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hello & welcome to quiltcon magazine!

THIS YEAR WE’RE SO EXCITED to be in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, for the first time. By alternating locations, we hope modern quilters from different parts of the country will be able to enjoy attending QuiltCon. This beautiful and historic city is a fantastic fit for the show. We’re thrilled to be here! QuiltCon is the largest modern quilting event in the world: It boasts over 400 quilts on display, dozens of workshops and lectures, and loads of shopping with a huge vendor hall featuring all you need (and want!) to make a modern quilt. It’s a wonderful event to soak in the best there is in modern quilting—both the quilts and the community! With nearly 12,000 members, the MQG® (Modern Quilt Guild)—the non-profit organization that puts up QuiltCon each year—continues to grow…

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quiltcon: where everybody knows your name

Like what you see here? Subscribe to MODERN PATCHWORK MAGAZINE for more on-trend information and inspiration from the modern quilt world. quiltingdaily.com/mpsubscribe LIKE MANY OF MY MQG friends, I can’t wait to go to QuiltCon. As we put the finishing touches on this issue and I write this note, my trip to Savannah is actually two months away but the anticipation is still real. To so many of us, QuiltCon is more than just a yearly quilt show with colorful eye candy, renowned speakers, unique classes, and amazing vendors. It is also a gathering of passionate men and women who all have a similar mission: to make and share great modern quilts. So much about this community is special: attending a mixer with this crowd is a cross between being a regular at…

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meet and greet...

SILVIA SUTTERS has a background in fashion design and pattern-making, and recently became an avid quilter. Visiting art museums is a favorite family activity, which often inspires her work. She is influenced by the colors, patterns, and culture of Brazil, her native country. When not sewing, she loves spending time with her husband and two daughters. astrangerview.wix.com/ astrangerview CHRISTA WATSON is the author of two books, Machine Quilting With Style and The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting (co-authored with Angela Walters). Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, she loves making modern quilts from start to finish and enjoys teaching others that they can, too! christaquilts.com JEN CARLTON BAILLY In a previous life, Jen probably sold you a pair of jeans or khakis at The Gap. Today you’ll find her covered in thread and searching down the latest inspiration…

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news & notes

What does it feel like to win? What did it feel like to win the coveted Best in Show award at QuiltCon? The show is still young, and the 2017 winner will join an exclusive club: only three quilters have taken home the top prize so far. Melissa Averinos of West Barnstable, Massachusetts, the 2016 winner, was teaching a class full of quilters at the Pasadena show when she heard the news. “I was teaching my first class and I was super nervous. I finally got over the nerves after an hour or so, and then noticed that Andrew Joslyn from MQG was standing right near me so I asked him what was up. He said he had an announcement, turned to the students, and said my quilt won Best In Show!…

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meet the judges

QUILTCON’S STELLAR PANEL OF JUDGES THE ATTENDEES AT QUILTCON EAST have a big treat in store for them: On Thursday morning as the show opens, Jacquie Gering, the Chair of the MQG Board of Directors, will take center stage to reveal the show-stopping quilts of 2017, and award thousands of dollars in cash prizes to this year’s winners. This ceremony is a highlight for many attendees. The thrill of seeing the winning quilts dramatically revealed and the moments of pure joy as the winners claim their prizes is not to be missed. This ceremony is the culmination of hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes work by dedicated volunteers and staff members as they review, jury, prepare, and, lastly, judge the show quilts. One of the most difficult and important jobs in any quilt…

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sewing history today

As modern quilters, we are sewing tomorrow’s quilt history today. Just as we marvel at Civil War or Bicentennial quilts in museums across the country, future generations of quilters will look back at the vibrant modern quilt movement as an important benchmark in our history. Whether you are caring for heirloom quilts passed down through your family or your own quilts, it’s important to ensure that your in-home quilt storage is preserving, rather than damaging, your quilts. Our work is important. Let’s treat our quilts with the respect they deserve. HANDLING I’m going to tell you a secret… most museum textile specialists don’t wear gloves! Thoroughly washing your hands when handling a quilt is what most museum textile specialists do. Remove any jewelry that may cause a snag or tear. Rings, bracelets,…