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Crammed from cover-to-cover with the world's most exclusive show, daily driven and balls-out performance orientated machines, if it's from the Munich stable and got something unique about it, you will be sure to find it in Performance BMW. As well as informative, interesting and entertaining features, you'll also find the latest BMW news and products, road tests, extensive global show reports and in-depth technical articles.

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COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: CHRIS FROSIN ISSUE: October/November 2020 EDITOR: Elizabeth de Latour ADVERTISING: Sarah Halls Switchboard: 01732 445325 TThis year has been a bit of a whirlwind and we now appear to be entering the latter stages of 2020. While most years do seem to have a habit of flying by at a scarily rapid pace I doubt anyone’s complaining this time around as this is one that really can’t end soon enough. One nice thing that we saw as restrictions were relaxed were a few car meets being squeezed in before winter comes on strong, and it fills us with hope for next year and the return of the show scene, even if it might be a bit different to what we’re used to. As the nights draw in and the temperatures slowly…

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The modern world is a heinously complicated place. In 2020, we inhabit a reality where the vast majority of the available news and information that’s ever existed is less than a decade old – from the dawn of humanity until 2003, a total of five exabytes of data were created; we’re now creating two-and-a-half exabytes every day. In the time it’s taken you to glance over the photos and read this far, 2,800,000 pieces of content have been shared on Facebook, and 250,000 photos posted on Instagram. It’s exhausting just thinking about it, isn’t it? A strategy that works for many is simply not to fight the relentlessness of progress, to just let it take them. While there will always be space in the world for purists and traditionalists, there’s also…

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MSTYLE F8x M3/4 GTS-LOOK METAL BONNET The GTS bonnet is arguably the best-looking styling mod you can do to your M3 or M4 but the carbon version is really expensive – thankfully there is now a slightly cheaper solution in the shape of this aluminium bonnet available from MStyle. It features a power bulge and functioning air scoop and looks every bit as awesome as the carbon version, while costing a lot less and is currently on offer making it even more attractive, and will instantly transform the appearance of your M3 or M4. Painting and fitting are available at MStyle’s Essex-based HQ. Price: £995 (normally £1095), painting and fitting £550, prices include VAT Web: Email: Tel: 020 8598 9115 PIONEER VREC-DH200 DASH CAM The latest model to join the Pioneer dash camera line-up is…

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With modern cars seemingly getting bigger and bigger with almost no sign of stopping, it’s easy to see the appeal of something a little smaller and more fun, like the 2 Series. It’s still big enough to be practical but also small enough to feel light on its feet and fun to drive. Of course, while most of us would love to get our hands on an M2 it costs over £50,000, and while it is an exceptional machine that is also a rather large amount of money to be spending. This is where the M Performance offerings, affectionately dubbed ‘M-Lite’ models by their fans, come in as they offer serious speed for a lot less money and plenty of tuning potential, as Tom Wrigley’s M240i, currently the fastest B58-powered…

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Looking at Evan Nessim’s stunning S54-powered E30 as it stands now, perfectly modded, finished in gorgeous Imola red and packing one of BMW’s greatestever straight-sixes under its bonnet, you might well have Evan pegged as a pretty hardcore BMW fan. While he certainly is one now, it wasn’t always that way and this build might never have happened were it not for fate stepping in. “Fun fact is I didn’t like BMWs growing up. I thought they were unreliable, hard to work on, and the drivers had a certain stigma. I was a kid, what did I know!” he laughs and we’ll let him off the hook because he’s clearly a reformed character. It was thanks to his uncle, the head of local Lexus used car sales, that Evan first…

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“I had a lot of people with big V8s roll up to me at the lights and not give me a second look until I flew past them,” says Melbourne, Australia resident Jack Nazifovsky. “They’d chase me down and ask ‘What the hell is that thing?’ They didn’t expect a BMW to go that fast!” In all honesty, neither would you, if this stock-looking E90 pulled up alongside. Lowered on Bilstein coilovers and running innocuous-looking Breyton GTS-R wheels on the street, the only clue this isn’t just a very lightly tuned 335i is the exhaust note, and even that’s not particularly loud at idle. However, the moment Jack loads up the 3000rpm torque converter on the Powerglide drag transmission, the exhaust takes on a rather more aggressive tone. And when…