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Tactical Life August/September 2019

TACTICAL WEAPONS is the complete source for military, law enforcement and general shooting enthusiasts firepower - past, present and future. Published four times a year, each issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS is packed wiith exclusive guns-of-the-elite reviews on shotguns, combat handguns, battle rifles and long range precision weaponry, SWAT and personal defense tactics, reports from the front lines of GWOT and US Border Patrol, high-tech hardware and much more. TACTICAL WEAPONS is an absolutely essential piece of kit to keep you well armed, well informed and completely ready for duty!

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crossing into history

ON a very cold Christmas morning in 1776, history was about to be rewritten by a band of common men with a singular cause. Thomas Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls,” just before this day, when a defeated Continental Army retreated across New Jersey, with the British hot on their heels. Once safely in Pennsylvania, the approximately 2,000 men—many of whom hadn’t been paid in months and lacked proper winter provisions—became fed up. Their leader, General George Washington, also knew that half the Army’s enlistments were about to expire. Frank Lyons, a Revolutionary War reenactor dressed for his role as part of the Marblehead Regiment said, “General Washington knew that the revolution needed a bold stroke. This was a crucial turning point in the revolution, or all would…

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tank-tough t-series

Holsters are generally rated for offering different levels of security or retention. Level 1 uses friction, or the tightness of the holster, to keep the firearm in place. Level 2 adds a mechanical means to the equation. This typically means a strap on a leather rig or some sort of locking device on a polymer model’s triggerguard or ejection port that must be activated to release the handgun. Level 3 holsters add a third means of retention, often a hood or strap going over the back of the handgun. Some require a second release mechanism while others use only one. Higher levels are rare. If your firearm is so well retained you can’t get it out under stress, it’s pretty useless, maybe even dangerous. The idea is to strike a balance…

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gear up!

CMMG 9 AR CONVERSION MAGAZINES Now you can run a 9mm CMMG upper receiver that uses the company’s radial-delayed blowback operating system with a standard AR-15 lower—not one specially designed for 9mm stick magazines. You simply slide the adapter inside a Magpul Gen M2 or M3 PMAG body designed for 5.56mm NATO rounds. The adapter comes set up for 10 rounds, but you can easily modify it to hold 15, 20 or 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition. (cmmginc.com) CONTINUOUS PRECISION CZ EDT The Continuous Precision Enhanced Duty Trigger (EDT) for CZ P-10 C and F pistols features a 25-percent reduction in pretravel, overtravel and weight. Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum with a flat serrated face, these new triggers are true drop-in upgrades. Continuous Precision is working on a Precision version of the trigger as…

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surgical tool maker

Everyone has a different story. There are differences in the types of lives we lead and in the things that drive each of us in what we do. On occasion, we’ll meet someone who not only surprises us with their story, but impresses us as well. That turned out to be the case for me after sitting down and getting to know Don Fraley of Advanced Weapons Technology (AWT). I had heard about Fraley through word of mouth around the local gun shop, as folks raved about his gun-smithing work, and I was able to see and handle a couple of his custom 1911s that were for sale. Just from looking them over, they seemed to be excellent specimens, and I started to get curious about the man behind the machine. I…

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war flicks

The war movie has become one of the most popular genres of American cinema while also being one of the most controversial. Whether you’re a pro-military hawk or a peace-loving dove, almost everyone has a favorite war movie or, in the latter case, anti-war movie. Yet, even among film buffs, few can tell you that the 1898 short film Tearing Down the Spanish Flag has the distinction of likely being the first true war movie. It was made on a set in New York City just weeks after the U.S. declared war on Spain in April of 1898 and has a run time of just 1.5 minutes. Obviously, this pro-war film wasn’t long on story and really only consists of a hand tearing down a Spanish flag, but it started something…

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foreign war movies

The war movie isn’t just an American genre. The very first film set during World War I was made in France. However, in recent years the global movie industry has truly gone all out to tell stories that Hollywood likely won’t cover. Numerous lesser-known conflicts have been brought to the big screen, and the Russian, Turkish and even Polish film industries have turned out stories of their local heroes. For war-film buffs, there’s no time like the present to check out what Amazon and Netflix have to offer. The Admiral (2008): This Russian-made film chronicles the military career of Aleksandr Kolchak, a vice-admiral in the Imperial Russian Navy and leader of the anti-communist White Movement during the Russian Civil War. Admiral/Michiel de Ruyter (2015): The life and times of the 17th century…