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Paleo Magazine June/July 2019

Paleo Magazine is dedicated to giving people the tools and information they need to make the best personal choices for living the Paleo lifestyle. Each issue is packed with information on diet, exercise, daily living, recipes, reviews, the latest research, raising Paleo kids and much more!

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follow these folks on twitter and instagram Bryan Ausinheiler, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS Heather Wood Buzzard @RedMoonHerbs Cassie Bjork @CassieDotNet Cathleen Calkins @CathleenCalkins Diane “V” Capaldi @PaleoBossLady Ryan Carroll @TheGravityCollective Darryl Edwards @FitnessExplorer Kathy Gilbert Kathryn Goulding @kcorazzell Frank Hyman Jason Kremer, DC, CCSP, CSCS @TheWellnessDoctor Chris Kresser @ChrisKresser Alison Main @AMainDesign Tyler Miles @TMiles4212 Fisher Neal @HuntingActor Emily Schromm @EmilySchromm Melani Schweder @ABrighterWild Mark Sisson @MarksDailyApple @PrimalKitchenFoods Erin Skinner, MS, RD, CPT @ErinSkinner_rd Ashleigh VanHouten @TheMuscleMaven…

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PALEO modern day primal living MAGAZINE® FOUNDER / EDITOR IN CHIEF Cain Credicott PUBLISHERS Bryan Azur Angie Azur MANAGING EDITOR Shawn Mihalik CREATIVE DIRECTOR Olivia Sheehan COPY EDITORS Daria Astara Ellen Seeley RECIPE EDITOR Tammy Credicott RECIPE DESIGNERS Beth Lipton Kelly Nardo CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Jaelyn Wolf RECIPE AND COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Savannah Wishart Photography @PrimalRevolutions ADVERTISING PALEO MAGAZINE ADVISORY BOARD Loren Cordain, PhD Nora Gedgaudas Melissa Hartwig, CISSN, RKC Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN Jaclyn Nadler, MD Robb Wolf NEWSSTAND CONSULTANT Tom Ferruggia…

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@cookiepie0402 Yesterday my friend @themusclemaven came over and we recorded an episode of @paleomagazine radio! Seriously a dream come true for me to be on this podcast (if you know me IRL you’ve likely heard me reference it or quote it). I’ll let you know when it goes up—hope you enjoy it! @strongfitpinksurvivor Saturday morning multitasking at it's best! Reading my favorite magazine ever @paleomagazine, while my daughter has her swimming lessons. Knowledge is power. @jillspeakspaleo Feb/Mar 2019 recipe is EGGactly what I was craving for brunch! “Chorizo Egg Skillet” I love this issue for the amazing recipes & articles and I am humbled that my tag appears on their IG page!! @whatgreatgrandmaate After a cookbook and 2 recent magazine features, I feel like my parents are finally like, “OOO so this blogging thing really IS a…

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PMR #260: Listener Q&A—Meal Prepping, Orthorexia, Binge Eating, and More In this fun episode, which takes on a slightly different, more casual format than normal, Beth Lipton joins as guest co-host. Beth is a recipe developer, cook, writer, and health coach, among other things. Together, Beth and Ashleigh answer and discuss questions posted on social media from listeners. PMR #258: Learning from Erwan Le Corre, the Godfather of Natural Movement Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat. Erwan has been developing and perfecting his ideas and practices around natural movement for 12 years, which has culminated in the publishing of his mammoth new book, The Practice of Natural Movement. PMR #259: How to Spice Up a Healthy Diet—with Dustin Gersch Dustin Gersch is the founder of Paleo Powder Seasonings. Dustin went from being an…

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letter from the editor

EDITOR IN CHIEF I can almost guarantee that no matter when you’re reading this, I’m out on the water. When summer finally rolls around, there’s literally no place I’d rather be than paddleboarding on our local river. There is something about the lapping of the waves against my board that I find simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. It simply makes me feel glad to be alive. Maybe that’s because, when you’re flowing down a river, it’s easy to understand that we’re all part of a bigger ecosystem. Ours is the same Earth our Paleolithic ancestors walked, and, if we take care of it, the same Earth our children’s children will explore. As members of the Paleosphere, this realization hits home pretty strongly. We’re always striving to live more in tune with how we…

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research roundup

title: Changes in Blood Lipid Concentrations Associated with Changes in Intake of Dietary Saturated Fat in the Context of a Healthy Low-Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Diet: A Secondary Analysis of the Diet Intervention Examining The Factors Interacting with Treatment Success (DIETFITS) Trial journal: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Link: STUDY LIMITATIONS • Participants were not assigned different saturated fat intakes (intake was self-chosen)• Reduction in carbohydrate intake is a confounding factor to saturated fat• Lipid analysis at 12 months could miss transient changes that occurred earlier during the study period (e.g., a peak, then a return to baseline)• LDL particle size was not measured (saturated fat could have changed it, and particle size plays a role in CVD risk) study: GENERALLY HEALTHY SUBJECTS 304 BEGAN THE STUDY 208 COMPLETED THE 12 MONTHS WITH FULL DATA COLLECTION (only…