor with a passion for web animation. Showing off his skills on page 68, he reveals how you can code JS-free CSS animations. t: @cobra_winfrey RACHAEL GROCOTT Grocott is a product designer at Geckoboard and co-founded Triangirls with Anna Youngs. She explores how women can navigate and advance in their tech careers – and how others can empower them – on page 20. t: @rachaelgrocott BEN READ Read is a designer and developer who specialises in JavaScript, React and UX. Over…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com THIS MONTH FEATURING… DAVE BOWERS Bowers is head of strategy at Likely Story, an award-winning strategic creative agency that’s focused on digital, branding and storytelling. w: likely-story.co.uk t: @likelystorydave BRETT HARNED Harned is director of education at TeamGantt, founder of the event Digital PM Summit, author of Project Management for Humans and podcaster at Sprints & Milestones. w: brettharned.com t: @brettharned *QUESTION OF THE MONTH What are the biggest mistakes people make when doing user research? Avni Bonner, Carlisle, UK DB: Assumptions are the backbone of all erroneous findings – unfortunately they’re often unavoidable, as research can only show us part of the picture. When asked, users often won’t give accurate responses in the first place due to cognitive biases: they may twist their answers in order to accommodate existing assumptions (confirmation bias), feel inclined, pressured or subconsciously led…

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3 simple steps

What resources can help me wrap my head around project management? Name supplied BH: With project management, there truly is no right or wrong way to work. Sure, there are best practices but it’ll be up to you to adapt them to the project, team, scope and timeline you’re managing. The best way to learn those things is to sit down with your team and figure out what will work best for your projects. Conferences + When you have spare time, check out conferences like Deliver or the Digital PM Summit or hunt down your local DPM meetup. Online training + Trainings online include an apprenticeship through Louder Than Ten and a free video series at TeamGantt called The Art & Science of Leading Projects. Reading matter + Check out The Digital Project Manager blogs for regular posts…

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cool stuff we learned this month

NETFLIX IS TESTING A FEATURE THAT LETS YOU SPEED UP BORING EPISODES Ever feel as though your binge-watch sessions are becoming a bit of a grind? A proposed update to the Netflix Android app will enable you to whizz through any tedious episodes by watching them at 1.5 speed. https://netm.ag/2CEdsmM GREAT EXPECTATIONS: USING STORY PRINCIPLES TO ANTICIPATE WHAT YOUR USER EXPECTS When users land on a site, they have certain expectations of how the experience is going to pan out. And with the help of storytelling, web designers can ensure they meet and even exceed these anticipations. This article explores what’s involved. https://netm.ag/2qNFqK9 HERE ARE THE WINNERS OF THE FIRST CONTEST TO DESIGN STOCK IMAGES OF HACKERS Hacking is quite an abstract and shadowy topic. That’s why you find news sites often use edgy images…

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from our timeline

Providing the same functionality and information for everyone. Designing for keyboard-only user experience. Relying not only on colours and testing UI in grayscale. Choosing common UX patterns, which [are] familiar to users. @MaratFaz The first things should start before design. Discuss this as a team at the requirements stage. Things like which guidelines and level are we working to, what assistive technologies are we testing with, at what points are we testing with users with access needs to name just a few. @RooRonks We’d start by checking legal requirements. Next we’d try to understand any underlying issues that make this website hard to use by certain groups and work with the client to make sure web content is easily accessible. @signatureweb Feeling overwhelmed by the concept of accessibility? Use Chrome’s Lighthouse audit tool and work through…