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Parcelle99 - English edition

Parcelle99 - English edition No.1

Parcelle99 is dedicated to the Champagne world and its wines. From the authors of “The 99 Best Champagne Houses”, multiple award-winner in Italy and abroad, here’s a a new publication on Champagne: tasting notes, interviews with the most important figures (winegrowers, cellar masters, chefs, sommeliers, etc.), historical and technical implications as well as latest trends and new challenges for the future. Every six months, the result of the work of discovery, study, knowledge and critique on the most famous wine of the world.

Edizioni Estemporanee - Azulee Srl
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2 minuti

In the last edition of “The 99 best Champagne houses” we anticipated that we would have kept talking about cuvées and maisons in the 99ChampagneApp and we would have kept scrutinizing interesting topics of the champagne world on paper through new formats and new ways. We still believe that our strength is in the work of discovery, reflection, study, knowledge and critique from several decades of experience, free from conditionings and having to follow certain rules of a market that’s been giving more value to marketing, communication and shallowness of storytelling and less importance to wines and men. Parcelle99 wants to be this, an empty land waiting to be freely planted with the seeds of knowledge, dialectics, open mind, without the fear of dragging things out, being too specific or nonconformist, safeguarding…

19 minuti
champagne week and more

LE PRINTEMPS DES CHAMPAGNES TAKES PLACE EVERY YEAR IN APRIL AND IT’S THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW THE EXISTING SITUATION: ITS 21 EXHIBITIONS DEPICT A COMPLETE PICTURE OF THE STATE OF THE ART. Every trip to Champagne leads to new discoveries: new producers, new bottles that enrich the companies’ catalogs, new techniques for vineyards and cellars to improve the quality of future products. Le Printemps des Champagnes (often called Champagne Week) takes place every year in April and it’s the perfect opportunity to review the existing situation: its 21 exhibitions (maybe too many) depict a complete picture of the state of the art. What did we get from the 2018 edition? First of all, the vintage 2017. The past year was characterized by difficult weather conditions that compromised the harvest in terms of quantity.…

1 minuti

Tarlant - BAM! Brut Nature It always amazes us the interpretation of this wine made with “forgotten” grapes, whose name contains not only the initials of three Grape varieties but also that explosive sense that you immediately feel when you get closer to the glass, with those pyric, ferrous and rocky notes that wrap crispy fruits (pear, apple, peach) that might seem even sour to someone, while it’s perfectly integrated with the profile of the wine instead. Then comes a great rural richness expressed by cereals and herbs, and a sharp minerality that marks the sip with the fruits that become sweeter, the flowers and the herbs that soften a profile that remains sharp and straight in a convincing interpretation of the sourness and its management. Veal cheek braised with mashed…

14 minuti
avant-garde and bubbles

We met for the first time at the end of the 90s. It was the second half of October, a very cold day. There was an alley of a small town along the valley created by the Marne. Humidity arose like mist from the river and turned the leaves and the landscape gray. Until then I had only seen him in a picture on a book. I didn’t know him nor his wines, I had not even seen one of his bottles’ labels, I had only heard and read about him in Reims’ bars. Internet had yet to be invented at the time. I had a map of the area on the passenger seat and was cursing way too desperately searching for the right roads. The town alleys all looked the…

1 minuti

David Léclapart L’Aphrodisiaque Pas Dosé Premier Cru It’s just like entering paradise, with the incense and candle wax, white musk on the wall of a Medieval cathedral, cold and full of stones, dust and chalk, rusty candleholders and sweet red roses, a juicy pear, a honey jar given to sinners. The majesty of the taste joins the notes of a grandiose organ carved in the silence where reveals a rich, thick, matter, chewable and very long profile, which leads us till the doors open up and we get what we deserve. Steak and kidney Pie. David’s David. Jaques Selosse - Substance Extra Brut Grand Cru That’s it, no doubt, rich and aware of it, with a fresh and dynamic vein that convinces, highlighted by tangerine, lilac, supported by a mineral vein, a yesteryear…

12 minuti
bio dads

A couple years ago I asked Vincent Laval if we could plan a meeting with the pioneers of organic viticulture in Champagne, the nursery rhyme I kept repeating like a mantra every time I talked about bio in Champagne: Laval, Ardinat, Ruffin, Bliard. He said he would have tried. A few months later he called me and he happily told me that we could meet up soon. And so it went. On a late rainy evening in Autumn, in a small restaurant downtown in Reims, I sat down with George Laval, Faust Ardinat, Vincent Bliard and Yves Ruffin. We were joined by Jacques Beaufort and Georges Hardy, who was the oenologist that worked with them, the first to understand the importance of organic farming in Champagne. The group also included a couple…