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Sporting Gun Apr-2018

Sporting Gun is the leading monthly magazine for clay, game and rough shooters. With editorial offices in the Lincolnshire countryside, it can justifiably claim to be at the heart of the shooting community. Monthly features range from gundog training to pigeon shooting, game shooting to wildfowling – along with sound, practical, advice on equipment and techniques to help the beginner, intermediate or experienced shot get more enjoyment from their sport. Sporting Gun is a must for anyone who invests time in and money on their shooting.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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Pest control is perhaps the single most important part of our sport. The risks posed to human health by some pest species, or to other wild animals, provide a good reason for culling to help maintain the balance. This is no better demonstration of this than the work the Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group is doing in Cumbria. You can read all about it on page 62. Patrick Hook also demonstrates the benefits of his fox control over the years on page 16. Some forms of pest control can have an added benefit in that you can eat what you shoot. In this case, pest control is a win-win situation. Pest control gives us a close relationship with the countryside and that is why we are rightly considered by many to be its…

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Growing taste for game in UK Game meat sales in the UK have risen by 8.6 per cent in the past year to £114million, according to a new report by independent market researcher Mintel. The research reveals an increasing demand for quality wild game, with an estimated 14 per cent of the UK population now frequently consuming game meat and around half that number eating it from between once a month up to four times a week. The report also found that the broadest range of unprocessed game meat was eaten by 25 to 34-year-olds, which was attributed to this age group having a more adventurous attitude to trying out new food and drink. In total, 67 per cent of consumers felt that being able to trace meat back to the farm or…

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number crunching

£12,500 An online auction run by BASC in aid of the Scottish Youth in the Countryside Education Trust (SYCET) has raised £12,500 to help fund initiatives aimed at getting youngsters out into the country 100km Former Countryside Alliance regional director Richard Walton and gundog trainer John Cavana are taking part in the Frontline charity 100km walk from La Boisselle, France, to the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium to raise money for the Army Benevolent Fund. £1,000 Rural workers of the future have been presented with scholarships to help pursue their dream of working in the countryside, thanks to Wilderness Foundation UK. The charity made grants totalling £1,000 after a special reception at the Scottish Parliament building.…

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letter of the month

Public relations We have a small driven shoot, incorporating four Guns and each shoot day we can accommodate four guests. Recently we were standing round the quad bike chatting before starting the final drive of the day. Two gentlemen who were out for a hike approached us and as always we all greeted them. In return they asked about our day and commented on the game which was braced up in the trailer. Noting their interest we asked if they would like a couple of brace. One of them said yes and began to fish in his pocket. Sensing he was going to try and pay us, we said he was very welcome. He took a brace, thanking us profusely. I only hope he was approaching the end of his walk. Earlier in…

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your shout

Slip-pery subject I really do not like gun slips. As soon as a gun is slipped too many people stop treating it as a gun. This year I have twice been passed slipped guns muzzle first, as if the slips contained nothing more than a walking stick. When a shotgun is broken it is plain for all to see that it is in a safe state, as is a rifle with the bolt open or removed, but when they are in a slip how are we to be sure that they are unloaded? The newer slips with carrying handles are also a concern because the guns are not pointed up or down, they are carried horizontally. Rifle slips have a pocket on the side. This pocket is not for ammunition, it is for…

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a terrible shame

How did the game season pan out for you, lads and lasses? Ticketyboo, I trust? Oh, and thanks for asking… mine went with its usual swing and reverie. I enjoyed a mix of (mainly) 20 or so brace farm days as well as invitations from friends to some cracking syndicate shoots across the country. There were also a handful of outings to renowned high bird estates here “oop narth” that showed truly memorable pheasants and partridge. Between them they have filled the freezer with another year’s worth of fat free, artery-friendly meat. Come summer we won’t go hungry when the barbecue fires up. I only hope I’m not letting the cat out of the bag by saying this piece is being penned with still one week of the season to go. It’s…