Performance BMW December/January 2021

Crammed from cover-to-cover with the world's most exclusive show, daily driven and balls-out performance orientated machines, if it's from the Munich stable and got something unique about it, you will be sure to find it in Performance BMW. As well as informative, interesting and entertaining features, you'll also find the latest BMW news and products, road tests, extensive global show reports and in-depth technical articles.

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first words

This has been a very strange year. Flicking through 2020’s issues while choosing contenders for Car of the Year I came across our Events Guide from early on in the year and seeing all those shows that never happened drove that point home. But we got through it and, by the time you read this, the UK should (hopefully) almost be coming out of its second lockdown and life might slowly start getting back to normal before too long. Fingers crossed! Whether you love Christmas and winter in general or not, PBMW is here to either help you survive or enhance your happiness further still by keeping you entertained through the festive period and our December/January issue is jam-packed with nothing but modified BMW goodness. First of all, as I mentioned…

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alpine rescue

Following the herd is all very well for an easy life. But it’s far cooler to carve your own path, isn’t it? Just ask Carlos Gomez, a seasoned BMX enthusiast who grew up around like-minded riders: “They all had VWs, and I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing,” he explains. “The cool kids had Mk2 or Mk3 Golfs, or Polos or Caddys, but that scene wasn’t for me. I’ve never had much interest in front-wheel-drive cars.” This mindset may well be attributable to Carlos’s first car, a diesel Renault Clio – decent as a starting point, he admits, and able to carry two BMXs in the back, but not exactly a firestarter for the passions. So with a plan to get a cheap and reliable RWD daily, he…

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INDUKTIV E9x 3 SERIES WIRELESS CHARGER Wireless charging has been around for a while now and while newer cars are being fitted with wireless charging pads owners of older BMW models have to make do with wires. Induktiv is looking to change all that with its range of plug-and-play wireless charging units, and this one is designed for the E9x. The charger is designed to fit perfectly in the 3 Series’ oddments tray, so if your car has the cigarette lighter and ashtray you will either need to source your own tray or you can order one from Induktiv along with your charging device. The charger works with all Qi-enabled devices (such as the iPhone 8 onwards, Android devices, Samsung, LG etc.) as well as Qi-enabled earphones (AirPods, Galaxy Buds etc.)…

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old-school rules

If you’re talking about BMW legends, icons, then the ’02 family absolutely has to be on that list. It’s an incredibly important part of BMW’s history and whether you’re talking about the original 1600-02 or something like the 2002 tii, it’s a much-loved range that remains popular with both BMW aficionados and modding enthusiasts. And speaking of which, there have been some magnificent builds that we’ve come across over the years, but Georg Schuster’s (@the_bavarian_outlaw) magnificent creation is one of the best. Regular readers might find Georg’s name familiar and that’s because we had the pleasure of featuring one of his other creations, an epic S38-powered Group 5 E9 replica, in our April 2020 issue. That alone made it clear that this proud Bavarian is a huge petrolhead but this ’02…

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orange rush

We still remember the first time we sampled the M135i: its combination of performance and sheer driving pleasure left a big impression on us and we totally get the appeal. Impressive as it is when stock, once you start tapping into its substantial modding potential it really comes alive but few owners out there have turned up the heat on this spicy hot hatch quite as much as Duncan Bryce has. “Since my early teens I was always interested in BMWs, purely because they were the only cars my dad has owned since the early 2000s,” Duncan tells us as we chat. “I always remember walking around the dealerships with him looking at all the new models and talking about what ones we liked and disliked. He has had a few…

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family values

In a world where people constantly fight for your attention on social media by building bigger, wilder and more insane cars than ever before – and we’re all for that, naturally – it’s nice to come across clean, simple builds and these cars always feel very relatable. A lot of us will have spent our car lives following more humble paths and appreciating cars that we might someday be able to build ourselves or use as inspiration for our own projects. While we might have respect and a little bit of awe for the latest overfendered, twin-engined, six-wheel-drive hypercar build on Instagram, it’s the subtle cars and builds that really pique our interest and they don’t really come more subtle than Gavin Murphy’s 1994 E30 Touring, a car so subtle…