Sound On Sound UK December 2018

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bad apples

I’ve grown up with Apple computers and have a kind of love/hate relationship with them, as I suspect many of their users do. Although Macs are simply wonderful when they are working properly, on a bad day they can be just as frustrating as their counterparts. When my 2012 MacBook Pro decided to play up, I decided to see what I could do without spending a fortune. The machine had slowed down to M25 rush-hour speeds, sometimes refusing to open windows or applications at all. When it was working, the Wi-Fi would drop out for no good reason and then display a message saying that the selected network could not be rejoined despite an apparently strong signal. Mmm, time for a clean install? It could be a challenge getting hold of…

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spitfire turn to grammy-winner eric whitacre for first choral library

While Spitfire Audio have become a go-to for composers when it comes to orchestral sound libraries, there’s one notable area where they have been keeping their powder dry: choirs. That’s why their latest release, Eric Whitacre Choir, is so hotly anticipated. The product of two and half years of work, and helmed by Grammy-winning composer and conductor Whitacre, the choir library is designed to make composers think differently about sampled choirs — making them no longer, as Spitfire put it, “a niche, occasional ingredient, reserved for angels and demons”! The ensemble features Whitacre’s telented 22-piece vocal ensemble performing 170 techniques and 111 evolving textures — giving it great potential for characterful placement. This has all been recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Hall, so it will also fit sonically with other Spitfire libraries.…

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izotope aim to simplify vocal processing with nectar 3

The newest processor from iZotope, Nectar 3, features some serious new features such as Vocal Assistant and partner plug-in Relay. Vocal Assistant listens to your vocal recording then suggests a starting point for your gate, EQ, de-esser and compressor settings. Relay, meanwhile, is designed to be applied to non-vocal tracks. Working on the assumption that the vocal is the most important part of the mix, iZotope’s Relay listens to your vocal and makes sure that other tracks don’t mask it. Other handy features in Nectar 3 include dynamic EQ and a node type that will follow a specific harmonic of your vocal, which can be used to set up a low-cut filter below the fundamental note of a sung vocal, removing any unwanted low-end noise or cleaning up a recording with…

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chandler launch abbey road tg microphone

Chandler Limited deepen their connection with Abbey Road with the introduction of the TG Microphone, the follow-up to the company’s REDD Microphone. The new mic is a solid-state, large-diaphragm design and offers various different voicings, some of which are based on circuits derived from the iconic EMI TG12410 mastering console. The mic also sports a ‘Dual Tone’ voicing system, where system A is has the classic mid-forward, open ‘TG sound’, while system B is capable of taking extreme SPLs. This has drawn comparisons to the well-loved U47 FET, but the TG microphone has the flexibility, say its makers, to sound like a vintage AKG C414 EB as well as other classic Neumann models. Unusually for a solid-state mic, the TG Microphone comes with its own power supply, rather than using phantom…

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synthfest uk 2018 even bigger, busier and better

SynthFest UK returned to Sheffield on Saturday 6th October, marking the third outing of the UK’s biggest synthesizer event. Organised by Sound On Sound magazine, SynthFest UK is a celebration of all things synth, with an exhibition hosting manufacturers, retailers and universities, as well as a seminar programme with big names in the synth world — notably Martyn Ware and Richard Barbieri and — and a Modular Meet, where people can show off their own synth rigs. Attendance was up again this year and we look forward to returning next year to the Octagon in Sheffield for an even bigger and better show!…

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waves release abbey road tg mastering chain plug-in

The Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain models the same mastering chain that’s been used at Abbey Road Studios for years, touching everything from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon right through to Ed Sheeran’s records. There are five modules available in the plug-in interface: Input, Filter, Tone, Limiter and an Output section. The first four of these can be ordered in any combination you like, depending on your needs. Each of these four can also operate independently in traditional stereo mode, dual-mono or Mid-Side mode. Although the plug-in is billed specifically as the Abbey Road Mastering Chain, the option to use “the Abbey Road sound” anywhere in your mix — especially on groups — is quite the draw. The TG Mastering Chain is available now for $199.…