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net February 2020

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welcome editor’s note

It’s hard not to feel a little reflective when you’ve just waved goodbye to a decade. And it’s safe to say that, as far as the web goes, the 2010s were a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, we enjoyed the revolution that was HTML5, reshaped the online world with responsive design and broke free of formulaic web templates with CSS grid. But the internet’s rep also took a bit of a beating, thanks to the NSA, #gamergate, Donald Trump, Cambridge Analytica and so many other scandals. But when it comes to technology, I’m nothing if not an optimist and I’m confident that there are bright times ahead for the web. That’s why we’ve dedicated our latest issue to the exciting things coming up in the future. First of all, Louis Lazaris…

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featured authors

LOUIS LAZARIS Lazaris is a front-end developer, author and blogger who writes about front-end code on Impressive Webs and curates the Web Tools Weekly newsletter. He picks out some of his favourite tools for 2020 on page 60. w: impressivewebs.com DARRYL BARTLETT Bartlett is a web and mobile developer specialising in JavaScript, PHP, Swift and Kotlin. On page 68, he channels his inner net Nostradamus to tell you what you can expect in the future of the big three JS frameworks. t: @darrylabartlett AGA NAPLOCHA Naplocha is co-founder of The Awwwesomes and coding designer at Adobe and specialises in HTML, CSS and UX. Over on page 88, she shows you some useful CSS properties you may not have yet encountered. w: http://aganaplocha.com JOE MACLEOD Macleod is an author and the founder of andEnd, the world’s first business dedicated to helping…

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Send your questions to netmag@futurenet.com ⋆ QUESTION OF THE MONTH What’s the secret of writing text for reading on the web? Iyla Dillard, Sheffield, UK TP: As a UX writer, I don’t think I’m actually an expert on text that’s meant for reading. What I’ve practised is text meant for doing. It seems like a weird thing to say because isn’t all text meant for reading? The distinction I’d like to make is that some text inspires ideas, tells a story or conveys information. Reading that text is its own purpose, complete in itself. Text intended for doing, in contrast, isn’t meant to be remembered any longer than necessary. It is designed to be ephemeral. The text should be so easy to read, so scannable, so appropriate to that moment in the experience, the reader…

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3 simple steps

Haniya Morley, Dallas, US Oldies but goodies + DB: Some of the old UX research books really stand the test of time. Observing the User Experience: A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research by Elizabeth Goodman remains the absolute bible for anyone considering running user tests, whether they’re lab-based or run remotely – a little dry perhaps but certainly very informative and practical. Broader picture + Beyond that, I always think it’s useful to see the broader picture and understand what makes people tick. Malcolm Gladwell’s books are great, lazy page-turners and have really helped me pick apart and contextualise all those anomalies in user behaviour. Learn from the masters + Also, Don Norman’s Emotional Design helps us understand the levels on which design is perceived. In fact, anything by Neilsen/Norman (http://nngroup.com) is definitely worth a read…

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cool stuff we learned this month

OPEN SOURCE CODE WILL SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE IN AN ARCTIC CAVE + Do you ever find yourself worrying about the end of the world? Say goodbye to sleepless nights – Norwegian archipelago Svalbard should give you some peace of mind as it’s home to archives filled with rolls of Armageddon-resistant code. https://netm.ag/2OG7ede MICROSOFT GIVES A PREVIEW OF THE FUTURE OF OFFICE DOCUMENTS WITH FLUID FRAMEWORK FOR THE WEB + Throughout 2019, Fluid Framework has been touted from various sources as being the future of web collaboration. Now, thanks to a preview, users can investigate for themselves exactly how the new Microsoft technology is set to shake things up in the Office world. https://netm.ag/2LaS7Gf HOW TO USE FOMO TO INCREASE CONVERSIONS + ‘Fear of missing out’ is often viewed as being a negative strategy to implement when it…

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from our timeline

Very impressed with @AppSupernova. Impressive tools and UI. Testing the code output to react. Continuing to spend more time in @InVisionApp #Studio as they continue to improve it. Love the simplicity for making animations which we are starting to implement on @sereneappcom @Benjieboo @webflow because it makes sooo much sense. @RedFoxBandit #adobe #adobexd is doing very well, especially for the layout grid feature. @joaogdesignerr @DramaApp because of its new approach towards prototyping and interesting animation capabilities. @mikolajdobrucki Having success delivering website drafts for review inside of @usepastel / we like it and clients like it. @John_Speed New @litmusapp for email development, game changer since their most recent update. @blackenedhonesty @InVisionApp‘s DSM is hard to beat when it comes to design system management that works both ways – as workflow integration and alignment for designers and devs alike (eg in @sketch), as well as…