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Spring 2017

Need creative solutions for organizing and decluttering your home to save time and stress? Storage features real-life strategies for every room. Whether it’s conquering a chaotic closet or keeping a garage clean forever, Storage shows how to get the job done with problem-solving fixes, detailed floor plans, and innovative products.

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better your life

CREATIVE SOLUTIONSThe DIY organizational projects at are a little work, but they’re big space-savers. Click through to find inspiration for the kitchen, home office, bathroom, and more.RECLAIM YOUR SPACEBinder clips, hangers, and containers all have multiple uses when it comes to organization. Visit for clever storage ideas that won’t cost you much time or money.STORAGE YOUR WAYWhat’s your organization personality? Take our quiz at to find out, and get tips and tricks on storage solutions that will work best for you.Start building your Better Homes and Gardens® home organizing library—today!Get Storage™ and Secrets of Getting Organized™ online as digital editions. Find these issues and others at .…

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from the staff

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is a common enough saying, and one my dad loves. As a Navy man, he learned to live neat and tidy on a carrier. As a kid, I often overlooked my dad’s wisdom. But as an adult, his lessons are indispensable. They are also built into the strategies we share in every issue of Storage™ magazine. Take busy mornings. It’s one of the most stressful parts of the day. In “On Time,” page 8, we created a suite of ideas to get you quickly through morning routines and out the door with everything you need. For those who dread laundry, check out our tips to wash away the hassles in “12 Secrets to Cut Laundry Room Clutter,” page 12. And if…

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on time

Opt for a divided bin that will hold bathing essentials upright when moving supplies to and from the shower.A. Open cubbies give each family member quick access to their most frequently used grooming items, such as shaving products, makeup, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.B. It’s easy to lose track of time during groggy moments spent at the sink. Place a clock in plain view so everyone knows when it’s time to go.C. Monogrammed towel hooks give each family member a place to keep a towel or robe without having to dig through the linen cabinet. Bonus: It’s also a great place to set out clothing the night before.D. Adding a small chair to the bath offers a landing place for delicates you plan to slip on after a shower. It’s also handy…

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12 secrets to cut laundry room clutter

For all its lofty goals of cleanliness and order, the laundry room is very often a place of barely contained chaos. Orphaned socks, torn jeans, and missing-button shirts commingle with detergent bottles, dirty and clean clothes, and dryer sheets. Don’t fret: There’s hope for even the slimmest of laundry-focused spaces, thanks to these expert must-dos, tips, and hacks.You’ll be inspired when you see the rest of this dreamy laundry room on page 96.1. FLAT IS WHERE IT’S ATClean laundry is one thing; folded laundry is quite another. “The thing that people forget is the puttingaway part,” says Deborah J. Cabral, certified professional organizer (CPO), The DeClutter Coach. “It ends up staying on the stairs or in a basket.” Cabral advocates skipping stackable appliances in favor of front-loading side-by-side options; then…

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on display

how’s it hanging?Before you shop for shelves, know the kind of wall you’re working with and where studs are located. Here is a closeup look at three hanging methods, but keep in mind not all are created equal. There are many hangers to consider.FRENCH CLEATHooks attach to a wall-mounted metal or wood strip, dispersing weight evenly for sturdy safety.KEYHOLEThis challenging hardware requires very precise measurements and is not as strong as other options.HIDDEN HARDWAREMetal mounting brackets tuck into the shelf itself, providing strength and a clean look.…

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a sweet petite treat

Channeling your inner Rachael Ray is difficult in a small kitchen that feels cluttered and uninspiring. A few simple tricks and products can take your cramped quarters from fast food to fine dining.Built in the 1970s, this small, square kitchen got a budget-wise revival. The cabinets are painted pale blue and old linoleum is covered by wood-look tiles.The basic cabinets and drawers are now filled with storage must-haves, such as labeled bins, along with a few unexpected solutions, such as a file divider from an office supply store that now corrals cutting boards.The key to making a small kitchen live larger is using every nook and cranny. Here, all cabinets and drawers (including the smallest and most awkward) are cleverly organized—even the insides of cabinet doors are called to action.Opposite…