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PEOPLE Frozen 2
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Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven are back! To celebrate the arrival of "Frozen 2," the editors at People bring you a new special edition that's all about the sequel and the beloved original movie. In exclusive interviews, the cast (Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jonathan Groff) and creators share a peek at "Frozen 2" and the making of both films. Plus, the creative folks at Disney let us know what they've been up to behind the scenes: New adventures and characters, amazing new animation effects, gorgeous new costumes, and memorable new songs from the composers of the Oscar-winning "Let It Go." Also included: A look at "Frozen" on Broadway, how Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" gave rise to Elsa, and the real-life Nordic places that inspired the look of "Frozen." Also: Games and more!

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frozen 2 is here!

To celebrate, we got a peek at the new movie and at what the creative folk at Disney have been up to behind the scenes: Inventing and acting out new adventures. Dreaming up new characters—some adorable, some wise, some fiercesome. Writing and singing new songs and conjuring an enchanted world with a beautiful autumn glow. Frozen 2 goes back to Anna and Elsa’s childhood to explore the source of the queen’s powers. So for this special edition, we asked everyone from actors to animators to share the roots of their magic (and how they got the coolest jobs in the world). Throughout the issue look for childhood pictures and stories from stars Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and more. And now: Off to Arendelle……

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into the unknown

IT IS THREE YEARS since Queen Elsa began ruling Arendelle. She is living contentedly with her sister Anna. Anna is in love with Kristoff, who is also smitten—might marriage be in their future? They are sharing the palace with their snowman pal Olaf and reindeer Sven. But although Elsa is happy that she no longer has to hide who she is—a woman born with inexplicable powers—she still has many questions about herself. One night Elsa hears a voice that lures her on a journey that may lead to the roots of what makes her different. “Elsa,” wise troll Grand Pabbie tells her, “you must find the truth. Go north, across the enchanted lands and into the unknown.” The past is in the past? Maybe not. Fans will also get some answers…

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kristen bell as anna

“Would Elsa treat Anna that way?” That’s a question actress Kristen Bell sometimes asks her daughters when they are not being kind to each other. When she made the first movie, Bell wasn’t a mom yet so could not have known that someday its heroines would be helpful in parenting. But now that her girls are ages 6 and 4, “they’re more likely to snap out of being mean” when the lesson comes through “characters they know and love and respect.” She’s back as the voice of Anna, who is “faced with a lot of things she’s never experienced before,” says Bell. Like what? “That’s about all I can say!” Did you get to help shape what happens to Anna? Yeah. Before the script was written, [codirector] Jen Lee asked me a…

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idina menzel as elsa

The first to play the green heroine Elphaba in Wicked, Idina Menzel was already a Broadway star when Frozen came along. But since giving her big voice to Elsa, she’s started to see a lot of that blue gown in the audience of her concerts, on little girls and grownups too. “I love to see a drag queen next to a 5-year-old, the two in new dresses, extra large and extra small,” she says. “I get a kick out of that.” Returning in Frozen 2 is “exciting,” Menzel says. “There’s so much adventure, and girls get to kick butt.” How is Elsa different in this film? Elsa is not as apologetic and not as solemn. She is much more confident in who she is, and she’s joyful to be with her family.…

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jonathan groff as kristoff

“I never see myself as a blond mountain man,” says Jonathan Groff, who plays Kristoff. Still, he might possibly be comfortable riding a reindeer: He grew up in Pennsylvania, where his dad was a horse trainer and his mom a teacher. He preferred singing in the barn. In Frozen 2 he has a big song, “and it’s spectacular,” says codirector Chris Buck. What’s it like to be in an animated movie? It’s funny because as a little kid I would pretend to act out Disney movies alone in my bedroom. I would pretend I was Mary Poppins or Cinderella or Peter Pan. From an acting standpoint, making an animated movie is almost the exact same thing. You’re alone in a [recording] booth imagining that you’re in a blizzard or that you’re running.…

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josh gad as olaf

Thanks to permafrost, Olaf is now a snowman for all seasons. Actor Josh Gad has been on Broadway (singing songs by Bobby Lopez in The Book of Mormon) and played LeFou in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. But Frozen is the film he and his wife, Ida Darvish, call “old-school special.” What was different about Frozen 2? For me, and I think for the rest of the cast, there’s the joy of not only revisiting these characters but also creating a deeper understanding of where they’ve been and where they need to go. It was something I found rewarding to play. With the first movie I’m just trying not to mess up. How has your character changed? Olaf is naive and new to the world in the first film. Now he’s no longer…