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Sporting Gun Aug-2018

Sporting Gun is the leading monthly magazine for clay, game and rough shooters. With editorial offices in the Lincolnshire countryside, it can justifiably claim to be at the heart of the shooting community. Monthly features range from gundog training to pigeon shooting, game shooting to wildfowling – along with sound, practical, advice on equipment and techniques to help the beginner, intermediate or experienced shot get more enjoyment from their sport. Sporting Gun is a must for anyone who invests time in and money on their shooting.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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new shoot

This aerial drone shot of Yeat Farm Shoot is the setting to our new “Our Shoot” pages written by Nick Ridley. The feature looks at Andy Gray, the shoot’s first gamekeeper, and how he is preparing for the upcoming season. Over the coming months we will see how the shoot develops and follow Andy as he swaps his old profession as a local roofer and follows his life-long dream as a full-time gamekeeper. This issue Andy has been tackling the vast number of vermin found on the shoot – he gives us some handy tips on how to use traps and keep the pest population low.…

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Welcome to the all-new Sporting Gun. The more observant of you will notice that the magazine has had a complete overhaul. We now have new features and some new writers. We welcome Eddie Jones and Geoff Garrod. Over the coming months, Geoff will be doing a whole series on pigeon shooting for beginners and next month he will talk us through the kit he uses. Eddie will be writing on a variety of subjects, so watch out for his articles. We also welcome Bisley’s Tony Bracci, whose simple step-by-step guide to success will be teaching us how to hit those tricky targets. Richard Brigham is missing from this month’s line-up. He has decided to retire from his regular slot. His contribution over the years has been immense and he has helped make…

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british mammals face extinction

Almost one in five species of British mammal is at risk of extinction, according to the first comprehensive review of populations for more than 20 years. The red squirrel, wildcat and grey long-eared bat are at severe risk, while hedgehog and water vole populations have declined by up to 66 per cent. The review, by The Mammal Society and Natural England, says climate change, loss of habitat, use of pesticides and road deaths are all putting pressure Britain’s 58 terrestrial mammals. Fiona Mathews, Mammal Society Chair and professor of Environmental Biology at the University of Sussex, said: “It falls upon all of us to try and do what we can to ensure that our threatened species do not go the way of the lynx, wolf and elk.” Katherine Walsh, Natural England, said: “Natural England…

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game organisation launched to ensure sustainable future

A new organisation has been launched to ensure a sustainable future for the game industry. The British Game Alliance (BGA) aims to promote the value of all feathered game. Through its “British Game” assurance scheme, it can ensure the provenance of game meets rigorous and ethical standards and give good food seekers access to tasty and healthy British game. At its launch in May, Simon Hart, MP and chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: “The reality is, whether we approve or agree with it or not, shooting has never been under greater scrutiny.” BGA Patron, Lord James Percy added: “The time for words is over, the time for action is upon us – not next year, not next season but right now. If there wasn’t a pretty major issue, you would not…

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basc sponsors atlas in bid to boost wigeon

BASC is hoping its sponsorship of the latest edition of the European Breeding Bird Atlas will help boost wigeon numbers. BASC has pledged €5,000 for a section on wigeon in the book, which focuses on breeding birds in continental Eurasia. Wigeon have been in decline for almost 20 years due to a reduction in their breeding success. It is hoped that conservation efforts can be targeted by finding out more about where wigeon are breeding as a result of their inclusion in the atlas. Dr Matt Ellis, BASC’s scientific advisor, said: “Wigeon are among the best-known ducks in North-west Europe, with the male’s characteristic whistle well known by wildfowlers and bird watchers. “They visit Britain in the autumn before returning to breeding grounds in the spring. But their numbers have reduced for several reasons,…

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roger hance

Nearly 500 mourners attended the funeral of Buckinghamshire gunsmith Roger Hance, who died unexpectedly in April. For more than 30 years Roger ran a highly successful business in Great Missenden, where his work was much in demand. Largely self-taught, he was a skilled workman on both modern and antique guns. No job was too difficult, and he always had a long queue of customers. As well as being a gunsmith, Roger was an excellent shooting instructor and ran shoots for the Air Ambulance, Red Cross and many others. His patience and enthusiasm were infectious. He would often turn up with a flintlock blunderbuss and, to their delight, envelop spectators in great clouds of smoke. For many years he was involved with the Young Farmers and with local hunts, teaching young countrymen…