Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine Fall 2018

The industry's only magazine dedicated to the primitive artisan. At least 15 full patterns in each issue from quilting to rug hooking - all primitive/folk art style.

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warm homespun greetings

You’ve likely heard (and told) jokes about “creative types” and their struggles with organization. A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind, serves as a prime example. It is true that many of you have the gift of order, keeping a tidy sewing room with a place for everything and everything in its place. But some of us (no names mentioned here) have a sewing room that is, let’s say, a little disheveled; still we know exactly where that pack of needles is—underneath the heap of notions, fabric scraps, and pencils over there. The talented designers in this issue share their favorite ways to repurpose old items such as quilts, jars, fabric, and the like. In Designer Notes you’ll find some great ideas for corralling your loose ends and…

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about the projects

Project Level of Difficulty Intermediate Templates You will notice the format of the templates varies from project to project. The primitive style is all about personal expression and individuality, and whenever possible, we have used the original hand-drawn artwork of our project designers to preserve its primitive charm. General Guidelines Before starting each project, keep these basics in mind: Yardage requirements are based on 43/44"-wide 100% cotton fabric Sew with a ¼" seam allowance unless otherwise noted Sew with right sides together unless otherwise noted Project Level of Difficulty Our technical editor has assigned each project a level of difficulty—beginner, intermediate or advanced. Our handy “crow” system will help you decide which project best suits your particular skill level. Results We believe the instructions for the projects are accurate. The projects have been proofread by our technical editor. Because materials, equipment, and…

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stacked for fall

Finished size: 14" x 23" Project Level of Difficulty Beginner Material Requirements □ 22" x 27" monks cloth, linen or burlap for rug hooking foundation □ 20" x 24" black wool for backing, outline hooking, and tongues □ ¼ yard black/orange textured wool for background □ 15" x 24" dark orange textured wool for pumpkins, lamb’s tongue and penny □ 15" x 24" medium brown textured wool for pumpkins, lamb’s tongue and penny □ 14" x 15" medium orange textured wool for pumpkin, lamb’s tongue and penny □ 8" x 15" dark brown textured wool for pumpkins and stem □ 12" x 15" cream textured wool for pumpkin, lamb’s tongue and penny □ 8" x 15" medium green wool for vines, lamb’s tongue and penny □ Black Sharpie marker □ Red dot tracing paper or tulle netting (optional) □ DMC embroidery floss: black (#310), cream…

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ask mom

Hi Jeni, Even though I’m a beginner at quilting and working with wool, I find myself with a lot of scraps and stash already! Can you give me some tips for organization and storage, please? Thank you, Anne Dear Anne, What a great question! I think we all love to get great ideas for helping us keep our stash and our scraps at bay, or at easy access. After 25 years of quilting and working with wool, I am still on the lookout for new ideas and ways that I can do this. My first sewing space was a teeny, tiny bedroom in our first house. The lighting was terrible, so I usually ended up at our kitchen table to sew—whenever I could find the time with two small children. Then, we moved to a…

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harvest time

Finished quilt size: 23" x 42" Project Level of Difficulty Beginner SERIES QUILT Part 3 of 4 Material Requirements The featured fabrics are plaid homespuns by Diamond Textiles. The numbers in parentheses, below, refer to the fabric manufacturer’s numbers. □ 1 yard brown print (PIC 1568) for background □ Fat eighth large scale orange print (YDF 861) for pumpkins □ Fat eighth medium scale orange print (CHATS 2899) for pumpkins □ Fat eighth small scale orange print (YDF 876) for pumpkins □ Fat quarter gold print (PRIM 1825) for wheat □ Fat eighth brown print (LINC 1632) for stems □ Fat eighth each of four cream prints (CHATS 3193, NIKKO 3786, NIKKO 3762, NIKKO 3817) for pumpkins □ Scrap of green/gold print (PRF 560) for squash □ Scraps of two green prints (RHS 43, BRIT 1563) for leaves □ Scraps of dark & light gold print…

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log cabin pennies

Finished size: 16½" x 22½" Block size: 6" square Project Level of Difficulty Beginner Material Requirements □ 1 – 2½" stripped jelly roll □ 3½" square dark brown wool for bottom pennies □ 2½" square golden brown wool for top pennies □ ½ yard fabric of choice for backing □ ⅛ yard dark brown print for binding □ Black embroidery thread □ Freezer paper Appliqué Preparation and Cutting Instructions See page 7 for general appliqué preparation instructions. From jelly roll, cut: Choose four dark strips for outer border ✂ sub-cut two of them into 2½" x 16½" strips (1 from each) ✂ sub-cut two of them into 2½" x 18½" strips (1 from each) Choose one light strip and one dark strip and sub-cut them into ✂ 4 – 2" light squares for block centers ✂ 2 – 2" dark squares for block centers Choose 12 light strips and 12 dark…