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Sound On Sound UK March 2020

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Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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mission critical

As we write this Sound On Sound is hurtling towards its 35th birthday. The world’s changed a lot since 1985, certainly in the sphere of music technology, and the magazine is a very different beast to the staple-bound edition that hit the newsstands all those years ago. We’ve had to change — and keep changing — to keep pace with a subject that is constantly and rapidly developing. And it’s not just the subject matter that’s changing, it’s the way we cover it too. We’ve seen some big changes in 35 years: full-colour photography, computer-aided design, the Internet... each of which has helped us to develop into the magazine we’ve become, with a website that hosts thousands and thousands of free articles. But there’s one thing that’s remained constant and…

13 minuti

See NAMM ’20! It might be weeks ago now, but the effects of January’s NAMM Show — the music technology industry’s biggest event — and the gear launched there will be felt on the market for months to come. The SOS team were there throughout, covering over 400 companies and their products, shooting videos with product specialists, and posting video interviews on social media at the show. NAMM ‘starts’ earlier every year; companies compete to launch their new products before the show opens, so they’re not lost in the rush. Sometimes this benefits us — we hear about some launches early, as with UA’s Luna, which was probably the biggest news at NAMM (see last month’s SOS, and our extended report at https://sosm.ag/NewsUALuna). The best of the rest is covered in the following…

14 minuti
arp 2600 fs semi-modular synthesizer

Rumours regarding Korg’s plans to resurrect the ARP 2600 started circulating at the NAMM exhibition in January 2015, a unit of Planck time (the delay between a New York traffic light turning green and the cabbie behind you sounding his horn) after Korg announced their recreation of the ARP Odyssey. This wasn’t altogether surprising; despite being disfigured by Emperor Zorg’s fiendish Shrink-o-matic ray, the miniature Odyssey caused an immediate stir and it wasn’t long before people were wandering around the show trying to sound knowledgeable by muttering names such as 2600, ProSoloist and Quadra. The baby Odyssey sold well, as did the desktop module that followed in 2016, while a limited number of full-sized units were snapped up in 2017 before the Odyssey FS went into full production in 2018,…

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arp 2600 fs £3399

PROS • It really is an ARP 2600 with a 3620 keyboard. • Everything works as if it’s new. Oh, hang on, it is new. • It offers numerous functional improvements. • It sounds fabulous. • It’s considerably cheaper than a vintage 2600. CONS • I would have added some patchable VCAs. • The MIDI spec is too basic. SUMMARY If you’ve spent a large chunk of your life yearning after the hyper-expensive ARP 2600s that sometimes appear on eBay and VEMIA, you can now stop. The 2600 FS really is an ARP 2600 at a fraction of the price. I suspect that the value of my 2600P has just plummeted but, to be honest, I don’t mind. Many more people will now have access to a thing of beauty, and that can’t be bad.…

1 minuti
the side panels

The 2600 FS doesn’t have a rear panel, but instead has two side panels that contain what you would expect to find on the back of a conventional synth. The left-hand panel includes 5-pin MIDI In, Out and Thru sockets as well as MIDI In and Out via USB, and the associated Mode Selector switches determine the MIDI channel as well as allowing you to switch Auto shut-down on or off. The final socket on this side is for the 8-pin DIN cable that connects the keyboard to the main cabinet. The right-hand panel is even sparser, with XLR sockets for the synth’s balanced L/R outputs, and an IEC mains socket for its internal power supply. As on the original synth, a stereo headphones socket is found at the bottom…

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at a glance: the new stuff

Main cabinet: • You can select between 4012 and 4072 filter modes. • The Upper CV (CV-2) is now available on the main panel. • The addition of 5-pin and USB MIDI. • It offers balanced audio outputs using XLR sockets — no more audio output from 3.5mm sockets! • When enabled, auto power off will switch it off if you forget to do so. Keyboard: • Aftertouch that’s routed to pitch modulation (vibrato) and available directly as a CV. • An arpeggiator with a monophonic sequencer mode. • A second duophonic voice assignment mode.…