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April/May 2019

Relax, Laugh and Remember with Reminisce Magazine. Each issue is a "time capsule" of life from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's filled with reader-written stories, pictures from the past, embarrassing moments, ads from the Old Days and much more!

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into the great outdoors

Boy Scouts of America got its start across the pond in England more than 100 years ago when noted British war hero and outdoorsman Robert S.S. Baden-Powell realized boys were using his wilderness survival guide, written for the military. He wrote a new guidebook to teach young boys about the outdoors—and started an organization that took off worldwide, especially after Chicago publisher William D. Boyce ran into a Scout while visiting London in 1909.The young British lad helped Boyce navigate his way through the thick fog, back to his hotel. When offered a reward, the boy refused, chalking it up to his scouting duty. Boyce was so impressed, he took the idea back to the States, where he knew an organization of that kind would thrive, and in 1910 he…

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tell us your story!

KIT HOMESKit homes arrived by rail, ready for the homeowners to assemble with or without a contractor. Scattered around the country, these houses are steeped in nostalgia. Do you live in one? Tell us about your home’s legacy. Label your story “Kit Homes.”(SEARS HOLDING COLLECTION)TOAST OF THE TOWNNot everyone is a born orator. Taking a speech class, joining Toastmasters or imagining the audience in bathing suits may give you a leg up. If you’ve done public speaking, tell us what helped you find your voice. Label your story “Toast of the Town.”HEROICS IN WARTIMERationing, planting victory gardens and buying war bonds were a few of the ways Americans helped support the troops in World War II. Tell us about your patriotic wartime contributions. Label your story “Heroics in Wartime.”S&H GREEN…

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1966 time capsule

Change became the norm that year. Communist Party leader Mao Zedong launched a cultural revolution in China. National health insurance was implemented in the U.S. for anyone 65 and older and for the disabled. Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys released revelatory albums. Mary Quant made miniskirts the height of fashion. American troops in Vietnam went from 184,300 at the start of the year to 425,300 by the end. And Betty Friedan founded the National Organization for Women to fight for women’s rights.JAN. 1 A 12-day transit strike begins, bringing New York City to a halt.JAN. 13 Robert C. Weaver becomes the first African-American cabinet secretary as head of Housing and Urban Development.FEB. 28 Dr. Zhivago wins Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture—Drama.MARCH 12 Chicago Blackhawk Bobby Hull sets the…

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1966 tops in entertainment

~ GRAMMY AWARDS ~RECORD OF THE YEAR“Strangers in the Night”Frank SinatraALBUM OF THE YEARA Man and His MusicFrank SinatraSONG OF THE YEAR“Michelle”John Lennon and Paul McCartney, songwriters~ ACADEMY AWARDS ~BEST PICTUREThe Sound of MusicBEST ACTORLee Marvin, Cat BallouBEST ACTRESSJulie Christie, Darling~ EMMY AWARDS ~OUTSTANDING DRAMATIC SERIESThe Fugitive, ABCCOMEDY SERIESThe Dick Van Dyke Show, CBSCHILDREN’S PROGRAMA Charlie Brown Christmas, CBSVARIETY SERIESThe Andy Williams Show, NBCNEW TV PROGRAMSThe Avengers, Batman, Dark Shadows, Family Affair, Mission Impossible, The Monkees, That Girl, Star Trek…

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‘it wasn’t fun anymore’

By the mid-1960s, Beatles’ concerts had deteriorated into screamfests where avid teenyboppers shrieked their lungs out. That was just one reason the superband ceased performing live, a decision reached (but not announced) on Aug. 29, 1966, at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.By then the Fab Four’s 100-watt Vox amplifiers had become all but useless against the clamor. And on that night, the Beatles, once used to playing sold-out shows, faced 17,500 empty seats.New problems had arisen—first was the backlash against John Lennon’s March 4 proclamation: “We’re more popular than Jesus now.” Then, the irascible Lennon had taken to replacing Beatles lyrics with shouted obscenities at the concerts, aware that he wouldn’t be understood. He called their live act “a freak show.”Ringo Starr admitted, “Nobody was listening.” And even Paul McCartney, always…

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the hills are alive

And the Academy Award for best picture goes to… The Sound of Music. Along with all the words to the movie’s title song, as well as “Do-Re-Mi,” how much do you remember about this heartwarming movie musical?1 This duo wrote the music and lyrics for all the songs.2 What appears behind Maria as she spins and sings “The Sound of Music”?3 This actress learned to play the guitar for her role as Maria von Trapp.4 He blew a whistle as the stern father, Capt. Georg von Trapp.5 This child actress also starred on Lost in Space.6 What was Maria’s original career aspiration?7 Name the seven von Trapp movie children (in birth order if you’re a superfan!).8 Maria uses what to make play clothes for the children?9 Was “Edelweiss” a German…