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soft target

You just have to look at how many lines of code there are in a typical piece of music software to realise that somebody has had to put in an awful lot of time and effort to produce even the most basic plug-in or app (yes, even if using something like Max/MSP). That explains why some music software can be quite costly, but how exactly does the manufacturer go about setting a price that will bring the greatest return? In part it comes down to identifying the target market, not only in terms of number but also by how much the customer actually needs what you are selling. A professional user who is making a good income from using a piece of software is clearly more likely to pay out…

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steinberg release cubase 10

Cubase 10 is the result of a lot of user feedback, solving real-world music production problems. Auto Alignment is one such notable feature. Exclusive to the flagship Cubase 10 Pro version, it’s a tool that speeds the process of tightening up stacked recordings — super helpful when you’re tracking lush BVs. Also exclusive to Pro is VariAudio 3, Cubase’s built-in pitch-correction tool, which enhances micro pitch editing as well as allowing control over formant shifts. For the mix engineer, MixConsole Snapshots allow the saving and recalling of a current mix within the mixer, so you can compare alternate mixes of a project. On top of that, Steinberg have added AAF import/export, improved tools for editing to picture, and included a Virtual Reality production suite. Significantly, both Pro and Artist editions…

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apple go pro!

Apple’s new iPad Pro could be the first iPad to warrant the ‘Pro’ moniker, sporting an A12X Bionic chip with a GPU that has equivalent performance to that of the Xbox One S. It also replaces the Lightning connector with USB-C, which makes a great deal of sense, as USB-C is much more flexible with wider industry adoption. The flat-sided design of the latest iPad Pro allows the new, flattened Pencil (£129) to magnetically snap to the side of the device for charging. It’s not cheap, though, with the 11-inch 64GB model starting at £769, and the 12.9-inch base model costing £969 even before you start looking at accessories and larger storage options. In the Mac line, Apple seem to have taken the engineering advances employed in the iMac Pro and applied…

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ua launch lexicon 480l plug-in

For the UAD 9.7 release, Universal Audio have launched the only officially endorsed emulation of the famous Lexicon 480L algorithmic reverb — a staple of recording studios since the 1980s. As well as having Lexicon’s seal of approval, the plug-in also recreates the Lexicon 480L’s random time-varying Effects algorithm — available for the first time ever — providing dramatic reverse, doubling, tremolo and chorus sounds. Combined with its unique four-voice Twin Delay algorithm, the Effects algorithm turns the 480L into a versatile multi-effects system. The plug-in is available now to UA hardware owners for £260. Also released as part of UAD 9.7 is the Softube Vocoder plug-in (£149), with notable Freeze function and MIDI playability; the AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip plug-in (£229), which recreates the consoles found in big post…

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rodecaster pro — the all-in-one podcasting studio

Podcasting is everywhere. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing sectors in the media industry, and Rode’s latest endeavour seeks to make professional podcast production easier than ever before. The RodeCaster Pro is an eight-channel recorder featuring four XLR mic inputs with Class-A preamps, and the ability to record to an internal SD card or via USB for live streaming or recording to your DAW. There are a few aspects that really set this apart from other products, such as the way it handles phone calls, its implementation of effects triggering, and its overall immediacy. When bringing in a remote guest for a phone interview, you can connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth or a TRRS cable for ‘mix-minus’ audio, which is a godsend. Something that plagues podcasters is the time-consuming…

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Expressive E, the French makers of the innovative Touché and Touché SE, are now offering customisations for their controllers. Out of the box, the playing surface or ‘touchplate’ on the USB-only Touché SE (€229) is polycarbonate, and tinted mahogany on the original Touché (€399). Now you can set your controller apart with redwood, maple and uncoloured mahogany flavours, at €29.99 apiece. If the playing feel of the Touché isn’t to your liking, you can replace the integral silicon cylinders responsible for pressure resistance to offer either heavier or lighter pressure feedback. A pack with all three cylinder types costs €14.99, and is available now. Kenton have made a name for themselves as purveyors of useful boxes (converters, splitters, and so on) for synthesists, and their Pro Solo Mk3 monophonic MIDI-to-CV…