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The best-selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler magazine is essential digital for true followers of the beautiful art, covering deep sea boat action through to shore fishing. Sea Angler brings together the complete package providing reviews of the latest rigs and exclusive offers for the world's best brands. As well as engaging the biggest names in the sport to provide you with their tips and tricks to catch the best fish! Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler is the best selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Whether it’s: baits, rigs, poles, marks, setups or equipment you are interested in, you’ll stay abreast of all the comings and goings with a Sea Angler digital magazine subscription.

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HOW CAN SCIENTIFIC ADVICE AGAINST CATCHING UNDERSIZED bass and using illegal net mesh sizes seem to be ignored when it suits those with a commercial interest, while anglers face a big fine for taking more than one sizeable bass a day? In April, the Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) was threatened by Fish Legal with action, after rejecting a proposal for an emergency by-law to protect juvenile bass from commercial fishing nets in its district. Now, the IFCA could face a costly judicial review. Fish Legal was acting on behalf of the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society (BASS), which believes Cornwall IFCA did not consider the matter properly and its decision was unlawful. David Curtis, a committee member of BASS, was correct when he said: “Cornwall IFCA’s continuing failure to protect…

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this is where monsters lurk

AFTER THE EXCITEMENT OF OUR opening day of shore fishing in Bodo, we decided we would have an early start the following morning. The weather forecast wasn’t looking particularly good, and by mid-afternoon, it was going to rain constantly for the next 12 hours or so. Kane Wood-Brignall was still on a high after bagging a fantastic 7lb plaice, which I have to admit, certainly looked a lot bigger. Father and son team Ryan and Harley Thompson, from Jarrow in Tyne and Wear, were excitedly filling their tackle boxes, while Tony Dean, Sid Summerhayes and Dave Wood-Brignall were at the bait freezer filling everyone’s cool bags with a selection of whole frozen herring, mackerel and Bluey. I was sat at the table enjoying a freshly made cup of coffee with our guide John Strange.…

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try the gully

WITH SUMMER NEARLY upon us it can mean tough fishing conditions at times, due to calm, colourless water and bright, sometimes cloudless skies. None of these are ideal for fishing, and definitely not on East Yorkshire’s Holderness Coast, unless you have a little knowledge and take advantage of every opportunity that arises. I’ve mentioned it before and I must reiterate that colour in the water is the most important thing to look for. You must take advantage of the weather that stirs up the sea, usually after a good wind from the north or north-east. Be ready to fish the next few tides as the sea drops off and things settle, which can bring the fish in close and provide some fantastic sport. Not everyone can head down the coast at the…

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all change at walton

PLEASURE PIERS WERE NEVER designed for angling, but for landing goods and passengers from steamers to visit the seaside towns or as walkways out to sea. Eventually, amusements were added to these Victorian structures and the seaside holiday trade took off. The sport of angling, as we know it, only increased after the Second World War, and over the decades has evolved into the form of fishing that we know now. At more than half-a-mile long, Walton Pier, officially the third longest in the UK, is ideal for fishing. I was very lucky to have been raised a stone’s throw from the pier at Walton-on-the-Naze, in Essex, and at a very young age was fishing with my split cane rod and fixed-spool reel and annoying all the adult anglers, but they put up…

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need to know

GETTING THERE: Walton-on-the-Naze is in the Tendring district of Essex between Clacton and Harwich. From the A120 Colchester to Harwich Road, take the A133 towards Clacton, before taking the B1033 to Frinton and Walton. TACKLE SHOP: Metcalfe Tackle (50yds from pier), 15 Newgate Street, Walton-on-the-Naze C014 8DT, tel: 01255 675680. PERMITS: Day tickets £9 valid from 9am-9pm. Pendulum casting is not permitted. Walton Pier is available for 24-hour fishing with forms for gold season tickets available from the Pier Bowl, tel: 01255 672288 or Metcalfe’s tackle shop. You will need two passport size photos, plus £105. Valid from September to September.…

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hitting the spots

THINK OF PLAICE FISHING AND there is always a venue that springs to mind. For me, it’s Brighton, sometimes known as the ‘Big Beach’ by local anglers because it seems never-ending. Backing the shingle is the main road, with plenty of parking, shops and takeaways, making it an ideal family outing…or in this case a Sea Angling Adventures day out. Joining me on this adventure was SAA’s Nick Panther, Gav Cuthbertson and the man who suggested the trip, Rob Yorke. Rob had been researching the area and chatting to some local anglers online and gave us the idea of driving from Devon to spend the day targeting the area’s big plaice. During the week leading up to the trip, the weather forecast looked perfect, with little to no north-westerly winds. A phone…