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Southern Home November/December 2018

Southern Home showcases beautiful homes that will appeal to every design aesthetic. We canvas the Southern states to bring you some of the area’s most inviting and interesting homes, as well as the talented architects, designers, and homeowners behind them. Tour the South’s finest homes filled with art, antiques, collections, and family heirlooms.

United States
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from the editors

JUST WHEN WE THINK WE CAN’T WAIT any longer, it arrives—that most wonderful time of the year. And with the season comes a whole slew of festive parties and gatherings with family and friends. In this issue, we feature some of the most beautiful homes in the South dressed up in their holiday finery and ready to open their doors and welcome guests. Designer Shelby Wagner and fragrance purveyor Niven Morgan regularly embrace change as they enjoy redecorating their 4,900-square-foot manse, not only for the holidays but year-round (page 25). For her cousin, designer Mallory Mathison Glenn creates a home with a classically Southern foundation perfectly suited for layering on the warmth and comfort of the season (page 49). In North Carolina, designer John Oetgen finds inspiration for his mountain…

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12 gifts for giving

1 CHAMPAGNE BUCKET FEATURING SINGLE LETTER MONOGRAM IN COUTURE WREATH BY SASHA NICHOLAS; Porcelain with leaf-shaped handles. $195; 2 BRASS ACCENT PIECES IN GEOMETRIC SHAPES BY FÊTE HOME; Simple but refined accents that work in a bookcase or as a modern centerpiece. Pyramid $40, Obelisk $45, Sphere $35; 3 DECORATIVE BOXES IN LIGHT ONYX BY DIXON RYE; The perfect accessory for any décor. Small $65, Medium $90, Large $125; 4 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: HIGHLAND ALPACA BLANKET IN LIGHT GRAY BY SOUTHERN MARSH; The go-to blanket for those chilly days that signal the arrival of the holiday season. $89; HUDSON THROW IN IVORY/LIGHT GRAY BY ALICIA ADAMS ALPACA; Crafted of baby alpaca and wool to provide the ultimate in luxury. $595; FABIO WOOL THROW BLANKET IN FLINT BY PEACOCK…

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richard keith langham

Southern Home (SH): You grew up in Brewton, Alabama, but have lived and practiced design in New York for many years now. Although we know the South draws you back frequently to visit friends and family and to work on various projects, has your perspective on what Southern style means changed during all the time you’ve lived away? Richard Keith Langham (RKL): I don’t know that it has changed, but I probably appreciate it more. My Southern roots instilled a sense of home, a sense of place. I always used to say that in a small town, we had to care a lot about our houses because there was nowhere else to go. There were several really wonderful houses in Brewton, and women with vibrant personalities beautifully cared for them. They…

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balancing act

Suzanne Kasler is anything but a minimalist. She is both a collector and curator with a keen eye for editing and an uncanny ability to find beauty and inspiration in even the simplest of elements and forms—a bold color, mottled texture, or striking silhouette. “Sometimes I am surprised by what captures my heart and sparks my imagination,” Kasler says. “As a designer, being inspired is everything. It’s the gift I’ve been given and the reason I am always on the lookout for beauty.” In her newly released book aptly titled Suzanne Kasler: Sophisticated Simplicity (Rizzoli, 2018), the Atlanta-based designer shares her approach to the art of home decoration from the fundamentals of room arrangement to the finishing touches—all while showcasing a wide array of contemporary family homes, country estates, and coastal…

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global view

As a young boy growing up in New Zealand, Veere Grenney dreamed of one day visiting London. Little did he know at the time that his journey there would take him much farther than his ultimate destination. At the age of 21, Grenney left home to travel the “hippie trail” to Singapore, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Burma. But London was always his ultimate goal. Upon his arrival in the 1970s, the dungaree-donning free spirit became acquainted with antiques as a picker and dealer in the city street markets. “I started with a stall in Portobello Market, selling anything I could buy for nothing,” Grenney says. “I didn’t know anyone in the world of interior design, but I knew people in the world of ‘stuff.’ For them, buying and selling was…

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british accent

In the world of British interior design, Nina Campbell reigns queen. From the royal family to rock-and-roll royalty, her elite clients have entrusted Campbell to create bespoke spaces defined by pared-down traditionalism, sumptuous textiles, clear color, and, above all, comfort. “Nina imbues her rooms with a feeling that seems always to have been present,” says fashion designer and friend Carolina Herrera, who wrote the book’s foreword. “She doesn’t follow fads or fashion; in her own quiet way, she creates them. Her revolutionary ideas stem from good English tradition, with an eye for comfort and a wonderful sense of the curious.” In Nina Campbell: Interior Decoration: Elegance and Ease (Rizzoli, 2018), author Giles Kime showcases three of Campbell’s own London residences alongside recent projects, including pieds-à-terre in New York and Rome, historic…