Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine Spring 2020

The industry's only magazine dedicated to the primitive artisan. At least 15 full patterns in each issue from quilting to rug hooking - all primitive/folk art style.

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warm homespun greetings

’Tis the season for change, renewal, and growth. Everywhere you look, nests are under construction for new feathered families; tree and flower buds emerge, giving way to lovely blossoms; and with increasing daylight and warmth, many of us awaken from seemingly infinite hibernation to embark on self- and home-improvement routines with fresh enthusiasm. This issue’s projects cover the gamut of everything spring, from birds and nests, to bees and bunnies, to florals aplenty. Among quilts in varying sizes, you’ll find a whimsical blooming pillow, a sweet little satchel, a hooked rug, and several wool appliqué runners, mats, and wall hangings. In Designer Notes, you’ll find favorite themes echoed in these very projects. Charitable Causes reveals how friendship can blossom into an amazing movement toward helping so many, especially children. In Ask Mom,…

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about the projects

We would like to thank Jennifer and Sheila at Marietta Blueprint of Marietta, Ohio, for assisting us in enlarging and testing patterns in our template insert. We have given them a complete set of our magazines so that they can help you enlarge any of the necessary templates. For assistance, contact them at: Marietta Blueprint 309 Putnam St., LL Marietta, OH 45750 Open Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. 740-373-6312 (phone and fax) Templates You will notice the format of the templates varies from project to project. The primitive style is all about personal expression and individuality, and whenever possible, we have used the original hand-drawn artwork of our project designers to preserve its primitive charm. General Guidelines Before starting each project, keep these basics in mind: Yardage requirements are based on 43/44"-wide 100% cotton fabric Sew with a ¼"…

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blueberry patch

Finished quilt size: 24" x 24" Material Requirements □ ½ yard total of assorted blue and violet prints for blueberries□ ¼ yard total of assorted green prints for background□ ⅓ yard green print #2 for background squares at inner border and for the inner border itself□ ½ yard blue print for outer border and binding□ ⅞ yard fabric of choice for backing□ 7" x 9" dark green wool for leaves□ 7" x 9" medium green wool for leaves□ 7" x 9" medium olive green wool for leaves□ 7" x 9" chartreuse wool for leaves□ 7" x 9" assorted blue and violet wools for blueberries□ Embroidery floss in colors to match wool□ Clear template plastic□ Freezer paper Appliqué Preparation and Cutting Instructions See Page 5 for general appliqué preparation instructions. 1. Prepare a plastic template of…

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ask mom

Whether you are a new quilter or seasoned sewer, we all encounter challenges during the creative process. Send your questions to, and longtime quilter and rug hooker Jeni Gaston might address them in a future issue. Letters may be edited for style, space, and clarity. Dear Jeni, Which method of turn-under appliqué do you prefer, and why? And what needles do you prefer? Thank you, Becky Dear Becky, This is a great question, and I’m sure many people have a different opinion for their favorite method. I touched on this subject briefly in the Fall 2019 issue, but didn’t really explain why. My favorite method for cotton appliqué with turned-under edges is needle turn appliqué. The reason I love it is time. When I have time to sit and do hand work, I don’t want too…

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sweet penny baskets

Finished quilt size: 51½" x 60½" Material Requirements □ ¾ yard of beige print for backgrounds and inner border #2□ ⅓ yard light beige print for backgrounds□ 2¾ yards black small print for backgrounds, borders #1 and #3, and binding□ 26 – 6" squares of assorted colors of wool for baskets and pennies□ ¼yard green wool for vine□ 3¼yards fabric of choice for backing□ 1½ yards HeatnBond Lite□ Roxanne Glue-Baste-It (optional)□ Valdani threads in black and white Tip Patricia chose to cut the 180" of ¼" strips for the border vine from the length of a yard of green wool to avoid the need for so many pieces. She chose Roxanne Glue-Baste-It to affix this vine in place. Appliqué Preparation and Cutting Instructions See Page 5 for general appliqué preparation instructions. From beige print, cut: •12 – 5"…

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spring bouquet

Finished size: 8½" x 8½" Material Requirements □ 17" square monk’s cloth, linen, or burlap for rug foundation□ 11" x 32" total of a mix of antique black, textured, hand-dyed wools for background□ 4" x 12" light plaid wool for vase□ 2" x 12" red wool for heart and flower centers□ 5" x 12" pumpkin textured wool for flowers□ 3" x 12" olive green textured wool for stems and leaves□ 1⅓ yards of black binding tape□ Black permanent marker□ Red dot tracing paper or tulle netting□ Tapestry needle and thread□ Hook□ Hooking frame or hoop□ Wool cutter (optional) Cutting Instructions Referring to the wool colors listed in the Material Requirements, cut wool strips ¼" wide (if you are using a wool cutter, you will need a size 8). Jenifer chose to cut the mix…