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Outside 2019 Summer Buyer's Guide

Outside readers are passionately committed to leading an active lifestyle. Outside not only motivates readers to uncover and define their own personal day-to-day adventures, but also provides them with the tools, products and information to fulfill them.

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between the lines

EDITOR’S LETTER Breadth of Life I’ve said this before (more than once) in past Buyer’s Guides, but the single aim of the multitude of gear gathered together here—all of it techy and cool in its own right—is to facilitate adventure. And while the first definition you’ll find for adventure in Merriam-Webster is “An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks,” I prefer this one lower down: “An exciting or remarkable experience.” Being outside doesn’t have to entail risking life and limb, though some of my most memorable experiences involved their fair share. It can be something as simple as tailgating at a campsite, sitting on the beach, or playing with the dog in the backyard. Otherwise we’d probably never make use of stuff like the GSI Gourmet griddle (page 72), the Kelty Bestie…

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paddlestar galactica

Tahoe SUP Tahoma 11' $999 Paddleboard makers have experimented with countless designs and features over the years. But it’s unusual for an odd shape to gain our trust. With the inflatable Tahoma, Tahoe SUP delivers a novel catamaran-inspired board that’s stable, fun, and packed with possibility. We cruised the Tahoma around a calm harbor in central California and even paddled out into open ocean. The board’s twin hulls skimmed over flat water and pushed easily through surface chop. At 34 inches, it’s wide and stable enough for a paddler to step easily along the length and width of the deck. There’s enough volume to carry 450 pounds of gear, like scuba tanks and coolers. A variety of tie-downs and mounts accommodate a huge assortment of accessories, including fishing-rod holders, a kayak seat,…

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get your feet wet

a. Keen Damaya Lattice $85 This sleek, lightweight sandal marries performance and style. The upper, made of washable, quick-drying polyester, repels some water and allows the rest to evaporate. On your feet for hours? The molded, microfiber-lined EVA footbed and midsole lend comfortable all-day support. b. Reef Ortho Bounce $60 People who normally can’t wear flip-flops, rejoice! Reef sought the expert input of doctors and athletic-performance specialists to make the Ortho Bounce one of the most supportive on the market. It features a cushioned, shock-absorbent footbed to reduce impact and a deep heel cup to help align the arch. c. Astral Rassler 2.0 $130 Perfect for kayaking, rafting, canyoneering, and fishing, the closed-toe Rassler, made with hydrophobic canvas, dries and drains quickly when it gets wet. The super-sticky rubber outsole provides impressive purchase when rock-hopping…

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casting call

a. Orvis Ultralight Convertible waders $298 Even the best waders can feel stuffy, but these use four-layer nylon that’s thin and breathable enough for hiking. Fasteners lengthen the shoulder straps to drop the Ultralight to your waist, shedding more heat. b. Buff DeYoung Trucker hat $28 Derek DeYoung’s bright and flashy fish art is legendary. These hats make use of his iconic style while keeping the sun off your face. c. Fishpond Switchback system $100 No two days on the water are the same, so flexibility is key. The Switchback has attachments for your net, rod, wading staff, and drink. Best of all, there’s a pack that slides around the belt for optimal placement. d. Scott F Series rod $695 The majority of fishing happens at close range, where presentation matters. Scott’s newest rod is made of…

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embrace the unbalanced

Humans are, for the most part, bilaterally symmetrical. Our right side looks like our left side and vice versa. Same goes for surfboards. Trouble is, a frontside turn looks dramatically different from a backside turn, and it’s almost never the case that a board travels in a perfectly straight line, with water running uniformly underneath. So it’s a little strange that, although none of us surf symmetrically, 99 percent of surfboards are designed as if we do. Enter the asymmetrical surfboard. Though the provenance is murky, it likely first appeared in the late fifties or early sixties. For years the boards were a fringe concept, but recently they’ve enjoyed a bit of a resurgence, thanks to talented young surfers like San Diego’s Ryan Burch. The Album Disasym ($650 and up)—designed by…

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trunk show

a. Mission Workshop Anaga $180 When you’re charging hard, the last thing you want is to get tangled up in your shorts. These slim-fit bottoms were the stretchiest in the test, thanks to a nylon-elastane blend that allows you to squat and pop up on a surfboard without restriction. b. Vans Surf $100 Like the Anaga, Vans’s latest is beautifully unobtrusive. It ditches the fly for reduced bulk and features low-profile taped seams. Most important, the waist adjustment is on the hip, so there’s nothing bumpy between you and your board when paddling. c. Toad&Co Cetacean Block $70 UPF 50 protection and pajama-soft polyester-spandex fabric make these perfect for long days lounging in the sun. On the inside, a bumpy weave helps lift the fabric from your skin for better airflow. d. Outerknown Apex by Kelly…