Performance BMW February/March 2021

Crammed from cover-to-cover with the world's most exclusive show, daily driven and balls-out performance orientated machines, if it's from the Munich stable and got something unique about it, you will be sure to find it in Performance BMW. As well as informative, interesting and entertaining features, you'll also find the latest BMW news and products, road tests, extensive global show reports and in-depth technical articles.

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first words

Happy New Year! Even though it’s the end of January as this is the first issue of the year I think it’s still okay for me to say that. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season, and I hope that your 2021 has got off to a good start. Who knows what the rest of this year has in store for all of us, but here’s hoping the next 11 months treat everyone well. What better way to get 2021 started right, then, than with a generous helping of modified BMW goodness to help pull you through the winter and stick a great big smile on your face and I reckon our cover car is the perfect machine to do just that. First of all, it’s an E30…

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low life

There is something inherently cool about estates, some unknown quality that just makes them incredibly appealing and this is an almost universally accepted fact among car enthusiasts. There’s also something very right about the way BMW Tourings, particularly the classic ones, look – the lines are always so clean, so elegant and they’re just so right. By that logic, if you modify a car that looks so right to begin with, you’re only going to make it look even better because you’re starting with something so good in the first place, and Marcin Tatarynowicz’s (@the_gentleman_ elite) super-low static E34 is living proof of that. That Marcin has found himself cruising around in such a downright badass retro Touring is no surprise when we delve into his motoring past; “I’ve been into…

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MSTYLE F90 M5-LOOK FRONT FOR F10/1 5 SERIES F10 and F11 5 Series Saloon and Touring owners can now give their cars a serious boost in the looks department thanks to this F90 M5-style front-end conversion available from MStyle. The easy-to-fit kit incorporates the nose and front bumper in one moulding and comes with a black grille and full air intake mesh, instantly updating your 5 Series’ looks and giving it both a more modern and aggressive appearance. MStyle is currently offering free UK mainland postage on this item, while painting and fitting are available at MStyle’s Essexbased tuning centre. Price: £399.95 inc. VAT Web: Email: Tel: 020 8598 9115 POWERFLEX F8x M3/4 ANTI-ROLL BAR BUSHES New from Powerflex come these ARB bushes for the F8x M3 and M models. These polyurethane mounts have been…

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fully ’charged

If you want to make your car faster you need to get more air into your engine to make a bigger bang and get more power as a result of that. To do that you could increase the capacity of your engine or you could add forced induction in the shape of either a turbo or a supercharger. Or, if you’re really dedicated like Sami Lappalainen, you could throw all three at your car for good measure. The spec on Sami’s E30 is just kind of nuts, there’s really no other way of putting it. The amount of work and engineering that has gone into this build, specifically to do with what’s going on under the bonnet, is just mind-blowing and would be far beyond the capabilities of most people but,…

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miami heat

The M2 is widely considered to be the best M car in a long time and the combination of those awesome looks, the powerful and potent N55 and that sublime chassis makes for an absolutely awesome performance machine. But of course, no matter how good, no matter how accomplished a car might be from the factory, there’s always room for improvement, and Mabz Rahman’s (@m2nvm) dazzling blue build takes the M2 to a whole other level. Mabz is both the owner of and engine software calibrator for NV Motorsport, which specialises in tuning all manner of machinery, and his passion for all things automotive from a young age led him down this path. “My big brother is a huge BMW fan and has had every variant since the E30 and that’s…

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fashion forward

Imagine the scenario: a friend approaches you and says ‘Hey, I want to buy your car and tear it to bits’. Said car is your daily driver, and you have no intention of selling. What would your answer be? In most cases, we imagine it’d be a very concise response, with the second word being ‘off’. But it seems that Elliot Carter (@y2_etc) is a more persuasive man than most; he has a clear idea of what he wants to achieve, and he’s not altogether keen on letting anything stand in his way. Having decided that he wanted an E36, with the aim to give it the sort of extreme US-scene static lows that look like the build must be on air, the plans were laid. He just needed to…