Sound On Sound UK February 2019

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outside influence

Musical creativity can be inspired by many different things, but I find that picking up an instrument that isn’t one I would normally play can stimulate new ideas. OK, so my music is more ambient/chill than most so maybe more obscure instruments are a better fit, but even so it is amazing what you can come up with. During a visit to a US trade show a few years back, I took a few minutes to look around the ethnic instrument section and came home with a North American Indian flute. These are tuned to a pentatonic scale so pretty much anyone who knows a few blues licks can make sense of one. Learn a couple of tonguing and note-bending techniques and the recorded result can sound most authentic. Spurred on…

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new at namm: korg’s key collection!

Korg have been busy, launching no fewer than two new Volca synths (one of which, the Volca Modular, gets a full review this month — see page 26), and new editions of all three of their main keyboard workstations, the Kross, Krome and Kronos, as well as an expanded Minilogue, the XD. • Volca Drum The third drum synth in the Volca range, this is a battery-powered digital percussion synthesizer with a flexible 16-step Volca sequencer and custom LCD. Six-voice polyphonic, the Volca Drum quirkily generates its sounds from modelled analogue waveforms treated with bit reduction, a wave folder and an optional overdrive. The output then passes through a modelled waveguide resonator, adding the sonic qualities of resonant tubes or oscillating strings. Korg Sync in and out jacks are provided, and the…

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alesis strike it hot

Alesis recently announced a new electronic drum and percussion pad, the Strike MultiPad. Featuring nine customisable, colour-lit, velocity-sensitive pads, up to 32GB of sample storage, over 8000 built-in rhythm sounds, and a built-in sampler/ looper with five on-board effects processors, the Strike MultiPad is designed to let technically minded drummers and percussionists sample, edit, loop and perform directly and quickly into a recording and production environment. User samples can be added from smartphones, from a connected USB storage device or via the built-in two-channel audio interface. Separate main, aux and headphone outputs are provided, together with three drum trigger and two footswitch inputs, and everything is easily accessed and editable via a generously sized colour display and two infinite rotary encoders. Priced at £599.99 in the UK, the Alesis Strike MultiPad…

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audient debut guitar-oriented interface

Audient have unexpectedly teamed up with French guitar tech specialists Two Notes Engineering to create Sono, an audio interface with a built-in 12AX7 valve preamp and which also incorporates Two Notes’ Torpedo, the combined modelled power-amp and guitar-cab simulator. Aimed at recording and gigging guitarists, Sono features two of Audient’s high-quality console preamps and A-Ds. Once in the digital domain, guitar signals can be passed through guitar and bass cab models including the Marshall 4x12, Fender 2x12 or Ampeg Fridge, and more are downloadable online. Users can choose the virtual room in which the virtual amp is placed, and store presets without having to use a computer to do so. Naturally, there’s a latency-free monitoring option, and a DI to add in favourite pedals and processors before the A-Ds. The Sono is…

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sampletank goes 4th

IK’s SampleTank 4 is no incremental upgrade — it features up to 250GB of sounds, a redesigned, fully zoomable GUI, and a new sample engine with a comprehensive modulation matrix and full control over filters and envelopes, plus built-in ‘groove players’ (an arpeggiator, strummer, pattern and loop player). There are new effects, a redesigned 16-channel Mix window, and a live playback mode, with detailed control of triggering and song preset loading for use on stage. The updated software is also designed to integrate with IK’s existing iRig hardware keyboard controllers. The expanded library offers over 200GB of new sounds, including keyboards from classic synths to grand pianos, plus strings, brass, guitars and basses, drums, percussion and choral vocals. Three versions will be available from later in the Spring: SampleTank 4 SE,…

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sounds of brass from rode’s podmic

Eagle-eyed SOS readers may have spotted a new mic in the background of the videos accompanying the launch of the RodeCaster Pro recorder last month. Aimed equally at the podcasting market — so much so that the RodeCaster Pro has a dedicated touchscreen option for recording with the new mic — the PodMic is a compact, durable, end-address dynamic microphone with a matte-black, solid-brass finish, double-mesh housing and internal pop shield, which ships in a standard swivel mount clearly designed with Rode’s PSA1 mic boom in mind. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but it’s expected to be around £120 including VAT.…