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Salt Water Sportsman March 2021

Salt Water Sportsman covers the world of saltwater fishing. Featuring local authorities from around the country, Salt Water Sportsman provides the regional insight and expertise to help anglers catch more and bigger fish, right in their own back yard. The magazine offers loads of how-to information, advice for those who travel within the greater U.S. and surrounding waters, and reviews of new boats, tackle and electronics.

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spring loaded

This month’s issue highlights the spring migration, the beginning, symbolically at least, of a new fishing year. Even in southern climes, where winter can often be so subtle, it’s barely noticed, the annual cycle of renewal holds hope, and the expectation of perhaps some normality and good things on the horizon. I’m as fond of adventure, exploration and new experiences as anyone, but I’ve heard the words “entering uncharted territory” several times too many over the past few months. I’m ready for something familiar, reliable and uplifting, and I’m not talking about a new face mask. Mullet schools, really a traveling cafeteria for game-fish, will start moving along the coast. Fish that have been hunkered down in the backcountry, inshore bays and inlets make an open-water appearance. Stripers stir out of their…

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oil drilling moves forward in the bahamas

Facing mounting concerns about impacts on nearby marine protected areas, fish stocks, and the potential for disastrous spills, British-owned Bahamas Petroleum Company recently-began exploratory oil drilling in Bahamian waters, a scant 150 miles from the Florida coast. BPC says the island nation’s economy, harshly afflicted by the effects of Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic, could rebound on the back of oil revenues and jobs. Sporadic, small-scale oil drilling has taken place in the Bahamas over the years, but BPC’s planned operation is much larger. The company has five licenses to conduct exploration across 4 million acres of Bahamian waters. Perseverance #1, its exploratory well, will target reserves that the company says could produce oil worth between $50 billion and $100 billion, several times the Bahamas GDP ($12.4 billion). The facts…

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historic increase to land and water conservation funding

US SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR David L. Bernhardt announced in January a historic increase in funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) State and Local Assistance Program. The fund will distribute $302 million for outdoor recreation and conservation projects in all 50 states, five US territories and the District of Columbia, with an additional $150 million allocated through a national competition for state and local project proposals, providing states and territories the opportunity to fund projects that address program priorities including acquisition of land or water identified in a recovery plan for endangered species, creation of wetlands to provide habitat for fish or wildlife, improvement of water quality, or the mitigation of flood and storm impacts. The LWCF was established by Congress in 1964 to fulfill a bipartisan commitment…

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state and county fund restoration of fabled south florida bay

The state of Florida and Miami-Dade County agreed to spend $20 million restoring Biscayne Bay, a body of water renowned for its inshore fishing, but now suffering the severe strains of pollution and climate change. Miami-Dade identified various key restoration projects and calculated the costs. The projects include water-quality analyses to identify pollution hotspots to tackle first, technology to predict likely sewage spill locations, and an outreach program for residents in areas with failing septic tanks to gauge their willingness to convert to sewer systems. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis agreed to split the bill, announcing the state will contribute $10 million in funding, which Miami-Dade County will match. DeSantis made the announcement at a press conference billed as resilience-focused, during which all speakers failed to mention sea-level rise and climate change. Florida’s portion…

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persistence pays off

YOUR CATCH To send in your catch photo, email us at Got a piece of good news to share? Want to gripe? Like to see your thoughts on the pages of Salt Water Sportsman? Send your letters, manuscripts and any relevant comments to or via U.S. mail: SWS Editor, 480 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 236, Winter Park, FL 32789. Unsolicited manuscripts are welcomed but will not be acknowledged or returned unless accompanied by an SASE. We are not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: or 800-759-2127. Outside the United States: 800-979-6828; Back Issues: 800-464-2819; Bulk Reprints: 877-652-5295, ext. 117.…

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salt water kids

Daxton White 6, Maryland Daxton, already a seasoned striper fisherman in Chesapeake Bay, shows off one of his many catches. He has also caught perch, croakers, bluefish, and flounder, and fishes fresh water at his grandfather’s house in Minnesota. Finn Brown 4, North Carolina When Finn caught his first fish ever off his family’s dock in Pages Creek, something clicked, and he didn’t put the rod down all weekend. The next day, his persistence was rewarded with this 20-inch flounder. Sophie Traczykiewicz 12, Pennsylvania Sophie never passes up an opportunity to spend a day fishing off the beach. While she has caught a number of different species, none has been as memorable as this black drum, her trophy of a lifetime—at least, so far. NOMINATE A KID: SWS recognizes kids who represent sportsmanship, passion and proficiency in saltwater fishing.…