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The best-selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler magazine is essential digital for true followers of the beautiful art, covering deep sea boat action through to shore fishing. Sea Angler brings together the complete package providing reviews of the latest rigs and exclusive offers for the world's best brands. As well as engaging the biggest names in the sport to provide you with their tips and tricks to catch the best fish! Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler is the best selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Whether it’s: baits, rigs, poles, marks, setups or equipment you are interested in, you’ll stay abreast of all the comings and goings with a Sea Angler digital magazine subscription.

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WHILE COVID-19 IS DISRUPTING OUR LIVES IN MANY WAYS and causing confusion, it seems the initial national lockdown has also been used, in conjunction with health and safety concerns, to ban angling from a popular venue in Scotland. It all centres on the fishing port of Peterhead, where oil services firm Asco has a lease of 999 years on the town’s north and south breakwaters and has decided to ban public access. In what is a long-running dispute, Peterhead Angling Club is fighting the ban by Asco, which rents the breakwaters from Peterhead Port Authority. The club members say the facilities were donated to the community by the Admiralty in 1959 and that five generations of local families have fished the two piers, which are regarded as public assets. Having closed the facilities…

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platforms for success

EXPOSED AND ALWAYS TAKING the main brunt of brutal sea conditions, breakwaters offer shore anglers the perfect opportunity to experience unbeatable sport. These long, man-made structures poking out to sea provide instant access to deep water and fast tides, which normally can’t be reached from the beach. Fundamentally, the ground can be harsh, especially close to the structure where the foundations and rubble that was dumped during its construction is waiting to eat up any baited rig that falls into its traps. However, hone your tactics perfectly and the rewards will be memorable. Although breakwaters are superb fishing venues, winter shore anglers have a constant nemesis in the weather. These hardy structures are designed with a purpose, and that is to prevent heavy seas pounding an estuary or harbour. An onshore gale…

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ballycotton or bust

THE MERE MENTION OF THE chance of catching big conger eels from the shore meant it didn’t take long to convince my friend Richard Steel that we were long overdue a return trip to Ireland. My urge to go back had begun scouring forums and reading about the exploits of Andy Boyce in targeting conger eels in daylight from Ballycotton breakwater. It was just the incentive I needed to get my planning underway, particularly with the possibility of bagging a 40lb-plus fish. Congers of that size were eluding us on our home ground in North Wales, but the trip would also be a chance to have another crack at the submarine-sized mullet which, while present in Cobh, were downright frustrating in Ballycotton. Those pioneers of Irish sea angling Des Brennan and Clive…

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make it happen

WHEN IT COMES TO offering bags of potential, Becton Bunny, a little-known venue nestling between Barton and Taddiford along Hampshire’s western fringe, is worth checking out, although at times the fishing can be frustrating as I was to find during an autumn visit. Without question the autumn is favoured when some quality nocturnal soles nudging 4lb have been apprehended, along with rays, bass, pout, and even late smoothhounds. Earlier in the year, small-eyed-rays are the main target from April onwards mainly at night, while during the summer months a wide variety of smaller species can be expected although holidaymakers can make for difficult fishing at times during daylight. Despite the venue’s potential it took me two trips in quick succession during September to unlock its secrets. Joining me for the adventures was a…

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need to know

GETTING THERE Head for Barton-on-Sea, situated along Hampshire’s western edge. Once of the sea front, drive east and park near the golf club entrance. It is then a walk for about 15 minutes. If wet, walk along the foreshore from Barton (tricky if a sea is running). TACKLE SHOPS Bournemouth Fishing Lodge, 904 Wimborne Rd, Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2DW, tel: 01202 514345. Christchurch Angling Centre, 7-8 Castle Parade, Iford, Bournemouth, tel: 01202 480520. Loni’s, 119 Old Milton Rd, New Milton, tel: 01425 616323.…

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dover sole

“The recognised sole season runs from June to November, but, with recent milder winters, catches have crept forward and it is now not uncommon to catch soles as late as December and as early as May in the more southern regions.” ONE OF OUR COMMONEST shore-based flatfish, it is commonly called Dover sole but is also referred to as black sole or common sole, these being more localised commercial fishing names. Reaching weights in excess of 6lb, though much larger fish have been commercially caught offshore, they are usually between 1lb and 2lb. These flatfish are not always a common rod-and-line catch unless you specifically target them, due to their small mouth and sometimes localised distribution. WHERE & WHEN Found throughout the UK and Ireland, they are commonest in the southern halves. Hotspots occur…