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June - July 2021
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RotorDrone Pro is the world’s number one drone media brand. We’re dedicated to today’s drone enthusiast and prosumer, serving up essential information for every audience—from beginners to sport racers to professional aerial cinematographers to commerical users.

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MAKING ART If you picked up this magazine because you recently bought or were given a camera drone, you’re in luck: our “Eye in the Sky” has everything you need to know to create stunning aerial images. From scouting locations to choosing the right height and angle, author Stephen W. Brock has got you covered. Using drones in your business? Don’t miss our feature, “The Blockchain Solution,” which highlights how this technology is especially suited to commercial drone operations and can manage maintenance, flight routes, and more. We appreciated your positive responses to our feature, “The New Rules of the Road,” outlining the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) upcoming rules on Remote Identification and their implications in the April/May issue. This month, contributor Patrick Sherman follows his last informative piece with “The New Flight…

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RotorDronePro.com› Mailbag Thank you so much for a great summary of how the requirement of Remote Identification (RID) will affect both commercial and hobby drone flying. My compliments to Patrick Sherman. I particularly liked the clarification of RID applying to fixed wing aircraft as well as multicopters when flying outside of an FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) and how flying in a local park or even your backyard will require RID. David G. Hmiel Your “New Rules of the Road” feature in the April/May 2021 issue was the best and most thorough explanation I’ve seen of the upcoming federal regulations for drone flying and Remote Identification. While there are still many uncertainties as to how this plan is going to actually work, I am relieved to see that the new rules should not be…

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skyfront world record drone flight

Flying from sunrise to sunset, a Skyfront Perimeter 8 gasoline/electric hybrid drone flew 205 miles, setting the record for longest drone multirotor flight ever recorded. The world record-breaking flight was achieved by the lightweight, powerful, and efficient Skyfront Perimeter 8—the company’s most advanced eight rotor drone The Skyfront proprietary fuel-injected hybrid gasoline/electric powertrain converts gasoline into electricity in flight, providing extreme endurance and redundant power. Skyfront CEO Troy Mestler said, “In an unheard-of industry feat, our drone stayed aloft for the entire day. Outfitted with an auxiliary fuel tank, the Perimeter 8 captured the sun traversing the sky, rising and setting over California’s Coastal Ranges. This flight signals a paradigm shift in aviation for public safety and commercial applications. No longer will police departments, fire departments, and utility companies have to…

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martin uav v-bat 128

Martin UAV’s V-BAT 128 is intended for defense and commercial use, including search and rescue, firefighting, logistic resupply, and energy and oil and gas operations. The V-BAT is designed to make transportation and rapid tactical deployment easier for both defense and commercial application, assembled by two personnel in less than 30 minutes. The aircraft’s duct fan propulsion design provides for top operational safety by eliminating exposed rotors, which are commonly found in propeller-driven VTOLs. “Martin UAV continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for unmanned aircraft systems,” said Heath Niemi, chief development officer. “We have listened to the customer and expanded the capabilities and agility of the V-BAT, delivering technology that serves a wider range of mission needs. We’re proud to make the V-BAT available to the broader market…

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droneharmony hill scan

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Switzerland’s largest public transport and mobility company, has established a Center of Competence for Drones to oversee a wide range of drone applications across the organization. Over 100 trained pilots operate a fleet of over 80 drones in dozens of use cases for SBB. When it comes to drone data capture, SBB has been using Drone Harmony’s software for its ease of use and its ability to produce replicable data in complex use cases. One notable example is Hill Scan, Drone Harmony’s newest terrain inspection and mapping technology, which SBB plans to use for inspecting rockslides near railroad tracks. SBB Engineer Nicolas Ackermann said, “There are numerous problematic areas we need to inspect regularly. Most have regular heavy rainfall. Our goal is to provide with this process…

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dji fpv drone

DJI’s new cinematic first-person view drone, aptly named “FPV,” comes bundled with DJI’s goggles and a controller for the price of $1,299. The DJI press release notes that it’s suitable for FPV professionals and newcomers to FPV. With 20-minute flight times, the new FPV has a ½.3-inch sensor and can film 4K at 60fps and up to 120fps at 1080p. The camera is mounted on a one-axis gimbal and it has a 150-degree view. Digital video transmission is via DJI’s OcuSync technology. The FPV is also equipped with a downward auxiliary light. The DJI FPV aircraft comes with forward and downward vision sensors that can automatically detect objects and decelerate when flying in N mode. However, there is no automatic avoidance function. When obstacles are detected, the aircraft will slow down…