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Portrait Photography Workshop

Portrait Photography Workshop

Portrait Photography Workshop

As you will discover in this magazine, taking great portraits does not require the most extensive camera kit: a modest outfit made up of a camera and 50mm lens is often all you need to take brilliant images. More important is to have a good eye for composition and detail, to choose the right location, knowing the basic techniques of lighting whether it is daylight, flashguns or studioflash and above all, developing strong interpersonal skills with your subject. Do not underestimate this latter point a relaxed, happy subject will always make for better portraits, so ensure you are confident, friendly and have fun while you are taking pictures

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“AS MUCH AS I ENJOY all aspects of photography, nothing matches the passion and enthusiasm that I have for capturing great portraits. Whether I’m photographing family or friends, taking contemporary lifestyle images, on a model shoot or capturing candids, I always savour the challenge of delivering appealing images. I’ve been lucky to work on photography magazines for over 20 years and in that time have benefitted from learning key skills directly from some of the UK’s leading portrait photographers. They’ve given me with a wealth of expert advice, skills and ideas that have improved my own photography. Many of these top professionals are involved in the tutorials and guides you’ll find in Portrait Photography Workshops, so you too will benefit from their mastery of portraiture. As you’ll discover, taking great…

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meet our portrait experts

DANIEL LEZANO An enthusiast photographer for over 25 years, Daniel specialises in portraiture and is author of several books, including 100 Ways to Take Better Portrait Photographs. BRETT HARKNESS Brett is one of the UK’s leading portrait and social photographers and runs regular workshops. for further details, visit: www.brettharknessphotography.com CAROLINE SCHMIDT Caroline is our contributing editor and a professional portrait photographer. for further details, visit: www.carolineannphotography.co.uk PAUL WARD Paul is a professional portrait and fashion photographer who specialises in location and studio shoots. for more details, visit: www.paulward.net…

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the basics of exposure

IF YOU’RE NEW TO photography, you need to understand exposure. Every exposure you take is made up of a combination of an aperture and shutter speed that determines how much light reaches the sensor. The aperture is the iris in the lens, much like the pupil of the eye, which can widen to allow more light through or contract to restrict the amount of light that enters the lens. Use a wide aperture and more light is able to pass through during a set time span than if you had selected a small aperture. The shutter is a barrier in front of the sensor that moves out of the light’s path when you press the shutter release, allowing light to reach the sensor and expose an image. The duration of the…

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sharpness and exposure

CAPTURING GREAT IMAGES of people is one of the most popular and diverse forms of photography. From lifestyle to formal, fashion to candids and weddings to children, shooting portraits well requires a wide range of techniques, ideas and skills to be mastered. this magbook aims to cover all the major areas that you will need to help you take your best ever portraits. The most talented photographers make taking great pictures look so deceptively easy, but as we’re all aware, making an image truly stand out takes effort, skill and attention. With most forms of portrait photography, there is the additional challenge that as well as ensuring the best camera settings, lighting and composition, you also have to manage your subject. By learning the fundamentals so they become almost second nature,…

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focusing for perfect portraits

THE EYES ARE the most important element of a portrait and so you should ensure you focus on them so that they are pin-sharp. Your camera’s AF system is more than capable of locking focus on to an eye, but you do need to set it up correctly. While multi-point AF systems are useful for most subjects, they’re not ideal when shooting portraits. This is because when multiple AF points are active, the AF system is designed to lock focus on the nearest subject. With portraits, this can result in the nose being in sharp focus with eyes slightly soft. If your subject is wearing a cap, then you might find times when their face is slightly out of focus. This problem is very easy to get around. You simply need…

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how to expose for portraits

HOW YOUR CAMERA is set up to expose the scene is vital to the success of your portraits. On a practical level, while in most shooting situations you can trust your camera to give you perfect exposures every time, there are times it needs your help. On a creative level, your choice of exposure setting will determine the aesthetic quality of the image you produce. Therefore, it’s essential you’re always aware and in control of the exposure when shooting portraits to ensure you get the best possible result. Everything you need to know is covered over the next few pages. Your choice of exposure mode dictates the level of control you have over your portrait, making your choice of mode a paramount consideration. The vast majority of amateurs and enthusiasts use…