Performance BMW August/September 2021

Crammed from cover-to-cover with the world's most exclusive show, daily driven and balls-out performance orientated machines, if it's from the Munich stable and got something unique about it, you will be sure to find it in Performance BMW. As well as informative, interesting and entertaining features, you'll also find the latest BMW news and products, road tests, extensive global show reports and in-depth technical articles.

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first words

I attended my first show in a very long time recently, the Santa Pod BMW show, and I loved it. I’d honestly forgotten how fun shows are, and I genuinely missed the atmosphere. After our unexpected year-long break from shows thanks to Covid in 2020, it feels so good to be able to get back out there and enjoy the scene. I missed the cars, the people, and it’s so nice to enjoy that shared passion. Summer’s here, shows are back, and I hope you’re all feeling good. One thing that’s certain to get you feeling good is the August/September issue of PBMW, which you are holding in your hands right now because we’ve got a load of amazing feature cars that are going to put a smile on your face.…

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the non-conformist

Regular readers might recognise Ehsan Hazrati’s (@ehs_garage) name. We featured his red, rotary-powered E30 build in our April/May issue, having previously featured it back in 2016, and if you do, then you’ll probably be able to make an educated guess about what’s powering this blue E30 because, you see, Ehsan loves rotaries. Yup, the weird little compact spinning Mazda engines are something that Ehsan is deeply passionate about and, looking at his bright red 542whp turbo build, it’s easy to see the appeal of the small, lightweight engine in the small, lightweight E30. But this blue build isn’t powered by a turbo rotary, it’s powered by an NA rotary, and that is less easy to understand. Ehsan has some explaining to do… “As all my E30s were modified or in the…

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na rotary e30

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 1991 FC3S Mazda RX-7 Series 5 13B rotary, Pac Performance Racing peripheral port race engine, Mazda RX-4 naturally aspirated rotor housings, 4x 2000cc injectors, brand new water pump, high voltage alternator, rotor housings, 12mm ARP stud kit, Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator, Bosch high-voltage output coils, custom dual racing extractors to suit BMW, custom dual 2.5” full stainless steel exhaust system, AES resonator and back box, Speedflow billet fittings with braided hoses, Microtech LT10C ECU. Toyota Supra five-speed manual gearbox, Cube Speed billet short-shift and 3”-thick-walled one-piece propshaft, BMW E28 medium case differential with custom gearset POWER 300whp on 98 RON pump fuel @11,500rpm CHASSIS 8.5x16” (front) and 9.5x15” (rear) Limited Edition Work Equip 40 wheels with gold centres, black hardware and polished stepped lips, 205/45 (front) and 225/45 (rear) tyres, BC Racing…

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TRAX SILVERSTONE 2021 TICKETS ON SALE NOW The awesome TRAX Silverstone show is back for 2021, and tickets are on sale now! The date for your diary is Sunday 3 October, and it’s shaping up to be another absolutely awesome event packed full of nothing but the best modified and high-performance machinery from across the UK. Expect huge displays showcasing stunning modified cars from across the country, with something for everyone, a massive retail village packed with car-related parts, accessories, clothing and much more, with some exclusive show discounts. On top of that, there will be fast-paced on-track action along with public track time, plus special PBMW paddock parking that ensures your BM will get plenty of attention in a prime spot. This show is not to be missed, so buy…

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heavyweight champion

The F90 M5 is not a car we’ve seen a whole lot of here in PBMW, and that’s not too surprising. It’s a seriously expensive car at over £100k new, and used ones aren’t exactly accessible to most of us, and if you then want to mod it, you’re going to have some pretty deep pockets. Or course, it goes without saying that if you could, then you absolutely would; Stan Petreikis did, and he’s built himself an absolute monster. While Stan’s motoring passion may not have always been with BM, he has always been a proper petrolhead. Growing up in Lithuania, indulging his passion for cars was something of a challenge, to say the least, and knowing that it’s even more understandable why he’s built himself such a beast of…

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f90 m5

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 S63B44T4, RK Autowerks forged engine with Carrillo Rods with CARR bolts, CP pistons, micro-polished crank with balanced rotating assembly, RK-spec rod bearings, all new consumables (gaskets, seals, stretch bolts, etc.), rebuilt oil pump, RK Autowerks bolt-on GTX3076R turbos in Stock S63TU4 housings, GruppeM carbon fibre air intakes, full AC Schnitzer exhaust with carbon fibre tips, Snow Performance water-methanol injection, custom Utku tune. ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox POWER 1000+hp CHASSIS 9x21” ET14 (front) and 10x21” ET24 (rear) AC Schnitzer AC3 Flowforming wheels in anthracite with 275/30 (front) and 285/30 (rear) Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres, AC Schnitzer lowering springs, BMW carbon-ceramic brakes EXTERIOR Vampire Red wrap by EuroTint, AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements with M technology, carbon rear diffuser with brake light, rear roof spoiler and side blades, BMW M…