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The best-selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler magazine is essential digital for true followers of the beautiful art, covering deep sea boat action through to shore fishing. Sea Angler brings together the complete package providing reviews of the latest rigs and exclusive offers for the world's best brands. As well as engaging the biggest names in the sport to provide you with their tips and tricks to catch the best fish! Covering the seas around Britain and all the fish that inhabit them. Sea Angler is the best selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Whether it’s: baits, rigs, poles, marks, setups or equipment you are interested in, you’ll stay abreast of all the comings and goings with a Sea Angler digital magazine subscription.

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estuary cod - the need for speed

UPTIDING IN MOST OF OUR estuaries during the winter can provide some brilliant cod sport. I have caught numerous cod from the Mersey, Bristol Channel and Thames Estuary over the but more recently have been focusing my efforts on the River Humber, because my mate Roger Cooling has his boat moored there. Lockdown kept us out of the marina and off the water for most of the year, but as soon as we were allowed out I really wanted to make the most of my precious day afloat. I knew there were loads of cod in the river because some of my shore angling mates had been catching plenty from both the Hull and Grimsby sides. There was only one thing for it – tie up a load of rigs and…

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huss save the day

BULL HUSS ARE ONE OF several species increasing in both numbers and range of distribution, with their readiness to take a bait making this chunky fish a popular catch among boat anglers. I’ve certainly noticed they are more numerous in my local Bristol Channel and the average size has steadily increased too. Also known as the greater spotted dogfish, the bull huss (Scyliorhinus stellaris) is a species of catshark belonging to the family Scyliorhinidae. Small huss are often confused with lesser spotted dogfish, which they resemble in appearance, although huss can be distinguished due to their generally larger spots and nasal skin flaps that do not extend to the mouth. The British boat-caught record of 22lb 4oz was caught in 1986 in the Bristol Channel, off Minehead, Somerset, but the average…

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the kit you need for... fishing piers

Manyshoreanglers prefer to fish piers and jetties for the simple reason they gain instant access to deeper water, meaning there is no real need to cast huge distances because many species can feed right under the rod tip. The walking will be easier too with no shingle or rocks to negotiate. If you have all of the right kit sorted, a successful session will be a doddle. Most anglers use their normal beach rods and reels for this style of fishing, ranging from continental models to powerful Zziplex rods, but there are other items you should consider. Remember, many of these structures have litter bins so there is no excuse to leave rubbish strewn over the area, which will annoy other users and, as a result, anglers can lose access to these…

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get this superb shore outfit for only £39.99

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO kick-off your New Year adventures by grabbing yourself a cracking new shore fishing outfit consisting of a rod, reel and rigs and saving yourself a bundle of cash too. Star of the deal is the 12ft, three-piece Axia beachcaster. Rated at 4-7oz, it is ideal for the occasional angler or as a quality solid performing rod for any newcomer to beach fishing. Designed for general beach fishing, use it from clean to mixed ground venues, when targeting species such as whiting and flatties, to cod and bass. It is lightweight and its forgiving action makes it incredibly easy to cast, while its sensitive tip offers super bite detection. The rod has quality lined guides. Accompanying the rod is the Axia 6000 fixed-spool reel. This is super-light and…

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join the low-profile revolution

PENN FATHOM AND SQUALL LOW PROFILE REELS RRP: £159.99 TO £269.99 A small but dedicated band of sea anglers have been using low-profile multiplier reels for more than two decades. Initially they fished lures off the shore, but then worked lures when afloat over reefs and wrecks and also when drift fishing for plaice and smaller species with braid lines. Much used elsewhere in the world, many of the major tackle manufacturers have identified a rapidly increasing market for a more modern approach to onshore and offshore angling. As a result, they have specifically designed low-profile reels that can cope with this heavy-duty workload, and among the models introduced for 2021 in the UK are the Penn Fathom and the Squall series. Being low-profile, these reels literally sit low on the rod producing far…

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what's on

Your at-a-glance match events planner • = Penn Sea League Please note that some of these matches may have been cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. JANUARY • 1: Holt SAC New Year open, Kelling, Tony 07780 793141 or thomasamt@ • 3: New Year open, Princes Parade, Hythe, 10am-3pm, book on 7am at Fountain, £30 all-in, limited to 50 pegs, Mark Rogers 07770 973062. Unlikely to go ahead due to the Tier 4 restrictions introduced on December 19. • 9: Southern League rnd 1 of 12 & open, Portsmouth, 5pm-10pm, pegged, measure & return, undersize fish count as 1oz, £15 match entry, £5 pools, £10 pair, team of five free, League entry £25, booking ends one hour before start, Darren 07919 073232, Mike 07983 579596, Ian 07736 004714 or Ant 07775 691916. • 10:…