Road & Track Winter Special 2020 - Vol.2: Hollywood

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As 2021 approaches, we wanted to share some important news. We launched The Track Club (the Road & Track membership program) and released the first R&T premium magazine in August. The response has been overwhelming proof that a community like this can thrive. We also know that our loyal subscribers are longing for more content, more community, more access. Just₀ MORE. R&T is what you’ve dreamt Road & Track could be. And now it is. Starting next year, all Road & Track subscribers will get what you see here: a new, supersized magazine delivered to their homes 6 times a year. We are serious about our investment in Road & Track — in welcoming kids to the Crew, in creating more content, in connecting as a community, in opening up access, and…

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the inciting moment

PUTTING TOGETHER a car magazine with a Hollywood theme is tricky if you choose to avoid all the clichés: Steve McQueen in Bullitt, for instance, needs no introduction. We decided to make this one personal. My first memory of watching a car on the big (well, small) screen is of Tom Selleck in a Detroit Tigers cap, spinning the 14-inch five-spoke alloy wheels on his Rosso Corsa Ferrari 308 GTS in Magnum, P.I. That one memory is shared by millions of people my age, but the rest of the world has their own. Movies and TV—the collective Hollywood—let enthusiasts experience cars they’d have dreamed of driving. It’s serendipitous that these two technologies were born at the exact same time. On April 24, 1896, Thomas Edison’s Vitascope projected a motion picture in front of…

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Godfrey Dadich Partners THE EDITORS OF R&T WANTED A fresh visual approach for this issue. My company, Godfrey Dadich Partners, whose crack team of designers have done acclaimed retoolings of WIRED, National Geographic, and ACLU Magazine, led the effort. We worked to define the essential personality of the mag, then devised an approach to layouts, sections, and images that would best express that personality. We even commissioned a custom typeface dubbed Maranello, in honor of Ferrari’s hometown. “The angularity of Maranello’s serifs and its upright character bring an edge to the overall design language,” says Allie Fisher, Godfrey Dadich’s Head of Creative. “In our layouts, we played with the balance between precision and unfettered energy, pushing our margins out to their absolute limits.” I think you’re going to enjoy taking this…

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the cannonball countach

What do you say when there are no words? (feel it) Feel a song that’s never been heard? (sing it) How do you know when you hear the call? (answer it) What do you do when you’ve done it all? (ball) Cannonball (Cannonball) Cannonball (Cannonball) CANNONBALL It’s not what you do It’s how you do it. Be anything you want to be It’s not what you got It’s how you use it You be you And I’ll be me It’s just a matter of style You can fake it Mile after mile Feeling free If you got the soul you can make it Move ’em out (move ’em out) Let ’em roll (let ’em roll) From sea to shining sea Ball (ball) Cannonball (Cannonball) What do you do when a mountain is there? (move it) How do you answer the challenging dare? (take it) When your back’s against the wall? (fake it) What do you do when…

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the cliffhanger

LITTLE EPHEMERA from filming The Italian Job survived production. But an original, leather-bound copy of the script belonging to a crew member revealed a tantalizing mystery. Hidden inside the script’s pages was a folded wire message that simply read: “PETER CONFIRMS, ASTON SHOULD GO STRAIGHT OVER CLIFF WITHOUT TEETERING—MICHAEL DEELEY.” Behind this urgent message, sent by the film’s producer, hid an incredible tale. The second half of The Italian Job begins in the beautiful Alps. Having arrived in Italy, Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) and his gang of lovable rogues, in a convoy of two Jaguar E-Types and an Aston Martin DB4 Convertible, are confronted by their archnemesis, crime boss Altabani, played by Italian actor Raf Vallone. Altabani eyes up Croker’s DB4 and coolly asks, “Your car? Preeetty car,” before signaling a bulldozer…

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the misguided mythology of ‘senna’

AYRTON SENNA is the reason I’ve seen no fewer than three fights break out at my local kart track. Each time, the stakes couldn’t have been lower: Sunday morning, rental karts, beer guts tucked into budget racing suits. And yet, there they were, adult men trading fists. What turned those weekend warriors all knife-edged? The Senna mythology. The man’s ruthless, hell-for-leather racing is worshiped anywhere racing slicks meet pavement. His infamous mantra echoes across Spec Miata grids: If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you’re no longer a racing driver. That sentiment alone cleaved the word “gentleman” from “driver.” The brilliant Brazilian first dented global consciousness via Formula 1 racing in the late Eighties. His tragic death at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix codified Senna as legend. More…