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December 2020

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is hacker culture to blame?

There’s little doubt that infosecurity has issues with women, but why that’s the case is a social-science conundrum that may have roots in the adversarial world of hacking. “Some of it can be traced back to earlier days of hacker culture,” said Alyssa Miller, an independent hacker and security consultant. “When we lived in these BBS and IRC communities, everything was based on ‘cred’. You were only valuable if you could establish cred with proof of your latest hack or your overall prowess. I think a lot of those attitudes persist and there’s a lot of insecurity and impostor syndrome as a result. “So you have this man, who’s worried he’s not skilled enough to be accepted as a ‘l33t’ [elite] member of the community, who then sees a competent, skilled woman…

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infosec: what’s its problem with women?

@ PC PRO FACEBOOK.COM/PCPRO If infosecurity conferences have been cancelled during the coronavirus crisis, there’s one group of attendees who probably let out a quiet sigh of relief: women. A staggering one in four women have reported being sexually harassed at infosec events, according to an international survey. The question is why – given this level of abuse and several high-profile cases of sexual assault – has the infosec industry done nothing about it? For Chloé Messdaghi, co-founder of support group Women of Security (WoSEC), her introduction to the perils of working in what she describes as a toxic environment was at a 2017 conference. “I was leaving a drinks event and when I was walking out this guy grabbed me by my neck and put me up against a car and was…

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working from home should mean less work

@ PC PRO FACEBOOK.COM/PCPRO Nicole Kobie is PC Pro’s Futures editor. She really does love and miss Pret and the lovely staff who make her flat whites, and thinks you should know it now delivers. @njkobie The government wants so-called “knowledge workers” to go back to the office. After all, if you don’t leave your house, it’ll ruin all those shops you used to buy unsatisfying sandwiches from to devour hunched over your keyboard. Now, I love Pret as much as anyone else, but there’s only one reason you should return to the office: because you want to. Forget what the prime minister wants, what your boss demands or the pressure from your colleagues – if you want to work from home, you’ve spent the past several months proving you can. Surveys suggest that’s what we’re…

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readers’ poll

The readers have spoken and, by and large, they’re not happy with the government for allowing such a key UK company to gradually slip away. “It’s a very sad day,” wrote Tanya Taylor. “Frankly, the Tory government is useless: we’re losing all sorts of stuff… losing innovation and production to companies that will never pay their taxes here.” Meanwhile, Adam Liner is concerned that the company will be swallowed whole by Nvidia: “I would personally worry that Arm will end up as a division of Nvidia that will gradually be consumed and ultimately disappear. You also have to wonder about how Nvidia’s competitors will feel about buying ARM chips in the medium-to-long term.” Jointhedebate Join the growing PC Pro community on Facebook at Get the latest news and updates by following us @pcpro Email…

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how you decide the winners

PC Pro doesn’t decide the winners of the Technology Excellence Awards: you do. Each year, thousands of readers take part in a comprehensive three-month survey. We ask how satisfied you are with the quality of prints, reliability of your broadband, battery life of your laptop – and collate the figures to create the percentage scores you see in the tables. The maximum score a company can receive is 100%, where a reader declares themselves to be “very satisfied” with, for instance, customer support for their desktop PC. If they merely select “satisfied”, that’s 80%. And so on, until they reach “very dissatisfied”, which is 0%. So a score of 90% could be 50 people saying “very satisfied” (100%) and 50 “satisfied” (80%). Historically, we’ve only published scores where we have feedback from…

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products of the year 2020

@ PC PRO FACEBOOK.COM/PCPRO In association with Expert Reviews and IT Pro Business Hardware of the Year Broadberry CyberServe R272-Z31 “Businesses fretting about the rising cost of core-based virtualisation and software licensing can rest easy with Broadberry on their side,” explains Dave Mitchell, whose reviews of high-end business hardware have kept PC Pro’s The Network section powering through 2020. “Powered by AMD’s mighty 24-core, high-performance EPYC 7F72 CPU, the R272-Z31 keeps licence costs down and presents a high storage capacity and great expansion potential.” Business Laptop of the Year HP Elite Dragonfly “The Dragonfly is that rare gem,” writes Expert Reviews’ heaf reviews Jonathan Bray. “It’s a business laptop that not only includes all the necessary corporate features – full serviceability, easy fleet deployment and smart BIOS features yet is also a 2-in-1 laptops around, at under 1kg,…