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Style At Home May 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Every issue contains inspiring real homes, room transformations, easy makes, step-by-step projects, finishing touches and great value shopping, plus a special pullout 'Cook it' section, with 50+ quick and easy recipes

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hi there!

I do love a weekend project and have a rolling list of ideas in a special notebook I’ve had for years, ever since transitioning from the ‘barsand-misbehaviour’ stage of life to the ‘joys of home’ one. The list ranges from the easy, ‘pottering’ level to the more ambitious type that’s going to involve tools and a bit of skill. There is literally no end to the ways you can improve your home, whether you rent or own, and the way it enriches your life is immeasurable. For example, take a look at what Ellie achieved by painting her kitchen units on p82. The simple pallet planter on p109 is going in my notebook – vertical planting’s the answer for my patio – and, while I’m at it, Gina’s bathroom on…

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high-street news

INSTANT GALLERY WALLS Cheat your way to a curated gallery wall with French Connection Home’s new framed prints. With their subtle theme of escapism, and a balance of photography, graphic and painterly styles, any of the collection will sit together as a cohesive set. Available to buy individually, from £65. New lighting at Ikea A contrast of rustic and smooth, we love the versatile, seagrass Torared pendant shade that’ll look just as good in a Scandi boho bedroom as it will in a modern country kitchen. Then there are the cool curves and nostalgic design of the glass Tallbyn lights, which will bring classic elegance to any space. IT COULD BE DESIGNER! The statement sideboard is having a moment. Proving that storage need not be boring, this modern Deco beauty will bring a bit of…

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update dining with desert chic

Go big on basketware This is a new spin on a country look, so pick up anything woven in natural materials from sculptural rattan pendants to grass, jute and raffia baskets, platters and vessels. Pin up a wall hanging Don’t shy away from going oversized with macramé wall hangings for a bohemian vibe. Hanging patterned throws or rugs has the same effect, adding texture to walls. Lay a simple patterned rug Add detail with kilimstyle designs, aztec flat-weaves and Navajo-inspired prints in soft, sun-faded colours to bring warmth to the look. Pick up the colours for your upholstery and tableware. Bring outdoor plants inside Look to desertscapes for your inspiration when it comes to plants, filling shelves with succulents, cacti and agaves, or going big with a corner-filling pot of pampas grass for an exotic touch.…

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come on in!

ABOUT ME I’m Lisa Watts, 47, an interior designer, I live here with my husband Martin, 54, a builder and our dog, Meg. Our children are Jordan, 26 and Freya, 24. MY PROPERTY A four-bedroom house in Aberdeenshire, which we bought in 2007. It was built in 1996. WHEN I MOVED IN Each room was painted every colour of the rainbow – it looked garish and none of the spaces flowed together. AND NOW We tackled each room, one by one, and have created a calm, minimal interior, where I can indulge my love of old and new. STYLE TIP Think carefully about the layout of your home – make sure you have open, sociable spaces and cosy, private corners.…

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‘we decided we are here to stay’

When we first moved into this house, the first task on our list was to tone down the decor,’ says Lisa. ‘The rooms were all painted in various shades of the rainbow, and although it was certainly a vibrant interior, none of the room schemes flowed from one to the other, and the overall effect was busy and garish. We set about decorating, but at the time, we thought we would only live here for a couple of years. The area was new to us, and we had only moved here as it was close to a great school for our two children, Jordan and Freya. In the meantime, my husband Martin wanted to focus on setting up his joinery business, plus we wanted to spend our time getting to know…

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why it works

STYLE AT HOME SAYS… ‘The paper on the feature wall adds interest and depth, but ties in tonally for a calm vibe.’ FEATURES EDITOR Holly Walsh ‘Lisa’s used accents of dark slate grey to pull the kitchen diner together. Upcycling a vintage mirror by painting the frame to match the wall gives it a modern edge, and the mirror bounces light to maximise the feeling of space’ HOUSES EDITOR Ruth Corbett ‘Lisa’s bedroom has bags of character, despite its lack of architectural features, thanks to the layering of interesting textures, and painting all the walls a luxe grey for an immersive feel.’ DECORATING EDITOR Nicky Phillips ‘Every room has an unusual piece, which adds a fun element of surprise.’ EXECUTIVE EDITOR Heather Young…