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Sound On Sound UK July 2020

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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a price on your head

Is it crazy to spend a four-figure sum on a pair of headphones? If you’d asked me that question 10 years ago, I’m sure I’d have said yes. After all, aren’t they just extravagant marketing exercises, designed to part hi-fi enthusiasts from their cash? Isn’t the top end of that market all about the smartest boxes, the most retro braided cables and the softest leather cushions, not about actual sound quality? Turns out it’s not so simple. In that time, I’ve reviewed several pairs of thousand-pound cans. In some cases, they arguably just represent a slightly more refined take on the same manufacturer’s cheaper offerings. Others, though, really do offer something that isn’t available at ‘normal’ prices. The HEDD Audio HEDDphones reviewed in this issue are a case in point, as…

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klevgränd spinn multiband modulation plug-in

The designers of Klevgränd’s Spinn (VST, AU and AAX; Mac and Windows compatible) say that they didn’t set out to create a precise emulation of a Leslie speaker. Rather, they took that concept as a starting point, then went on to create something a little different. It’s certainly that, and giving a Leslie-style rotary-speaker emulator four different frequency bands might appear excessive, given that the real thing offers only two. But they say nothing succeeds like excess, and you can get pretty close to a Leslie sound if that’s what you want. The plug-in hosts four ‘rotor’ sections, each fed from a crossover, with a choice of three crossover frequencies between each band. Each section has separate slow and fast speed controls, separate acceleration and deceleration times, and adjustable size and…

3 minuti
techzone stellar x2 cardioid capacitor microphone

It never ceases to amaze me that microphones can look similar, have nearly identical technical specifications and similar internal workings, yet sound really quite different. Outwardly the Stellar X2 looks much like any other large-diaphragm microphone, other than being slightly smaller, at just six inches long and 1.725 inches wide, but most departures from the norm are internal. It is manufactured by TechZone Audio Products, a small company located in Torrence, California, and the mic is supplied in an aluminium case with a shockmount, a foam wind shield and a soft storage pouch. Inside the black, powder-coated, Chinese-built shell is a custom-built, centre-terminated brass capsule skinned with Japanese Mylar. This is a K67-style design, and measures 34mm in diameter. We’re told that high-frequency attenuation is employed to balance the harshness commonly…

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adam audio t8v active nearfield monitors

A DAM Audio’s T-series of affordable powered monitors are designed in Germany, but built in China to keep the costs down. Despite their affordability, however, they are still based around ADAM’s highly regarded Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter. Originally the range comprised a 5- and a 7-inch model, but those have now been joined by the 8-inch T8V. All three models are available individually for the benefit of those setting up a surround system, and all use the same 1.9-inch U-ART high-frequency driver and the same smooth polypropylene-woofer cone construction, with both drivers mounted into a distinctive bevelled baffle. This fronts a plain black vinyl foil-covered cabinet with overall measurements of 400 x 250 x 335 mm. A rear-firing bass reflex port exits through a steel backplate, which also houses the connectors…

3 minuti
melda production mcabinet guitar cabinet emulation plug-in

Analogue cab emulators tend to be based on fairly simplistic filtering, and most digital ones now usually rely on impulse responses (IRs). While the latter method is accurate, it isn’t versatile — each IR is basically a ‘snapshot’ of one cab/mic setup, so the room for adjustment is limited. But Melda’s MCabinet adopts a different approach that aims to give you the best of both worlds. Essentially, it’s a very detailed filter based on a statistical analysis of real cabinets. MCabinet works in VST, AAX and AU hosts, and the licence file allows activation on multiple machines. It offers up to 16x upsampling, and both M-S and surround support. A large library of cabinet profiles (mono and stereo) helps to get you started, and simple controls allow you to adjust the…

6 minuti
hum audio arm-1 active ribbon microphones

HUM Audio seem to like to do things on a rather grandiose level. Over the last few years they have released several products ranging from high-end prosumer loudspeakers, to discrete microphone preamplifiers and their flagship RS-2 stereo ribbon microphone, which was reviewed in SOS October 2017 — see www.soundonsound. com/reviews/hum-audio-rs-2. The ARM-1 range are essentially mono versions of the RS-2, without all the bells and whistles. The microphones are pitched at the higher end of the market, in the arena of the Royer R122 MkII and Shure KSM353/ED, but are still cheaper than an AEA A440. I was sent two mics to review, both finished in a slick matte grey and both labelled ARM-1. They look identical apart from the colour of the writing and the cradle suspension O-rings. The blue-coloured…